SIDESCRAPE GOD – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks – VK 75.01 (K). Today we're checking out sidescraping like a boss to dominate the enemy in the T8 German VK 75.01 (K).


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. I dont know if you would cover it but putting a spotlight on how wargaming has butchered WOT Console and the Console community is outraged.

  2. Again a excellent vid with detailed explanations – thx 4 uploading !!!

  3. I have it and in some games it is great but in the majority it is too slow, inaccurate and a bit painful really

  4. Let’s be honest, most of the tier 8 heavy tanks are sidescrap monsters against the tier 6,7 and most of the time 8, when they’re doing it correctly.

  5. Abiyyu Wahyu Nurjatmiko

    For a tier 8, this kinda op. In my opinion this should be a tier 10 with some buff

  6. Alexander Lindroos, Ängskolan F-6, 6C

    First when I saw the title I that it was saying skysrape good 🙂

  7. Chrysler K is better, imho

  8. IS-M is a better sidescraper.

  9. Meantime the t9 is utter shit in side scraping

  10. i you say that this game is not as every battle will be ( this is a battle i think 1 in atmost 100 ) , just show a bad/ mediocere game too. This is just not a fair game for the majority to make an opion about the tank


  12. Wow are you playing wot console?

  13. Have you seen the world of tanks console edition we need some help to sort out this game it has been ruined

  14. Ik you don’t play console but us that do could really do with a big creator voicing our opinions as we all know wargaming doesn’t look at the forums. 90% of people dislike the new update as its become nearly unplayable

  15. Every time i play this thing it’s just gold, gold, gold from the start. Like usual business in these days. Don’t buy heavy tanks anymore until they finally fix the broken gold rounds

  16. those turret cheeks are pretty weak and other players will abuse it (I see it in every match) also not to mention because the shape of the turret you cant perform turret counter measures like in maus with immunity so… no its no god i disagree with you there i rather have vk168 for that. and since this is a limited situation on the battlefield I wouldnt buy the tank ( or in my case again) just for this one tactic, but if you wish to rebuttal my argument then imagine being in the open in prokhorovka because those are the tough ones

  17. gotta love those armored vehicles ^.^
    the cumbersome, innacurate yet impenetrable tanks (except on few weak points)


    having armor is just playing with rng in WoT..

  18. @UCjXvr42AKfIRrr2bUObLLaQ

  19. Quickybaby, I was wondering if you could review World of Tanks console itself; console update 6.0 came out and everyone is fired up over it. Do you think you could give some criticism, even youtubers want your help disclosing this.

  20. How much did you pay that gsor to not fire gold at you? I’ve met 10 gsors in my battles over the last few days and all 10 fired only gold

  21. Every time I played this tank I got overmatched on the turret hitslef not even the hatch… My side scraping was a pain

  22. There should be a “Console” meeting guys & gals!!

  23. Kv2 last vid snap shots quickybaby that was lucky, this game quickybaby snap shot that was skill, your so try and big up yourself dont u, trying to show people its all skill when u do it but when someone else does it, its lucky hahahaha get of your high horses

  24. This tank is my first premium tank and I really enjoy it, to hit someone sometimes for 600 at tier 8 in a HT is really satisfying. But as u said I rather be in a Lowe, cause it has that awesome turret, awesome gun ( but even this gun with good crew and equipment is competitive) and is more flexible, but I like it, is hard to master it, but not impossible

  25. You know what is the Chrysler? I think no… 😀

  26. Really good explanation of how to use any heavy tank. You give a lot of details and good advices.
    Thnx shared with my clanmates

  27. You look like a homeless

  28. Well, QB is just helping WG to make some more and fast money because some % of viewers will read the title and go straight up to advent calendar or premium shop and boom, they have tier 8 premium heavy tank with 0 knoledge about the game xD gg QB, making MM full of these kind of player is growing up after every single video about some tank….khm…chinese td (wz something)….great job.

  29. @quickybaby whats bad about this tank? the same as on PZ7 ….. the small rounded areas in the rear or the tank below the turret…. they are just WAY too weak and can be penned by nearly every tank of tier 7&8.

    I love this one. I love the PZ7 and got it right as it came out (as I’ll never get the clanwar special tier 10 but I love the design and everything else about this tank) …. but the weak-spot on the side armor is just ….. super stupid. And most good players know this and thus render all of your armor useless (especially in tier 9+ games) and thus makes it a pain to try and do anything

    especially if you compare this tank to the IS-M …. it’s just sad ….. the IS-M can easily pen the weak-spot (it’s not that hard to hit and screaming STALIN always helps, of course) and the IS-M doesn’t have the same kind of weakspot……. so if you play IS-M vs VK7501 with equally skilled players…. the IS-M has higher chances to win.

  30. Does anyone have contact info for quicky? I know it’s not relevant to pc but they just gave the long term players on console a giant middle finger with our update 6.0! @Quickybaby PLEASE review and share what they’ve done to our beloved game on console! Our community really needs help right now!

  31. This tank is incredibly bad, I have changed it for ELC EVEN when there was a possibility 😀 You are just a exceptionally good player 🙂

  32. I used to hate mine, its just very situational

  33. This tank is called the vk90.01p in wot blitz. It has 300mm turret armor, cupola is also 300mm thick and 275 standard AP pen at tier 10.

  34. How you get 200k credits? i only get maybe 100k with boost

  35. First time i dont agree with u QB , i would have loaded gold against ur turret cheeks or the copular

  36. You didn’t mention it’s cheap for a Premium Heavy (or it was when I bought it)

  37. 0:10:12 its such a happy little tank, look at its smiling little face!

  38. Calin Vurdea Photo Art

    So i have taken the tank on advent calendar. When you sidescrape and the commander cuppola is exposed, every shot got in ffs. Also cheeks are weak. Its not a monster, its just a decent tank in the hands of a decent tanker. A monster is maybe in hands of an unicum.

  39. qb is promoting junk tanks nova days

  40. Love this thanks so much

  41. Im pretty sure this tank is a tier 10 in WOT blitz. Its a collectors tank

  42. Shoot the TS-5s tracks! It has really bad side armor. GL QB! 🙂

  43. Are you kidding me, I watched your original review of this tank and said this tank, pretty much sucked. Now your saying it is a good tank for side scraping. I did not believe it before but you truly are a Wargaming Shill. Sorry, I cannot forgive you for this review. I watched you original review of this tank. You can pretend you said anything different, but that is not the case. My opinion of you is decreasingly lower and lower.
    Frankly, as a regular heavy tank player I love this tank, it is one of my highest rated heavies that I have, and I have research almost every line of heavy tanks. You are not ingenious.

  44. Only now realize now this Vk is the similar to wotb vk90 at tier 10 and IS-M is IS-2Sh.

  45. That tank is not suitable for asia server where everyone shoot gold ammo, keep sniping behind and 3 spgs in every match..

  46. Symulatory i nie tylko

    This tank is great, one of my favorite tank on tier VIII

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