Skoda T 45 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks has released the first heavy tank – the Skoda T 45 – but is it any good?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. If this was just a throwaway premium tank it wouldn’t be a big deal…but all that misplaced exclusivity is a bit much…particularly since the rumors suggest that the Czech heavies will be auto-loaders. My question is whether Crew 2.0 is implemented first, or the Czech heavies.

  2. As always: An average or a below average prem tank is MUCH better than an above average one.

  3. And yes…I was happy to get the Skoda T27 to turn some excess Czech medium tank crews into something credible to get ready for the new heavy branch.

  4. Please don’t tell people to use binos in this tank, there’s already plenty of them in the game sitting behind in tanks that don’t even snipe well.

  5. WG has lost it’s mind a long time ago. Not surprised by this.

  6. If the tank had a nice appearance, it would be interesting. But… this tank is ugly.

  7. A Interaction helps the Algorithm

  8. The game is all made nothing of this tank stats matter any more stop this crap and make the noise players need thank you.

  9. mark angelo abelgas

    what I’m noticing is that a 1st gen night vision on commander’s coppola

  10. Wow this tank sucks. Anyway it looks like it has a German hull and gun? Even the turret looks almost like a German one.

  11. I can’t see how anyone plays this game any more. WG refuses to fix the game play and concentrates on more fake tanks, stupid looking skins and gimmicks. How many 15-3 or worse battles do people have to endure before they see what WG has done to this game? How many times is it going to be obvious that WG rigs the games for the stat padders before people get a clue and abandon this nonsense?

  12. Cookiebaby in his head all of the time playing and reviewing this tank:

    It sucks.

    (dont lie)

  13. Just another underwhelming tank, sigh.

  14. I remember Jingles talking about the TOG “its bigger than a Tiger, its Heavier and slower than a Tiger, it has less firepower than a Tiger, and it has less armor” how do you fck that up XD

  15. So another bullshit tank

  16. quickybaby you rock, thank you for all the content.

  17. Well its czech , what did u expect hahahahahha

  18. for once there is still hope for new feature it is only tier 7 after all

  19. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Will the Jan Ciska style for the premium med fit on this one too??

  20. This is a truly terrible tank … what the fuck was WG thinking? There’s literally no point in this machine. Send WG a message and DO NOT BUY IT. This tank needs to be buffed BADLY.

  21. I still think it is interesting that after all these years, QB has to still check the name of the map he’s on. It’s true that many of us know the maps intimately but struggle to remember the names.

  22. Damn i had ideas for Italian Tank destroyers and a premium Italian tier 9 SPG. Maybe the SPG will be screwed off. But Italian Tank destroyers yes

  23. Adding the Bob Semple Tank would be a cool thing for people to have, in tier 4 i think

  24. imagine wasting bonds on this

  25. QB went cowboy mode for 5 seconds

  26. Bonds are the most important currency in the game. Me with 500 Bonds : -_- wat

  27. Console is hell right now, all it is is people playing the new Polish line with the DS PAPSNWIAVD or whatever it is.

  28. T stands for trash, unfortunately.

  29. Damn for some reason I was kooking at this tank as a tier 8 tank and during the stat review I was concerned

  30. I think what messed up this tank – high price tag. People see 12000 bonds and expect wonder tank. But T45 is a solid heavy. No more, but no less. It is not a bad tank. Just do not worth bonds for it.

  31. In this meta this tank has no place especially for bonds. It has obvious shot trap on front of the turret.

  32. This tank is basically my WoT experience summed up in a nutshell. Forced to grind tanks with inferior everything, not competitive because I haven’t even had the chance to grind as much as older players have, can’t even make myself competitive with all the grindy expensive shit if I wanted to, and no aspirations to become anything better because I know the game will just shit on me with bad “luck” any time I try. What a shitty game. Glad I quit years ago…

  33. First t40 then t44 then t45😂

  34. it should be a 5 shots autoloader…with 1.5 sc Interclip reload..

  35. This one goes in to the trash bin, unfortunately.

  36. Char Futur 4 or AE Phase 1 ? which one should i buy from tokens?

  37. It could have been interesting if it had a autoloader…
    Just everything the same but a 3 or 4 clip autoloader on it

  38. so it stinks okay then

  39. Brands Productions

    if this one does well vs mediums… a T29 will do even better against mediums.

  40. That new Octavia is quite strange

  41. Looks shit to me.

  42. Don’t call me Surly

  43. hey, community. I just bought my first premium tank today.
    anyone got ony tips for the WZ – 120 1G FT? 😅

  44. T40 QB ?

  45. it’s a really barely mediocre tank, it’s armour isn’t really that good and meh dpm. oh and it’s quite slow

  46. The tank is slow, very slow. The biggest downside.

  47. And in the world of über-tweaking/nerfing from WoT…atleast it has good looks, like a Czech Panther hull/VK turret/Tiger gun. 🙂

  48. I really enjoy the 45TP

  49. thank you…i will avoid buying this.

  50. I don’t play WoT anymore but I still enjoy QB’s videos. 😁7

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