Should You Spend Your Tokens on New Battle Pass 2023 Tank BZ-58-2?

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Source: DezGamez

BZ-58-2, New Tier 9 Battle Pass 2023 Reward Tank. World of BZ-58-2 Gameplay and Tank Review. World of Tanks Battle Pass 2023 Best Tanks for Tokens.

We are finally able to share more details about one of the new Battle Pass tanks in 2023 – The BZ-58-2. Looks like a 50tp, but how does it play?

What do you think?


  1. LESGOOOO straight from the stream

  2. I must be first,, coins?

  3. I’m saving up for Kunze Panzer. Isn’t it the best among them or…?
    Sidenote: I already got the AE Phase I and Char Futur

    • for me its: char futur > ae phase 1 > kunze > 777 > k91pt > cobra > bz-58 > lorr50t

    • IMHO – I’d get the AE Phase first (great hulldown)
      then Char (has a ‘learning curve” but once you figure it out it is a load of fun)
      then Kunze (only b/c the other 2 are slightly better in more situations)

    • Alexander Stoyanov

      My list is Cobra, Char, Phase, K91, Kunze, but if you don’t like ambush play style and have trouble with autoloaders that reload for 40+ seconds take Phase first

    • Cobra and Char are the best.

    • I love the kunze, but Ill be the first to admit the char is def more competitive. Kunze is hard to maximize, but if you do, the thing is a beast

  4. To be fair i’m kind of sick of so many soviet-style tanks…

  5. Aiming for Cobra for the moment, will you make me change my mind ?

  6. 8.5 million people

    Wdym extra 21 coins for everyone?
    I stopped playing for a while dum dayum, kinda wanna get myself the cobra

  7. Can this tank be used as a trainer without penalty for other crews like other prems?

  8. i would of got it but nothing great if it had rockets then maybe i would ill save tokens for something eles…have others just kpz3 really now to get

  9. Lets go dez and chat and alhorythm !!!

  10. The Battle pass TD is the only choice

  11. that patheticaly huge weak lower plate is total joke! even bloody tier 5 can pen it!

  12. I’m looking forward Ze German TD, as neither the Lorraine, nor this Chinese Polish knock-off seems appealing to me. Have the Phase I, Char, Cobra, K-91-PT and Kunze already, so I’d rather pick the 777 II, than this one or the Lorraine 50t.

    • I have the Lorr and I can ensure you, it is not worth, anything, for that matter.

      Usually when someone says a tank is “shit” I pick it up cause I tend to find them fun, but this one? This one is just shit.

  13. It is a shit tank, but, if you have played the former BP seasons you have nothing else to spent your tokens!

  14. Anyone else notice the tokens offered are not enough for the 2 new tanks?
    Great Battle Pass overview Dez – thanks

  15. Insanely_ Average

    Hold on too your tokens,there is always more tanks coming,will wait for the destroyer.

  16. Slow news day, Dez? You already said this thing sucked previously and so does everyone else.

  17. rustedniddleslinger

    This game makes the Chinese tech tree sh*t. The rocket tanks can’t hit anything. Like it was actually the case irl. Losing more and more interest in this game by the day.

  18. rustedniddleslinger

    This game is just breeding contempt soon majority of players will grow tiered of it

  19. That gun is hot garbage. No thank you.

  20. What the hell is Battle Pass? I have playing this game for over 11 years and dont know what the Hell it is!

  21. Just go play e75 way better and free

  22. Dez can you do a breakdown of the best battlepass tanks to pick up? Like a tier list or an order of purchace for example?

  23. with the release of the update, collections are gonna be in which give you 3 more, should be enough

  24. Phase 1 is the best tank in battle pass.

  25. I love the 50tp, and already have most of the other BP tanks other than 777 and lorr, so this is right up my ally. It’ll be nice to have basically a 50tp in my garage again.

  26. WG is definitely not running out of ideas

  27. Face reveal Dez pla

  28. Damned gold spammers

  29. Do they make more money?

  30. its look like 50tp

  31. I will spend tokens for that german sniper

  32. NO-NO-NO… don’t waste your tokens.. great video as always!

  33. Is that a mod that makes the Mountain Pass bridge your garage?

  34. i want the German tank. i think even after i fish two full battle passes i do not think i can get it. i already finished this battle pass and i have to do 3 stages for the next one an i not sure i can even get it then

  35. it just show there R&g dose not work any more the keep change it and make it worse it get kinda old

  36. after watch this i know i do not want this tank ever it well be the last tank i ever get

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