Simply MAD 4.9s Machine Gun STRV 103B in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks STRV 103B Fastest Reload Speed Build, Maximum DPM. World of Tanks STRV 103B, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer Gameplay.

– Oliver – Pura Alegria
– ES_Come 2gether – Ooyy

Today I am going to play with tier 10 Swedish tank destroyer STRV 103B and I am going to pump out as much DPM as I can from it. Using the best equipment units together with new field modifications to make the reload time under 5 seconds… This thing a true machine gun!

What do you think?


  1. Had a lot of fun with this build, thanks for requesting it… but what next? 🔥
    🔴Also, there might be some sound clitches, working on a fix, SORRY!

  2. tortoise is even better

  3. Copying phly daily thumbnails I see

  4. If not for the 40mm plate along the gun this td would be great frontline tank against most heavy tanks and some TD’s

  5. 5:15 Just a tip for future, if you aim all the way down while in siege mode and lock your aim, you can easily climb most of the things, you can even get up to the very top of that mountain thingy on Glacier

  6. In my last 2 battles(of 4 total) I did 4200 and 4500 with normal equipment and no field modifications. Im just an average player, but I think I 💖 this tank. Will try it more tomorrow 🙂

    • As a heavy player i bought the strv s1 today and i absolutely love it, did 2.3k avarage in the 15 battles i played with 60%, i will start grinding the Swedish td line for sure its🔥

    • @T S1 is brutal tank and you will not make a mistake if you go to grind Swedish td line they are fun to play maybe from tier 7-8 but fun.

  7. Syahareen Sha Rani

    A-43 with the 57 mm am I a joke to you ? …

    (I play nearly 1k battle in it because is much fun shooting them like a rapid fire AK-47 xD)

  8. Face reveal Dez plz?

  9. I like the strv103B with a turbo it can be as agressive as I want as long as I can hide the lower plate… but recently most arty shots lands on the roof and pens.

    • when you have a patton in team dont worry about arty trust me, today on recon and in random battles every single battle arty chase to shoot me but spall liner do the work every time ahahhaha

  10. Not EBR ram… STRV ram! 😛

  11. Razvan Adrian Solea

    Meme time!

  12. that first replay XD i’m dying

  13. Great video Dez, good to see some humour back in, made me laugh.

  14. please do a video with Awesome Epic Guys!

  15. This tank is an Golden Underdog. It can play agressive and push flanks at medium/long ranges, but only against medium tanks and lower tier heavies. After that, just go back to your support role to farm down hidden TDs and then flank the rest of the Heavy tanks with high caliber guns. With its mobility, you can flex back to help defend the base if the heavy line falls and farm easy damage. As long as you have teamates to help you, you cant be tracked and ganked that easily when pushing the medium flank.

  16. U rammed the strv u dummy. I thaught u re going to chase ebr with strv 🤣

  17. No wonder in FL mode i encountered a similar td with insane reload sadly it expensive in xp and bonds to re-enct

  18. Irl the strvs re autoloaders with 4 sec reload time

  19. Árpád Imre Tóth

    Stepcommander, I’m stuck 😏😏

  20. To be fair to this tank irl it had a autoloader

  21. Whats the song used for when Dez is stuck anyone know?

  22. The real one was almost a machinegun, it had a belt fed autoloader that could fire every 3 seconds and carried 50 rounds, thats 50 105mm rounds in 2 and a half minutes!

  23. Technicaly this tank has an autoloader, there is no loader crewmember in the tank and the magazine of the tank holds all the 45 shells 😀

  24. Ralphy’s Replays

    Reload machine gun STRV 103B… K-91 am i a joke to you?

  25. Is the first field upgrade useless for all TD:s or did you just skip it for this one?

    • In tier 10 you are always firing gold so the shell change option doesnt really matter
      I guess if you are fightint tier 8 you can load a couple standard rounds on the backup loadout

    • @Mr. Bones Okay, but I was thinking about the lightweight and reinforced suspension option. The 5% rotation and track health upgrade.

    • @Mr. Bones If you look at 0:46, I mean that he did not pick any of these.

  26. Gentlemen, we have t10 e-25

  27. I belive k91 has better reload than the strv…

  28. Love your uploads keep up the great work, Thank you 👍

  29. 20m/s! 😂

  30. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    Nest chance to make derp 105 m46 patton work

    Good luck

  31. Grind it but didnt bought it yet maybe it will be next in garage dunno

  32. RIP those HE shells. Still can’t believe those HE changes made it into the game. They’re utter shit useless waste of time now so inconsistant and unpredictable.

    • They are consistently dogshit

    • Its more now you have to actually hit a weak spot with HE to do damage, where as before the splash found the weak spot. So now the HE shooting tanks dont have the accuracy to hit weak spots consistently leading to many low damage no damage/missed shots.

  33. Freal Solidus Auxil

    Wait dez did you put your second equipment slot buff? Because i see firepower but thats all no survivability, mobility or, scouting. If not i think you can still improve the vents lol

  34. Shell velocity: 20m/s.
    Penetration: minus 50mm (it bounces before it even hits the target).

  35. Solid hoodie out of ten for the editing!

  36. do this with the 57MM of the t34

  37. “To be continued…” 😀 😀 😀

  38. People who play wot are not smart enough to play war thunder… just kidding. But playing wot is just stupid. Dont know why somebody should play it.
    The game screams at you : im cheap.

    but there are many cheap people out there, so its ok i think.

  39. jeez after years and years your accent and pronunciation problems still haven’t gotten better
    one would think makes content in English for so long would help

    not saying the content sucks though
    it’s great

  40. Ram EBR 2 times you say that and ram STRV 103B in the first battle, nice.
    I really like my STRV 103B that is my playstyle and also WZ-120-1G-FT, I am free to play, but I sold IS-2 shielded do to my handicap, shakinghands.

  41. Well Dez that is what i like about you and your video’s, even when you do a mistake or something funny you show it.
    and you give nice comments, about everything.
    and i think that is a tank to go for with the same equipment.
    thank you for that Dez.

  42. No time stamps in the video? dez is getting lazy

  43. I quit wot a month ago, and i like the game, i want to play it, but i know that im gonna rage, trying to learn the new game mechanics, AGAIN. And rage quit in 10 min which now is like 3 matches

  44. the video thumbnail felt so weird then i realized its because there are no red arrows

  45. The true Machine Gun Kelly tank would be the Crusader with a similar load out. Faster reload time than every auto loader in the game and 1 130 round clip. So silly. So fun

  46. tronet oje Paragele


  47. hehhe i do not want to out of here any way lol

  48. switching mode…to be continued hahahahahaahahahahahha

  49. Laughs in War Thunder, where it has 4s reload and can accurately snipe folks from 2-3km distance with fluid control over suspension (no siege mode bs)

    Stopped WoT a while ago no regrets, but for some reason I keep watching Dez’s struggles 😀

  50. Day 44 still waiting for meme review 🙃

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