Should you spend money on the Object 252?

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Hey, how could this have been more useful to you? Should I have shown a tier 10 game where It’s impossible for me to pen the weakspots of tanks, or is it easy to draw that line from the gameplay and seeing the tanks gunhandling?

    Maybe I shouldve gone more in depth on the strategy I used in the actual gameplay, im not sure though. I felt that both werent exactly stunning displays of high level play

    Also, thanks for getting me to 12,000 subs (:

  2. Oh boy… Here we go. Lower frontal plate ‘weak spot’ with the same armor effectiveness as the upper hull of an Is3.

    Alpha specialized for brawling. Long reload is not a problem while brawling since you usually have allies with you.

    Accuracy is good enough for brawling. If you can’t hit weak spots of tier X tanks, keep in mind that tier 6 tanks also would have trouble going through the ‘weak cupolas’ since they are 150 mm. Also, Russian accuracy.

    Also, I don’t buy into the ‘it will meet tier x’ argument. Before, the tiering philosophy of wot is that lower tiers can still fight higher tiers by sniping weak spots. Tier 6 tanks can’t even fight this thing.

    This thing might not have the most Op skill ceiling, but it has a very low skill requirement to do well in, and that is what makes this OP.

    I play mostly tier 6 tanks since I don’t have premium time or premium tanks, and this is frustrating to face, and the idea of relying on your other tier 8s to kill it isn’t really comforting.

  3. Thanks for the review. In regards to the gun handling how does it compare to the T-34-3s gun?

  4. Well rip I shouldn’t have bought into the hipe. But hey it helped me buy my TVP T50/51 and Im at 64.43% for MOE. Eh life rolls on

  5. Hey lemming how do you ace the 252U?

  6. What you’re saying is true, but you forgot the mention that the gun handling is still better than the T34’s. As is the rest of the tank. Well I got my T34 for free, so whatever.

    It may not be the the monster it’s hyped up to be, but it’s still a MUCH better buy than most of the other premiums that cost similar amounts of money.

  7. Lemming what is your favorite premium tank?

  8. what’s up man! me again lol

  9. Kostas Karadimos

    I like to see that someone actually wants to try and win instead of just pressing W and win(even though it’s not that simple) 😀
    Given that you like the SuperPershing so much,should we expect something on it soon? 😛

  10. Lemming, hearing your perspective on this has been helpful. I’ve been more in the “it’s broken as hell” camp for a while now. I still think it’s broken but not necessarily overpowered. Like you mention in your video its a crapshoot how well you do in high tier but cake when top tier. This has bad players having insanely good matches (for their skill level) and good players feeling let down when they expected something OP or even competitive when bottom tier.
    On the other hand, you’ve mentioned before you don’t really like the IS-7 (I think it was on your live stream) and this tank screams IS-7/IS-4 hybrid to me. Sort of like the T34 is to the American heavy line this is to the russian heavy line. I also don’t like that they’re pumping out premiums better than their same tier counterparts (defender:is-3, m46kr:pershing, mutz:indien panzer, and, arguably, skorpion:rhm) but I shouldn’t be surprised at this point, just another tank to pay a little extra attention to/deal with like the jap heavies. Thanks for the great video, your videos have helped my gameplay a lot.

  11. 5k in a SP will net you at least 200k if not more lol. . . 3k is worth like, 150k~

    Also when quicky did 4.8k he got a second class for it in a T8 tank lol. . .

    overall this tank benefits noobs more than anything else and is made to be a derpy tank. The armor is mostly better than the IS-3 but it has worse gun handling. It’s also not as fast so it can’t flank as well either. But if you go hull down that is where this tank belong like most russian tanks and where it truly becomes broken.

    Also people consider the IS-3 to be one of the best tanks in the game and if not for the russian bias and the dispersion stat actually meant something it’s accuracy is also terrible and is made for fighting at close ranges as well.

    Also you can opt out gold for HE and track people instead to farm MOE

    also all guns have shots that eat the dirt, that’s the #1 reason why I quit again. My tanks with .3 dispersion are eating the dirt 24/7. Not worth playing if my skill for even pre-aiming a shot for 10 seconds is 100% negated by RNG.

