SHOW THEM WHO’S BOSS!!! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today copper00 is going to show the enemy who's boss in World of playing their Object 263!



  1. still the NA server.. nuff said

  2. So, you only have to deal 11k+ damage combined to make a 12k profit in a tier 9 tank destroyer. If you have premium account. Ok then.

    • he should be lucky he makes profit at all, considering how much gold he (unnecessarily) spammed. Gold rounds should be fired selectively, and not spammed. Then you make a decent profit (well if u have a premium account, trying to make credits with tier 8+ with no premium account is basically impossible, and that if you don’t fire any gold at all.)

  3. Love when you show us replays of other players, always a blast. Great vid!

  4. My first game with 263 i blocked 7k dmg on Minsk.

  5. Started with a ram kill, ended with a ram kill.

  6. Quciky… I am a sub. Been playing wot now for ten years and I am done. The game has gotten so bad anymore.. Bad teams, bad MM, Bad everything. Why do you continue to support a game that has changed so much its almost unplayable for the average guy. I used to get top guns and high calibers all the time, now its once a month at best. i used to be a 53% plus 5000 rating player. now Im a 48% and 4000 rating player. I havent gotten worse, the game has gotten unplayable. too many invisible tanks, rng, mechanics that you have to have an advanced engineering degree to figure. Why dont players like you with some clout actually do something? Or does WOT not listen to you either?

  7. Selective r.n.g, a matchmaker for premium and no balance.

  8. That was an awesome game! Bloody hell!

  9. Jakub Stolarski

    One of the best replays I’ve seen for a long time

  10. This tank is a beast!! A lot of player underappreciate it

  11. 4-5 is faster for repairing tracks than 5-5. QB wrong again, big surprise.

  12. I use the fire extinguisher as my space key, my thump is already hovering over it. might as well

  13. wait since when did WG put the 263 at tier 9?

  14. I love this tank! On the right maps this is a monster and I am awful at the game but on the right map with this tank I can do some real actual work. THIS tank on the (Can’t remember the name of the map) the port one with the tunnel. Get in that dip in the tunnel far enough up so you can’t get hit from the open sides, get there first and your going to have a fun game.

  15. Derrick Morrison

    hey qb can u please do the follow up vid on k91 pt it looks fun and im considering buying it

  16. no fricken way i watched copper after i died in this game i was the leo on his team

  17. I’m playing the SU-101 and it’s impossible it’s not the same line : 263 has a great acceleration, SU is sluggish. 263 great rotation, SU turn like a BB in WoWs. SU 3 degrees of depression, 263 4 degrees, 263 godlike armor, SU useless even hulldwon against tier 8. I’m suffering so hard, can’t even snipe because guns are inaccurate. Tier 7 was so great, tier 9 looks so great, tier 8 is one of the worst in the game…

  18. ManFred TheLast

    That VZ and coppers platoon mate were both insuferable

  19. Chems was right ..kappa

  20. i know copper00…. thats copper doin copper stuff he should stream the games he has are insane

  21. Manuel Fire Extinguisher, Slot 6 remapped to the Space Key, Repair on 5 for the 5-5 for tracks. I don’t get how people let a consumable sit on 6, it just gets too far away from the whole area used on the keyboard.

  22. That VZ, all the crying, blaming everyone else and then saying copper is ‘lucky’.

  23. The cheiftain had a hell of a game too XD

  24. as a f2p player i usually use the automatic fire extinguisher to just to avoid extra damage from the fire which then also prevents any further module damage

  25. I have all my keys on my mouse. Mine is repair/fire/med

  26. The team spent that whole round roasting that MVY lol
    Poor guy

  27. in reality even for a free to play player like me it is cheaper to use automatic extinguisher. with manual you get like 4x more fires and then you have the reaction time which makes you lose more hp and you will have less survibility which means less credits earned in game.

  28. T30 must be so tilted after this

  29. I have to say it’s hilarious how the Vz. 55 says at one point “use your brain” to the two players that are alive when the Vz player are dead themselves, like uh…who exactly is using their brain here? The two still alive or the one that is dead lol? Sometimes I wish World of Tanks had what League of Legends has…a mute button for players…I feel so bad for that M.Y.V getting picked on by the Vz player…people like that don’t help “win the game” all they do is put more pressure on the rest of the team or just be annoying to those that are alive…again…wish they had mute button.

    If we didn’t have those lowering moral maybe more games would be wins lol. As an old WoT’s player, as I like to say, people like that should just be seen and not heard…lol. Other than that, though, what a great replay, always a blast every single one is a blast no matter the outcomes! I don’t really play World of Tanks much anymore, but when I play it here and there, the nostalgia of playing World of tanks back in 2012 and watching QuackyBaby and The MightyJingles and watching their replays of others just flows into the brain! 😛

  30. I’ve once farmed an entire Obj 263 in my Tortoise. Frontally. How? I shot the overmatchable part above its tracks when it moved forwards and backward while sidescraping.

  31. Everytime i lose i giv negative comment… sorry this wot is very bad… make me wanna stop playin it… everytime make me wanna stop playin it.. strongly every lose…

  32. Can confirm loss of mental capacity.

  33. I’m 100% free to play, but I ALWAYS use premium fire extinguishers! I get enough of them from missions so that I get more than I actually use.

  34. WG omg this is stupid naiv program

  35. Zan Wright MFWR

    Honestly, unless you’re in a rear turret tank or the engine/fuel tanks is in the front of your tank, getting on fire is pretty rare. Even as an F2P, investing an auto fire extinguisher is still relatively economically friendly. As an avg player, playing tier 10 still costs more than investing on premium consumables. That being said, I really hate being crippled after the fire so rarely do I use any other consumables other than the Repair/Med/Extinguisher combo unless I’m in a favorable matchup.

  36. Love the 263. One of my favourite tds in the game

  37. Games like these are exactly why WoT is so ridiculously addictive!

  38. heavy tds?

  39. I love 263. My most favourite tank. I am so sad that I discovered this beauty this late. About consumables, first I started to use in WG’s order as repair kit, medkit, fire extinguisher. then, when i struggled to press 6 to use fire extinguisher, i moved it to 4, as fire extinguisher, repair kit, medkit. then wg started to give too many automatic fire extinguisher as awards, so i have too many auto extinguishers. and also the new stun mechanic has appeared, we need to use medkit instantly if arty stuns us in the middle of a close range fight. so i moved my consumables like medkit, repair kit, automatic fire extinguisher. so now i can instantly get rid of the stun by pressing 4, i can do 5 5 to repair the tracks, and passive consumables auto extinguisher and food at 6.

  40. Copper00 such a great watch loved every moment of it

  41. I’ve grown to hold the ‘regular’ order of 4,5,6 of repair kit, med kit and fire extinguisher. Frankly, I think it doesn’t matter. You get experienced with quickpressing any key combination anyway, so stay to what you’re used to. Switching it up only leads to confusion and frustration.

  42. Was messing around for sure
    The ugliest camo from the 2020 Xmas
    Great job man !!

  43. He need the optics many times, 2:nd mark of excellent too, great game.

  44. GamingWithAstev

    I remember playing the obj 263 before it had the upper hull armor buff and my god, it got penned by tier 8s in that hull. This was like 7-8 yrs ago

  45. Hi everyone it’s ELON MA

  46. Matt The Camper

    As a blitz player hearing obj. 283 and low dpm in the same sentence is extremely alienating

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