SKINK Anti Air | Quad 20MM SHERMAN (War Thunder Skink Gameplay)

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SKINK Anti Air | Quad 20MM SHERMAN ( Gameplay)


  1. *I T S S K I N K D A Y M Y D U D E S!*

    Thanks for the pin DadDaily 😉

  2. Holy shit what an ugly tank

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  4. Gaijin probably would add this to the USA tree, even though Canada was commonwealth, and the British tree is lacking, they did it with the Ram II and they’ll do it with the Skink, they’ll find some Skink that the Americans tested and gave their own designation to, because, you know, that pretty much makes it American.

    • dorionite Truthfully, both British AND American AAA is lacking. I’d be happy if both nations got it, as the M16 isn’t really versatile enough to take the place of the M19/M42, the M15 is a dumpster fire, the M19/M42 have garbage ground-air lethality, the Brits don’t get anything good between the Crusader AAmkII and the Falcon.

    • Mako969696 The US can get their own damn T52 MGMC instead of my Skink tank.

    • Charaqat oh boy, a slower, clunkier M15 with a lower rate of fire. If the M15 is a dumpster fire, the T52 MGMC is a whole refuse dump set ablaze. Pass.

  5. What map are you on ?

  6. It actually had x4 polsten 20mm cannons irl

  7. “It is time”

  8. this needs to be added in the next big update

  9. Wrong the Oerlikon cannons were of Swiss design and origin. These cannons were the Polish version of the Oerlikon cannons. Just to clarify that bit up. All the best Phly and keep up the memes and damn hard work.

  10. Do the panther g tank next

  11. With the Arcade indicator, you have to aim a tad bit in front of the reticle in the direction they’re heading to hit accurately.

  12. The retical doesnt lie you want the tracer/bullets to be in not your cursor

  13. Do bb 1 and t 26 combo (PS I love your vids phly)

  14. Me: mom I hit 1000 subs

    Mom: who gives a shet

  15. Oh yah sorry canadian, the sherman chassis got me

  16. More OP tanks to USAUK. And dont forget to nerf Soviets!

  17. If its a user-made, revenue sharing means it’ll be a premium

  18. In all honesty, we Canadians made bad tanks but great planes and ships

    • !Alexwingo! I disagree. Canadian tanks are very innovative. The Ram was essential for training crews to operate Sherman tanks, and the Stryker is possibly the best IFV design around.

  19. Why is this tank so S K I N K Y ?

  20. Challenge: Land a bomber on the ground and taxi around shooting tanks with your turrets. Alternatively: Land a fighter on the ground and shoot tanks. Attempt #40

  21. Us Canadians say you’re welcome, beep beep syrup,

  22. Perfect way to implement it. Add one to the British tree at around 4.3-5.0 and then add an American premium version. Best of both worlds and two factions for twice the fun.

    • Chaoslink 11
      >american chassis
      >Canadian turret
      >British guns
      >should be in British tech tree for free
      >make it an American premium
      >common_sense.exe has stopped working

    • Yung Domino Canadian built and designed chassis. Hull stats are 75/75/38, UFP is also the most effective out of any M4 model. Although the tank Grizzly and Skink are not designated M4, neither was the Ram Series.

      Side note the US “M4A5” should be based on either a Cruiser Ram Mk.1 hull, or Cruiser Ram Mk.2 Late production hull both with M4 turrets installed.

      None of the Canadian vehicles should be in the American Tree. And preferably British and possibly Canadian Tree. (Canadian Ground Tree is possible with approximately 148 possible vehicles with atleast 1/3 to 1/2 Canadian made or modified models.)

    • Charaqat hey, the more you know. Thx 😀

    • Charaqat I feel like certain Canadian vehicles should go to different trees based on what they are. For example the skink is very obviously inspired by the Sherman so I think it should either be free for USA and Britain alike, or at the very least a In the USA tree as a premium. But for example, a Canadian rendition of the spitfire should be in the British tree as a premium at the very least


  24. how does one make super tanks in user made missions?

  25. Huh, its one letter away from Phlys Mother. 8)


  27. 24200 bullets a minute wow

  28. Hey Phly, you might want to re-check out the Ontos my dude, just for funsies

    They re-did its firing pattern so that now there’s even less delay between shots and the shots fire 3 from the left guns and then 3 from the right guns instead of the 1 left 1 right of before. Makes it a lot easier to sit behind corners and ambush since you know that your first 3 shots are always going to come from 1 side.

  29. My god that’s ugly

  30. 20mm only gonna have about 25mm max penetration and we already know how ineffective their killing power gets over a couple km

  31. sherbelwind

  32. 5.3 br

  33. endofu meulensteen

    holy shjit he knows about the existence of the netherlands

  34. the indicator indicates where you should shoot if the enemy was at a distance equal to your gun targeting distance

  35. Skink —– skunk …

    Close enough.

  36. What map are this?

  37. I would like to see the .50×6 version.

  38. Same BR as the Coelian or Kugelblitz.

  39. Says “normal sherman with 76mm” looks bottom left corner ?

  40. Clicked that notification button i hope it does good .

  41. Wirbelwind (AK-47 sound) 😀

  42. I would prefer the skink at 4.7, about the premium or not is gaijin’s things since the skink is a mashed up of brits, canada and america.

  43. Wirbelwind+Freedom=Skink

  44. 3.7 or 4.0 should do it. because its just like wirbelwind *AND NO PREMIUM*

  45. the skink has quad polstens, i was meant to get orlicans but the canadians couldn’t get their hands on any.

  46. Why not use the crusader mk 2 as base. It already has the same 20mm

  47. l’m not spending any more money on WT ,,, ground forces need infantry , until then all my money is going on an big kids game Star Citizen.

  48. Przemysław Chudzik

    S K I N K

  49. What settings do you have POST FX ?

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