    And yes, if you say that it sucks in T10 show it, but any T8 tank sucks in T10 so I don’t get your point either. However, I do understand your point that the tank is a press R 3 times tank and shoot shit and that it does not take much skill to play.

  12. I just 3 marked this tank and found it enjoyable to play. Stalin bless is with the gun!

  13. t26e5 and m4 49 for life

    also is3 best money maker confirmed

  14. I have had the same problem of rounds just derpping in to the ground with my T34, and not snap shots, fully aimed where the other tank takes up almost all of the reticle and the rounds just go where ever they want. I have also been playing the IS6 on the free rental weekend and its gun is supper disappointing as well. LemmingRush what do you think of the Lowe??

  15. “In this video lemmingrush explains why the 252 is trash while doing 5k and 4k damage in it.”


  16. I had the super Pershing but I didn’t really like it I think it was because I didn’t know how to play it right. Do you play it more like a heavy or a med?

  17. I’ve met this a lot and most games, even in tier 9 sometimes, they seem to be able to tip the balance of the game in their favor.

    it’s an idiot proof tank but a platoon of 3 driven by unicum players can make it godlike.

    thanks for your review. as for selling it, I feel it’s the highlight of the video!! it should be the Tanker and not the Tank that is great!

  18. Well then what is the best premium tank out there?

  19. This is more like a vid that for the first 5 min is how bad it is…

  20. oh my got you madman

  21. Answer : YES

    Wargaying made another Great Soivet Stalinium Tank.

  22. I believe this was sarcasm ?

  23. NoHomeLike

    If you have high penetration AP/APCR, you can easily go through the right side (facing the Obj) of the gun mantlet.

  24. I know you prolly won’t see this but if you do lemming, maybe a consider a mutz guide? I think it’s capability as a textbook medium tank being shown off by a super unicorn could help a lot of people (like me). Great video though thanks for the help so far 😉

  25. I couldn’t agree more, not worth the money IMO. The M4 49 L, or even the Lowe would be a much better value if you’re looking for a heavy premium tank.

  26. Mentioning Jagd E100’s…HE can defeat VK B”s easily with spam…smh. Get off your XVM pedestal

  27. Against tier X this is at least better than IS-3A.

  28. Hi LemmingRush, thank you for the video!
    i enjoyed this tank a lot, and the fact i got good winrate with it even my overall winrate not so good – it proves me that it’s good for me.
    i got one question for you: why you not saving this shots? you have 12 sec. reload and you wasting it for snap shots? if the aimtime is so trash then aim longer insted of snaping and make your real reload 24 sec….
    i’d be happy if you will awnser..
    thanks again! and sorry for my english;)

  29. Even in tier 10 im doing pretty well. Well yes support support and support. but really if you just save health for endgame. it will rack up damage even only 2k which is good enuf for me

  30. عبد الهادي

    i was playing my LTTB to 3 mark it and i got 2shot by a platoon of this so in my opinion it’smore then worth it

  31. I like it; it’s as you say – for mediocre players. lol But I love your honesty. Great review.

  32. It's what you think

    Why is the T34 shit, you cunt?

  33. I bought this tank more for the tier 8 clan wars, since this tanks shits on IS-3s, and it has decent mobilily

    Why I think this tank is OP? We all know that IS-3 is one of the best tier 8 in the game (because every tier 8 clan war carries it), and Defender is better than IS-3 (better alpha, same DPM, way better armor, slightly worse gun handling and slightly worse mobility). If IS-3 is powerful, what’s better than powerful? Over-powerful, AKA OP.

  34. couldnt you get a better reload time with vents instead of the gun rammer? then you get the benifit of giving your whole crew better stats hence fourth also getting better gun handling stats?

