Should You Get the T110E5 After It’s NERF??? Is It Still OP? – T110E5 Review

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  1. the grind isn’t bad?? i played 3 hours last night.. got 1 win.. when you get 200-300xp a match the grind is hell…

  2. hey…I’m in this video! too bad I died. lemming, would love for you to critique my play. E50M enemy team, malibuken. thanks for videos!

  3. you should do a vlog…

    so we can see how you drive. Kappa

  4. My game must’ve not got that buff as I hit an E5 earlier 3 times in the turret with my BC25t and penned it zero times. Fucking shitty RNG all day

  5. hey I want to join yor clan my name is TanTank15

  6. Another God video from the man, the myth, the legend

  7. “You can’t carry food unless you’re in a terrible clan.”

    I always run food on my bat chat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. I have the t32 unlocked, should I get it? It’s either that, or save up credits for my kranvagn.

  9. I remember seeing the patch notes saying something about “improvements” to the T110E5. lol

  10. dude im at 93.53% on the marks….wtf do i do im so scared, i just wana get over with ittttttttt. shit

  11. “i’m an above average player” :^)

  12. Jaylin The LaxBro

    Tank review on the M103 please? Or just. Reply on how to play. I just got it , it’s not my fav

  13. E5 is still a very good tank. Mobile, good armor, depression and a nice gun.

  14. It's what you think

    Oho guide next please

  15. Lemming does WG have your account stats hidden? I can’t find you on WoTlabs and I was trying to see just how ridiculously high recents you pull :3

  16. Instead of saying “rhm” (in classic NA fashion) pronounce it the proper way- Rheinmetall-

  17. why no snap shot and smooth ride?

    those are a must for any tank and the gun isn’t that bad in terms of durabilty

  18. I was watching the last game while you were playing it live. I could not believe your team, they were so clueless except for the BC arty who came to help you, who seemed as upset about the rest of the team as you were. That was a great game though.

  19. very good point on HE lemming, totally agree with you. In my experience HE will fail to pen in soft targets they should pen about 1/4, 1/5 of the time, and that nagates the extra 1/4 or 1/5 dmg they do per shot over the regular AP… it just doesnt worth it. I do shoot HE when the match is won and i would shoot HE in the situation you were in, but its just unreliable.

  20. The grind is pretty easy. Tier 5 and 6 aren’t too bad, tier 7 and 8 are amazing (t32 is one of my favorite tanks) m103 is pretty good, and the e5 is solid. It’s a very comfortable line to play so I’d say go for it.

  21. “There’s a Maus in the middle!”

  22. Lemming wanna platoon with me sometime 😉

  23. I want it but idk every tier 10 I want gets nurfed

  24. Lemming, you hit the gun of the Waffle either AP or HEAT/HE wouldn’t have done any damage anyway.

  25. I asked a question about this on stream. Thanks for the answer and making a video about it!! 🙂

  26. I dont think this tank was op at all, liberte has pretty much the same armor tier 8 and it has no lower plate. Thats op not e5

  27. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    How to HT-15: Play one round in the Maus, Success.

  28. only 47 battles in it man? come on, AMERICA, bro…!

  29. Nice video

  30. Zerobladetion Wot

    Fuck it i rather drive my 112,Obj 262,IS3A, T26E5 now Is6 is still good but it cloud by other new better premium tanks with recent buffs.

  31. Compared to the Fv215b (which is my most played and first tier X) which would you say is better LemmingRush? My account name is Silenthawk700 if you want to look at my stats in it. I just don’t want to go for the E5 if it’s a step down from my British love.

  32. Hey lemming, Do you think the leopard 1 is out classed by the other T10 meds with 105s?

  33. good review

  34. Tom's Game Replays

    I bought E5 Sunday havent played it yet lol have to grind some credits first took all my credits:)So happy to stop playing m103 all the time lol

  35. I see the effort you are putting into this LR.  12 250 subs on this vids release date (which is my bday). Lets see if it starts to pay off soon… I’ll be keeping track as best I can, I’m sure the hard stats u can view are much more telling. GOOD LUCK. Ask your clan mates to help push this channel. It would be neat to see some of them playing with you (with coms) .

  36. Maus is way more OP

  37. I want to give you shit about how much HEAT you fire and how much it’s boosting your dpg. Reflexively, however, I realize that I just don’t fire enough HEAT because I feel poor. I wonder if I wasn’t so stingy with premium ammo if I could push my tier ten stats into some realm of not being garbage and my overall stats (or at least my recents) from teal to blue.

  38. No shit it’s still OP….

  39. “T One Ten E Five” NO! It’s the “T Eleven Oh E Five”

  40. “It is?” I think not. Drop the apostrophe. Now it’s in the possessive.

  41. Ammo’s either side of the driver. Driver sits dead in the middle and from there pretty much all the way back to the turret from the sides. knowledge of that has helped me pop many an E5 turret

  42. hey bro, this video isnt shit 😀 you get a new comp or? 😀

  43. angry over a game, come on man

  44. 25 HEAT shells? Isnt that a bit overkill?

  45. Thanks for the honest review. I just unlocked it before the nerf, of course LOL.
    Going to buy it I guess. What do you think about the M103? When I first got it I was not a fan, but now after playing it long enough to get the T110E5, I kinda like it.

  46. Awesome as always mate, I hadnt been paying attention to the patch notes, Loaded up my E5, and got wrecked…. RIP for not reading before playing…

    But at least I’m playing again…
    Bags2247 NA

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