Simulated footage of how Russia beat Germany in WW2 (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

Simulated how Russia beat Germany in WW2 ()


  1. We neeeeeeeeeed more videos like this. Just steeeeeve and Odd just playing the game having a laugh. I love it 👍.

  2. Play the hornet phly you never made a video about!! #71

  3. 👎👎👎👎👎

  4. Amazing video phly

  5. yeah I still played 4.3 USSR very fun should I say

  6. phly new name is 01100110, wich in binary stands for FF, like F and F what does that mean

  7. “Stuuuuuukaaaaaa! Ruuuuunnn! ” 1942 Colorized

  8. Alternative title:low tier german can’t do bruh in ground RB because they have no eyesight and even a KV-1 can flank them no problem

  9. Russia STRONK.

  10. War Thunder WorldWide

    Hey phly when you scream you sounds like Woody

  11. Russia didn’t beat germany in WW2, the USSR did.

  12. wait a minute, it took me a couple video tyo realize, Phly’s name is F in binary D:

  13. Stuka action got me 😀 nice memes!

  14. PHlY try playing russia 4.3, Kv 1 zis 5 is very bias against shermans and german 75s

  15. i cant unhear “YEET” sound effect as “PEE8” now, ever since I’ve seen the intro

  16. SAINT_ALUCARD WarThunder

    16:47 Is that you, Dio?!

  17. Operator dreski is gonna hit a mil before you

  18. Seems historically accurate…

  19. 01100110 = F

  20. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt( # 57 ). We need a type 87 video!
    I’ve been at this for months…

  21. Get him to a mil he deserves it

  22. May I make 3 requests Phly?
    UH-1C XM-30 with 30mm gun pods no ATGMs please
    I-16 type 10 with some historical information
    Gladiator Mk II loving the unloved.
    Please and thank you

  23. gfx are so lame for a modern game

  24. This isn’t what i meant by a pe-8 video.

  25. Ngl Russian hardware or any kind of Russian thing used in battle is cool

  26. 2:57 did he say p40 lemoncello? I mean I know that the italian were drunk when they designed the tanks but not that drunk

  27. Typical War Thunder. Typical Germany getting absolutely raped. Why are they even a playable nation? Might as well have them played by bots for shooting practice.

  28. thanks stalin very cool

  29. Germany does not suffer anymore, it’s dead

  30. WarThunder _Mushlih

    C’Mon Phly,I cant wait for you having 1M subs

  31. Swedish CV90120 next please.

  32. Odd calls Phly
    Fans calls Phly

  33. Juancarlos Gonzalez-elias

    Great vid as usual, Phly! The follow-up could be ” How it took Russia, the US and Britain 6 years to defeat Germany”
    PD. I ain’t German!

  34. Мисаки Мэй

    man, that was so cozy and cute – i liked it a lot

  35. Attempt# 148: can you phly the xp50

  36. Attempt 1- CHALLENGE – let your teammates decide your movement with the grid location system in the mini Map!! You are Only allowed to take the shortest route!! SURVIVE AND GET AN ACE AND ABOVE

  37. 0:14
    **putin walks out of building**
    *(Putin) pls tell me what song that was.*
    Srsly! I want the name of it!
    I dont know the name pls
    Reply soon anyone whoever
    knows the song.

  38. Carey - Let's Get Acquainted

    1:52 incredible

  39. i like KV-1 and over

  40. 10/10 video

  41. You are very funny 🤣🤣👍🏻

  42. 1mil is soooo close

  43. That muffled Hitler rage and the water splash SFX made my day

  44. Look on the end of the f4e phantom 2

  45. 0:19 Russian Phly


  46. A330 - Asiana Airlines

    Lol that’s from the downfall movie or from the parodies

  47. the intro ._.

  48. A330 - Asiana Airlines

    Only true fans of HRP know this 🤣🤣

  49. Mother-Russia will kill all who don’t like her tanks)

  50. my thermal vision t80U, leopard2A5, leclerc is blurry, is this normal?

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