Show me your replays!

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  1. ваша мать
  2. Great Idea. Circon.

  3. Shame, I had a comet memeplay where I came top on damage with the 3.7 inch howitzer in a tier 7 match, sadly its 9.17 and we lost, but oh well lol

  4. #selloutCircon shows now on ads on youtube

  5. smoke weed everyday

  6. Malith Loki Melkor


  7. i just had a pools in my 12t in 9.18 🙁

  8. haha, too bad i suck. 😀

  9. How about console replays?

  10. Would you like a nice Löwe replay…8k damage? 2228 base exp?

  11. Ahh before a few years I had a game with T29 where I did 6000+ dmg… I’m still sad that I didn’t send it to any streamer before the patch ended. Shame that I don’t play wot anymore cuz of my low internet connection /;

  12. Circon can we send funny/meme games?

  13. I reckon this will really bring the community together circon, great idea. Lookin forward to the meme commmentary!

  14. Dukes The Lan Guy

    got some great replays recently in the at-8 sadly no of them were wins and the team got smashed but I did well.

  15. oceanis ultimatesolution

    do whuts fun 4 u u have da power

  16. AT LAST Sir….

  17. Damn it circon, all my dank replays are 9.18 :/

  18. nice no dislikes 🙂

  19. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    “It’s super safe – it’s a front for the WG website” – kind of a contradiction there. “No guarantee that your game will be selected” – actually I can absolutely guarantee that my terrible games will NOT be selected. Lul. Jokes aside, sounds like a neat idea. I can see this being amusing.


    Yeah i got this like great Tetris replay i wanna show you is that okay?

  21. PointyHairedJedi

    So Circon, how do I send you my dank War Thunder replays?

  22. All I have is Armored Warfare. Oh well.

  23. What about old replays?

  24. Cyka blyat rush B? I’ve got my IS-7 in the garage and 14days of premium left. I’ll see if I can get some good replays.

  25. Trillockboy Watson

    Bugger, I had a decent game (for me) Acing my T32 in a tier 10 game, but I don’t have the file on my computer anymore, only have it on WoT Replays. Is that link good enough, or does it have to be uploaded from my PC ?

  26. i wish circon was playing on NA

  27. Hi circon, tomorrow i will send you few awesome game where i carried af, so i hope you will like them

  28. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    I stopped playing in April for real life etc, but I had some good games and was always hoping fot this kind off oppertunity.. Is there an option so that you do some older patch ones? I know you said they probably wont get noticed on the site, just wondering if I should bother?

  29. Discord if *you’re* a twitch sub here


  30. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine KappaPride

  31. Good step Circ.

  32. Do you accept replays of the current update or older?

  33. i send constant replays to youtubers but no one ever uses mine when theyre good

  34. nice i hope i can end my 3rd mark on is7 with a hell of a game 2nd i fixed with 8k dmg

  35. awesome circon!

  36. Can we send you pre-9.18 arty replays? 😀

  37. Can i upload console replays (Wot of course) to the website, have a youtube channel there uploaded on daily as well….

  38. But that’s what made you stand out from everyone else

  39. Quantum Imperfections

    It’s funny – the moment I decide that I wanna send good replays I end up not having games worthy of sending in. Catch-22 im sure

  40. 9.19 only, boooooooo. Had an awesome replay of the Ultra *RARE* Panzer V/IV 3 Mark I did a couple of weeks ago:

    For the latest Ace games to lead up to the 3 MoE one see:

    It’s 9.18 so you will be able to play it 🙂

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