SIX SHOOTER – M50 Ontos – So Many Guns (War Thunder 1.71 Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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SIX SHOOTER – M50 Ontos – So Many Guns (War Thunder 1.71 Gameplay)


  1. My bad on the the map pronunciation, it was very very wrong… Can I blame dyslexic brain on that?

  2. Awesome video

  3. Phly you should try Escape From Tarkov

  4. Looks like…
    Even number of rounds remaining = next shot from the left barrel
    & odd = Right
    Might be a good way to keep track of it.

  5. 6666 too many six you know what that means thats the Antichrist ??☠☠☠?????phly? love ur vids man really do ?????

  6. Donovan Rohaley - DoonRoh

    When the round ricochets off the tracks and hits the ammunition -.-

  7. xa-38 grizzly gameplay please!

  8. It call หมาเล็งยิง

    Hey Phly gaijin just add a new Japanese prototype tank destroyer

  9. With great power comes *shitty armor*

  10. “Best” of japan challenge: Use the Kikka and the Chi-Ha in a tank RB battle.


  12. Play the ki 109 either as a ground pound or in mixed

  13. Increasing penetration power ??? I’m in
    Gonna penetrate dat Pussy

  14. Phly show us the new Waffentrager please.

  15. Gotta love T29 Drivers, big lumbering simples

  16. Fuck t29 players

  17. Comrade phly it seems like that americans are building more b-24 factories so your job is to bomb the s*** out of those pesky capitalist scum factories ps. If you don’t do your job stalin’s gonna find you and send you to gulag (attempt #2)

  18. Hey could you try A6M load out vs. jets?

  19. every russian player take the BTR 152A and rape this thing

  20. Callsign-YukiMizuki


  21. I like it how he’s like: “I probably triggered so many people … just relax in the comment section” lol

  22. 1:25 “606mm recoilless rifles” Woah Phly, since when did Gaijin likes murican tankis?

  23. Challenge: T64A, HE only…….. We all know the T64A is really good, but can PhlyDaily master the power of the new and improved KV2? (No joke, you can kill any other top tier tanks in the game with the T64A’s HE)

  24. Phly you can also go in first person shooter.ground bombers and new P-51 and more

  25. I’d use it like a zis 30 with shit range sneeeekkkky breeiiiikkiiiieeeeeyyyyyiii

  26. its pronounced Full duh

  27. The russian tractors you know What that mean?:) play The asu 75 and The zis 30

  28. Has rp gain been increased or still shitty?

  29. Play the Ho-Ri + N1K2J or N1K2Ja with 2 84kg rockets.
    Tennouheika Banzai!!!!!!!

  30. #INSANE Productions

    Where the F**k is Fluda? It´s called F-U-L-D-A 😉

  31. Anyone notice how Phly wasnt getting any points for the Be the Best order? around 13:00 mark

  32. you keep saying 606mm. that would be insane

  33. Shix Lo The Crusading Slav

    2:14 WW1 in a nutshell

  34. Hey Phly, almost saved you in my MiG-9 today, you were in F8F. Sorry your wing got shot off :(((

  35. *gag* oh man, the new Garage UI looks awful urgh
    EDIT: oh the new font is also awful, urgh, ack. Yuck ?

  36. Yyyeeeaaahhhh more cancer

  37. Watching this video with auto-subtitles made me want an M50 on toast.

  38. This tank looks like the tank killer from battle nations

  39. Bmp 1 pls

  40. No, you can’t. You mispronounce 5 letter words with regularity, how did you pronounce Sinai again?

  41. > US Army hymn

    > Ontos was looked at by the Marines


  42. OK, so it seems that only L7 HESH was nerfed.

  43. What’s up with the score challenge at 13:00 ? Why did you not get any points for 2 kills?

  44. 120 shots per minute :OOOOOOOO

  45. I like because this guy scream.
    I’m a little deaf.

  46. By the way, from the looks of the MGs you said were the secondary weapons, they are ranging guns. use them to range your shot, then then fire the main gun once you’ve got the MGs on target. The Japanese recoiless has the same MGs. .50 cals designed to have the same bullet drop as the main caliber rounds.

  47. i got an 14 days streak on war thunder

  48. 6 106mm rifles, sound like you were saying 606mm rifles ply

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