ShPTK-TVP 100 – FIRST Czech Tank Destroyer Preview and Advent Calendar 2021 | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks New Czechoslovakian Tank Destroyer ShPTK-TVP 100 First Look. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022, Advent Calendar 2021 Offers and Deals. Holiday Ops 2022 in Update 1.15+ Patch News.

Video timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:20 SHPTK-TVP 100 Intro
01:35 Firepower
04:40 Mobility
05:10 Survivability
06:15 Opinions?
07:38 Today’s Advent Calendar Offer
11:20 Outro and Bye

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Today I have a chance to show you very first details about the very first Czechoslovakian tank destroyer in the game… WG and World of Tanks are working on a tier 8 (most likely a premium) Czech tank destroyer called ShPTK-TVP 100. Let’s have a look what it has to offer together with today’s daily advent calendar offer.

What do you think?


  1. The more I think about this tank, the weirder it looks and feels… What is your take on it, as it is actually the first time ever we have any information about Czech tank destroyers…
    Video timestamps for your viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Intro
    00:20 SHPTK-TVP 100 Intro
    01:35 Firepower
    04:40 Mobility
    05:10 Survivability
    06:15 Opinions?
    07:38 Today’s Advent Calendar Offer
    11:20 Outro and Bye

  2. Its a Lowe just with another gun !!!

  3. wow someone was on druge designing this tank lol but id like to try it

  4. i am hoping its a good TD
    thanks for the video,
    Ronin_65 NA

  5. It’s going to be an interesting addition to the Czech tree as the first TD, but seeing as it’s a glass cannon with BL-10 levels of accuracy I’d say would put it at a slight disadvantage but using it’s mobility which I’d say is on par with the Skorp G/SU-130PM then it should be a good flank & spanker, taking advantage of enemy players inattentiveness to their surroundings.
    User: Games_Bandit
    Server: HK

  6. It needs an autoloader with like 4 shells, then it would be great. But for now, im not impressed with this tank tbh

  7. Couple of surprises; Czech TD and how….hmmm, bad or different SHPTK-TVP 100 looks to me for an tier8 TD. Low alpha can be acceptable if gun is accurate, but it isn’t. Low alpha can be acceptable if shell velocity is high, but it isn’t. Low alpha, low shell velocity and bad accurate can be acceptable if tank has good armor, but it isn’t. But no worries, its Czech tank, so it has autoloader…well it doesn’t have autoloader. Whats left? ..decent mobility and good HE…so does we have new scout on TD..which camo and viewrange isn’t same as lights.
    I dont know…this look mediocre for techtree tier8 TD and for techtree tier7 it would be ok, but for premium tier8 not so interesting…or do I miss something on this one.
    bohdanthetanker, EU

  8. Lootbox reward incoming i guess…

  9. Am I the only slovakian here that gets highly irritated when someone calls Czechoslovakian tanks as only czech?

  10. Day 108 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  11. I can’t wait to see this tank on Action not a gamechanger but still looks badass for me

  12. wot is a shit game thats it

  13. let the tank out first, best opinions will be made after it is experienced first hand
    SEA server

  14. Thanks for the intel! NA “_kaptkrunch_” no quotes of course.

  15. I think it is a cool tank!
    maggio55 eu

  16. Looks fun to play. Tricky to do good in, but possibly fun to play XD
    User: evosieg
    Server: SEA

  17. Siniša Paripović

    I always love new lines, hope that WG will not mess it up.
    Chris_os EU

  18. Атанас Маргаритов

    I dont like the look of this tank. It is going to be bad with low alpha and long reload. It hasn’t got anuthing special to be exatied about.
    Ahteoronz Eu

  19. That Czech TD is weird, I thought the accuracy must be much better because of the low alpha. But it’s better to do it like that and not bringing another OP Premium Tank in the game

  20. Looks like this will be a premium tank.
    EU server

  21. It kinda looks, that they nerfed the HE shells so they can sell tanks, that will have them not so crappy. Tank looks nice tho.
    User: JohnyONeill
    Server: EU

  22. I’m glad to have another CZ addition but the specs are a bit funky…

  23. The front upper and lower glacius look like a frog.

  24. WG now just taking the piss…nurf HE so its all but unless then release a tank which WOULD of had a grest HE firing gun before the nurf….wankers

  25. I think that this TD will get some buffs after supertest 🙂 maybe higher dmg, better (lower) dispersion,…
    nickname: kamikzi
    server: EU

  26. I am trying to imagine how this tank can work… Sniping with low accuracy compensated by high pen, but still slow reload. And when they get closer switching to HE and rushing for their side and back with your good mobility? Sounds complicated and luck-based.
    User: AngelVel
    Server: EU

  27. I have played this game for 7 years already so any new tanks (or whole lines) are a welcome addition. HE always requires a bit more skill to know when to use it so it does not feel OP from the start. Can’t wait for more offical info with confirmed stats.
    PrinsOf, EU

  28. Great vid, thanks you!


  29. This gun should be an autoloader, then this dispersion would make sense.
    From everything shown, this tank is not going to be good.
    Name: BanjaLukaEasy8
    Server: EU

  30. The tank looks strange… Not sure what to make of it, especially considering the HE nerfs.
    Beoger – EU Server

  31. would love t9 and t10 magazine czech destroyers, actually was thinking about this a week ago and now I see this 😀 so lets hope! ojkuo EU

  32. Still waiting for the Japanese TD line…
    User: Devilscompany

  33. New tanks= always a good thing 😀 cant see it yet in the tech tree of my game (eu server) and i haven’t dived into any of the czech tanks yet but i love playing with tank destroyers <3 Name: Destroyerofepeens Server: EU

  34. Žygimantas Petryla

    More tanks more time to kill 😀 The variety is good I like it
    EU server

  35. It seems the Czechoslovakian tech tree is getting wider which is good in opinion for game variety.

  36. I’m from Czehia and this TD is sad… I like big ALFA, low dispersion but I like HE

    Nick: DaveSK987

  37. They nust want to make more money

  38. The lower plate on the TVP 100 looks massive.

    IGN: fin_pet777

    Server: RU

  39. Sounds like the amx cdc is no longer the worst tier 8 premium

  40. I hope wg making move balancing tank like this in the Future
    Ivan_TheTerrible server Sea

  41. New troll HE TD is coming to the game. Let’s pray for all light armored tanks players :D. user: imra24, server: EU

  42. Christmas loot box tank perhaps?
    Utopiantiger (EU server)

  43. Looking forward to a new Czech line
    Server: NA

  44. I like that it’s not looking op. The latest prems seem to be more balance.
    User: 6440
    Server. EU

  45. GG!
    EU: markocsi

  46. As every Czech player I really want see more options to reserch.

    EU server

  47. New tank lines are always good. I dont really care if it´s a td-line or whatever, new tank lines make the game more interesting as long as they are not OP.

    IGN: AlexanderKarelin
    Server: EU

  48. More tank trees is always good. Let’s see what type of gameplay will have this TD line

    Jarrinas EU

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