SIM TANKS – T-44-122 BIG SHOT (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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SIM TANKS – T-44-122 BIG SHOT (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. Good to see you two playing WT together again

  2. wow i didn’t know slick couldn’t be childish. Most people i see in his squad/clan and his videos they really act childish.

  3. Wait phly, your flight controls… are you set up with inverted Y axis, or are you set up so that our plane follows your mouse?

  4. Phly! pls use the Kingfisher! (and yes I’m going to keep posting this until you play it 🙂

  5. What does sim tanks mean

  6. play the un-playable OSU2 and M8 Attempt #1

  7. Phly, what do you use for controls in the plane?

  8. We need more SIM porfaplease

  9. American friendly fires on a British person… so rare 😉

  10. Folgers Instant Covfefe

    Loving the Unloved #5: Take out the Forgotten Derp, the M4A3 105 Sherman

  11. The try hard gaming Everything

    for the next love the unlove you should do the cormwell rp 3 or the hurricane MK IV

  12. play with baron Again

  13. Phly you should play battlegrounds with slickbee

  14. its a german anti tank pipes.

  15. More sim battles please 😛

  16. great love to see sim ground forces battle plz phly do more of these .. just getting into sim so would love to see more content

  17. More sim battles Phly!

  18. i havent played warthunder in about 6 months, my internet is crap, we’re just about to get nbn so then ill play like ive never played before

    PhlyDaily deserves more attention for his warthunder talent

  19. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Phly try out company of heroes 2

  20. Is that slick i hear?

  21. Phly and slick are cute couples now

  22. Do the pbys while one the water vs the a6m3s attacking them

  23. Love the unloved take the beast that is the A1E1 independent

  24. 8:11 that double take tho xD

  25. Why don’t you play with slick more?

  26. Rudimental … I’ll allow it.

  27. I think you should remodel when you said check out slick it seemed intrusive

  28. It is so great to see you guys playing together again! I hope we get to see more of it.

  29. Phly for the next ep”Loving The Unloved ” play the p-51 Mustang whit the 4-20 mm… did others p 51 but not this one :))

  30. Pipes r the biggest enemy in war LOL ?????.

  31. You sound bored as hell in the end lel

  32. I like how you stream for one week and then takes one week off. Then streams for a week and takes a week off. Wanting to subscribe on twitch Phly but I can never assume you will stream more than 3 times a month.

  33. When they were playing and Aiming I was saying here the ranges like you aimed too high etc etc and yeah he only shot that’s panthers Cupola. going Rb to SB is hard For me it’s easy cause i went to RB from SB


  35. Phly gets salty when he dies in SB lol

  36. Is it weird that I like AB and SB but I don’t like rb

  37. Slick with phly? Am I dreaming? Yea this is wet dream

  38. careless whispers

    take out the t-50 and kill leo’s

  39. Phly and slick?? Wtf

  40. You make this game look so god damn easy. I always get my balls handed to me in RB/SB. 🙁

  41. Loving The Unloved

    please try the XP-50 american heavy fighter btw i cant land on a god damm carier

  42. As soon as i heard slicks voice in a phly video, OOOOOOOOOOOH instant orgasm

  43. Phly, you should play War Wings, it’s a pretty cool mobile multiplayer aerial combat game from Miniclip that just released proper a little while back, really fun to play and hints of some inspiration from War Thunder.

  44. Phly i have my new combo for you rp-3 combo take the cromwell rp-3 and hurricane mk. IV with 8 rp-3 rockets. I will be so happy if you do this combo because i have my birthday tomorrow.

  45. hi fly daily combo rocket #Cromwell rp3 +firefly V # sing cheeki briki please


  47. Chalange! Play Sim battle with voice control!

  48. when you are uptiered with your Tiger H1 and you get rekt by a post-war Centurion

    DEJA-VU !

  49. slickbee @ 3:35

  50. Loving the unloved spitfire mk 16e.

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