  35. funny, in tier 10 i do pretty much the same as tier 8 or 9. the reload gets me in trouble, facing meds, but man if you get hull down, and waggle, you can really hurt some top tier meds. the heavies, maus, type 5, e100, are a lot harder, but they have best armor in game so its not suprising. dont get caught out by yourself, but if you do, you can make some hard shots for players cause of all the angles. i lke it a lot, its mobile enough, the gun isnt meant for siping, like all the 122’s, so get in medium to close battles, and have fun

  36. I came “this” close to buying the Obj 252U, and my gut wouldn’t let me pull the trigger. I’ve been playing my JPII and poking holes in both versions of this new premium, which made me wonder if all the hype was simply smoke and mirrors. Watching this video, especially the end where you sold it, made my gut say, “See? Glad you listened to me now?” Thanks for being real.

    I’m very glad to have found you and your channel. I like your content and presentation. I’m fairly certain that a large number of players would agree with me when I make this request: please do some mid tier videos. The tier X stuff is cool to watch, and I’m sure the principals are the same at mid tiers, but, I’m willing to bet that a lot of people would benefit from watching you play an M4, a T34 or a G1R while explaining tactics and reasons. Just a suggestion. Thanks for being on my must watch list

  37. This is a tank you buy to bully other tier 8 tanks in strongholds for credits, and it bullies the hell out of same-tiered opponents. I suppose it can struggle in tier ten match making, but I feel that’s an unfair criticism because there is a short list of tier 8s I would say really do well in tier ten mm…. the Skorpion G being a better choice for an experienced player and which is also criticized for being overpowered. While you’re right about gun handling that is it’s only major shortcoming, this tank’s frontal armor is superb for a tier 8 and even tier tens will bounce a lot of shells unless they have your side and miss the stalinium side armor. The gun is less accurate but slightly higher than the is-3’s dpm with the same pen, so it’s very strong. I’d say this is like an is-6 but with better pen and alpha. It also makes more credits than tanks like the super pershing and is-6 which have to fire gold almost exclusively against higher tier tanks and same-tier heavies.

  38. So this tank waste real live money (you spend thousands of dollers) LUL. I hope you meant in game silver.

  39. You say how bad it is vs tier 10s then why didn’t you show a tier 10 replay? I bought one and I’m sorry but I can’t agree fully with your review. I don’t have problems penning tier 9 or 10 tanks at all and the gun handling is not bad at all. The frontal armor is crap with that big weak lower plate I do agree with that.

  40. it either hit on the move or miss all day long. and i got a lot low rolls for some reasons

  41. Hnng at the end. I hate you haha .-. jk i love you

  42. gee rush after that i reckon i will leave my fuker were it is and maybe it will make the garage look nice ay

  43. Sigh… you could have given the tank to me instead of selling it. 🙁

    You may hate it, but I see it doing well in T8 games.

  44. Just a few points on your analysis. The KV 2 is a very lucky tank, too, the accuracy of that tank in reality is nothing like its statistics, like most Russian tanks it seems to be a hidden stat, that does not make it ok. Of all the tier 8 tanks, this one is probably the best suited to be in higher tier games. There are few tier 8 tanks that have effective rounds in tier 10 games without premium, not only this one, but because its a premium tank you can afford to shoot a lot more premium rounds. Then at the end you say it “easy to play” and takes no skill at lower level games. This tanks is better than all tier 8 regular heavy tanks with the exclusion of probably the IS 3, and thats Ok? no that is a meta that will eventually hurt the game.

  45. For a unicum that has the skill to influence tier 10 games in his tier 8 tanks, the Defender is trash. For an average Joe that struggles to carry tier 8 games as a top tier, this tank is overpowered as fuck. My experience playing with Defenders is that it’s just a very easy tank to play that allows tomatoes to get a 50% winrate without even learning how to play the game properly.

  46. I would say the gun is bad, but my last two matches with my vk100 (tier8) were having a wonderfull bouncy game with 5000+ blocked and then i got shot in my cupola from that damn tank from outside my viewrange (400+) while constantly moving. RNG is real in this game

  47. 65 Canadian Pesos! LemmingRush, are you an AvE fan? 😀

  48. Compliments on how you explain Wot – it’s a pleasure to watch and listen to. You have a certain relaxed and competent style that I miss with other World of Tanks content providers. Keep it up please

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