Should You Get The T-34-3 After Its Buff?

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. its* , but whatever

  2. For someone who isn’t a Unicum, would you replace food for fire extinguisher’s or is it still worth it?

    • Sir Duckingtoniii It depends of two factors:
      1 – The tank you are using: If it gets frontal fires I would not recommend to run food.
      2 – What you want to do: If you want to make credits it would be better to run non-premium consumables. Otherwise If you are trying to get third marks It would be a nice feature to run food.

    • I run a Fire extinguisher on mine, but only because I’m training another crew on it. Unless you’re going for marks on this tank, I would highly suggest if you don’t have a Fire Fighting crew that you run an extinguisher. The 34-3 retains the unfortunate Chinese characteristic of having gasoline soaked rags hanging around the engine compartment and shots into your sides/rear will set you on fire. Once you have a crew with at least two FF skills, then I would suggest you go ahead and drop the extinguisher for food, as it really does help this vehicle.

  3. Good morning lemming

  4. It's not what you think

    Video on how not to shoot yourself when you’ve dropped 400 recent because you’re grinding out the shit british lines please cunt

  5. I should probably know this but does the T34-3 have pref matchmaking?

  6. If the enemy tank is spotted but out of render range, your commander will say you hit or bounced or whatever

  7. Thanks for the carry lemming 😉

  8. Hey bro, keep up the good work. I would totally love to collab stream with you sometime, I am EmberPlaysWot in your stream whenever you would feel like doing something of the like. Thanks!

  9. Pref tier8 gets matched with tier9s like 4 out of 5 games these days honestly

  10. Wow, so cool, the vid was nice too. Your voice is nice tho

  11. Good vid as always

  12. Semi-related sidenote, don’t play i’s standard counterpart if you can help it. The T-34-2 is easily the worst tank I’ve seen, and statistically inferior to both the 34-3 and Type 59 in almost every way. 45mm of side armor is the worst form of suffering you’ll ever encounter, because you get penned by high-caliber HE from absolutely stupid angles, and both top guns are the worst you’ll find on practically any tier 8.

    • Griffin Faulkner people keep saying this but I find it’s such an easy medium to play and I’m awful and still do well in it. I dunno maybe it’s just one if those things for me and I should hate it.

  13. Lemming I think I’ve said this before but have you ever considered doing ASMR? You have a really soothing voice ?

  14. hai lemming. I keeled you in advances earlier today 😀

  15. u have a wz120! its a great tank u will love it. needs a gun buff tho

  16. Go sleep u noob
    And thx ive been wondering for a few weeks now if this tank is worth it

  17. рандом рандом

    You’ve done more damage in that tank than my CAX with better pen, accuracy, and reload. Wow, I really that bad.

    Edit: Where should I go in Ruinberg or Winterberg in my CAX, West or the east?

  18. Lemmings, any recommend in tier 7 premium tanks?

    • Alliterate alternating Illusions

      Anh Quang SU-122-44, any of the Berlin trio tanks if they come out

    • The tier 7 VK 4503 is awesome. I’ve managed a 70% winrate in it. It can teach you lots about how not to take risks because it’s armor isn’t the best. I’ve uploaded two great replays if you wan’t a look at how it’s played… OR

    • buy the AMX 13 57F , when it hits the store this Christmas, it makes great credits, is cheap to play, very cheap ammo, and a shit fast 8 shot autoloader. It’s also OP when top tier and can just one clip tier 5-6 heavy tanks if u get good module damage.

  19. Its absolutelly pleasure after the Buff,but always with the use of GLD-STABILIZATER-RAMMER combination and train repairs first!

  20. lol someone’s seen you before LR.. @19:00

  21. Hey Lemming, love your replays, thanks for your tips as always, please make a few more Object 140 videos, since the SEA Clan war campaign is rollin out, we could use your expert advice on how to manage Object 140 in clan wars. :-). Cheers for your content and keep the vids coming.

  22. you penned an is3 with AP? RAPORT CHEAT PLS NERF

  23. unicums like you cn play any tank  I think  this  tank  need a little accuracy  buff i missed tooooo many shot  from 100 m  fully aimed

  24. I got this tank last month, it is awesome, i got 62% win rate

  25. Love your content Lemming. Wish you could find a way to stream more then you are doing at the moment 😉

  26. are you shilling for wargaming? just asking because its the 2nd vid you’ve maid praising a gold tank

  27. The tank is horrible. Both in your replays you showed tier 7’s. When I played the tank it took me around 20 games to even see lower tier tanks. I’ve played around 100 games and I can probably count the times I saw tier 6’s with one hand. In the current MM it’s useless. No point playing tier 7.5 tank against tier 8 and 9 all the time.

  28. Take a large repair kit.
    I am still obsessed with getting an Ace tanker in this thing. I always liked the tank even though I suck in it. The changes made it look awesome…I mean it’s gorgeous now in HD. But yeah it’s so hard to play with that gun and it’s even worse because I am so reluctant to spam gold. ( yes I will resort to it after enough bounces and yes I’m stupid ) But man when this tank works and RNG doesn’t screw you it’s really fun.

  29. This tank defo needs a buff it’s such bullshit when you mm is always against e75 and you can hardly pen it even with heat wg are dickheads

  30. I don’t know if it’s the rng but I can’t hit a barn door from inside the barn. And if i hit it only scratch the hinges.

  31. What do you think about amx cdc? it has nothing to stand out except somewhat good speed but it turns like a pregnant whale and tank itself bigger than is-4, it gets rip in each tier10 mm u can’t be aggresive , currently i have 500 games in it(1500 in total) but still i couldn’t get to know the tank.Gun just feels like indien-pz ”i can say %100 same soft stats” and i also see lemmingrush sometimes strugles with cdc too.(i know he plays that tank for challenge)The main point im asking these questions because i’ll get myself a leopard and im training with cdc, i think both tanks are same in many ways and i won’t grind another tank till i somewhat master leopard.I would like to be good in mediums instead of any other class, because of the variarity mediums bringing to the macth-play.Btw i’m a red player my higgest dmg in cdc like 4k in t8 mm and i really don’t care how good or bad i am as long as i don’t ruin my teams game experience.
    P.S: Yeah, you can’t be unicum if you start the game with a ‘CDC’ without that tank im around %50’ish win rate.But still then i only grinded german med line. GL&HF

  32. The HEAT rounds are pretty silly with a large leap from 175mm to 250mm of penetration. 250mm is enough to go through the front of almost all tier 9’s. I feel like you should make a stronger emphasis on the strength of the premium rounds in your reviews. In this case, the T-34-3 has very strong HEAT penetration AND preferential matchmaking. An absolute little monster for those who can’t get the Type 59.

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