Skoda T 40 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Continuing the Halloween theme with another horrible tank.

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  1. The only thing it needs to be a decent/good tank is the same gun depression
    that the T25 gets. 5 degrees instead of 10 is painful when you’re this big.
    Still… haven’t lost in it and the 2 games I’ve played has given me an Ace
    and a BIA so no rage from me 🙂
    It’s a crew trainer, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. Thanks Irish, now I won’t bother with it. BTW, how good is your crew?

  3. Man, I love all of the other Skoda tanks in the game. Why did they have to
    make this one suck so much?

  4. If you played the VK 30.01 P you should have seen this coming

  5. I fully agree with you…. You disappoint skoda

  6. Just faced 2 of them in Himmelsdorf with my Churchill III (HT Rus. Gold
    Tank T5).
    I killed one and the second dmg 2/3 of his health 🙂
    I like it. If the others drive it 🙂
    (i am not even a good player…working hard to get out of my orange
    WN8…but i am a noob and old…so i watch YT to learn)

  7. and of course it will take month or more to get to the NA sever WTF other
    youtubers have said they love the tank

  8. Hello osirish. If you fully aim it has great accurency its dmp is also very
    good i dont know how did you get ace when i did 2, 7k dmg in tier 8 game
    and i got just 1st tier. Abd i think that this tank is good you just need
    to adjust to its play style.

  9. Thanks for the heads up! Really looking forward to your take on the Skoda
    tomorrow =)

  10. I thought this tank was going to be a dud. Special matchmaking would help
    some of the crappy new premiums.
    I’m looking at you Heavy Tank No. VI…

  11. lol why would u even buy this thing… they were like hmm what did the
    germans do wrong with there tanks? what did the russians do wrong with
    there tanks ? idk but lets put it together and make this !

  12. Thanks for the heads up Looking forward to your review, I was so looking
    forward for this tank, I also love my T25

  13. Can you compare it to the Chi-To?

  14. the tank is not good…

  15. You made me laugh at this review, thank you ! 😉
    But I was quite surprised about your opinion on the T40 … some other
    youtubers (quickybaby, jingles, etc, you know them) was OK with it (not
    enthousiast but not disgusted either)

    Well, I’ll see on the review, I suppose (and for your voice,
    tea/honey/spices and rhum … lots of rhum ! ;)

  16. Wow I have bought it earlier this morning…. My first tier six, I was
    looking forward to own it as I was born in czechoslovakia… Well I guess
    it ends up as a crew trainer…

  17. Nonsense the tank is actually not too bad, reasonably quick half decent
    armour and not too shabby a gun

  18. To be fair to the tank (although its pretty bad) I feel that it plays best
    as a sniper regardless of the crappy accuracy and aimtime and well at least
    it isn’t a Matilda IV right?

  19. Looks like this tank has the same problem as the VK 30.01 P. its huge yet
    it barely has any hit points(Cromwell has more and is a lot smaller…).
    Both the T 40 and the VK 30.01 P could use a HP buff.

  20. Iz no bed tenks in game just bed driverzzzz…

    Someone had to say it.

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