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World of Tanks is testing the Tier 8 Czechoslovakian heavy tank on the super test – here’s all we know so far!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download.


  1. VK has more alpha

  2. It would appear that those blocks on the front of the Turret are composite blocks as seen on the T55AM1.

  3. Great Vid. 🫂

  4. p2w tank. Fire gold and dominate

  5. Even Maus can be scared of that Gold Penetration, they need to fix it, its too much..
    Nice video, keep it up 🙂

  6. I can see this thing doing 1000 DMG for clip very often

  7. The difference between standard and gold ist not bad balancing but an economic decision to increase gold sales. The aim of this game is not perfect balance but to make money with it. They will always optimize the tanks for money making while not breaking the balance completely for the free 2 play playerbase, which is simply needed to fill the servers for the paying customers. Ím sure that is no surprise to anyone.

  8. yeah I wonder myself why would wg make such a huge difference in pen between silver and gold ammo. It’s almost as if they wanted players to keep purchasing more premium content for real money. That can’t be right. I must be just imagining things. Sorry wg.

  9. HAHA.. 30min after you release this WG comes out with the Czech heavy dev diaries.. good lord WG

  10. A few minutres ago on Worl of tanks europe youtube channel was releast a video about whole czechoslovakian heavy line.
    Long story short. Fast heavies with goood turret, -8° depression, good turret armor with addeed armor, and you can choose between singe shot barrel and this two round shell barrel. Even on the tier X heavy.

  11. And this will be some reward tank since the Tier 8 in game will be the TNH 105/100

  12. GamingTubeKategidas

    with that big caliber gun they can balance it more if they give it more pen in the HE shells

  13. one in ten give QB a thumbs up. go back and do it. what the hell is he not worth a extra second for a thumbs up?

  14. Lmao this is better than rinoceronte but at tier 8

  15. qb has an overclocking bookmark lol

  16. Škoda, Qb with “Š”

  17. If it also had high penetration, it would probably be overpowered, but it doesn’t.
    Except of course the gold ammo which is ABSURDLY high pen.

    If this stays, people are going to load gold and have a very merry time with this monster in potentia.
    Heh, well, a bit further in the video you basically say the same, lol.

    And no, we do NOT need more autoloaders en masse. When i started playing Jan 2018, the amount of autos were distinctly fewer and it has been VERY noticeable with the increase since then.

  18. Butch E30 M3 s14

    Man tanks getting more and more modern… Next year: Abrams lol

  19. Alexander Machaca

    Must be improve dispersion and damage with normal sheels, horrible dispersion for a autoloader

  20. 290 heat pen, autloloarder with 2 shots 460 alpha dammm

  21. the VK 75.01 (K) has 490 alpha damage, thats more than 460 alpha damage

  22. If this tank stays as it is, It’s better using -> Vents, Vertical Stabilizer and Turbo. If the dispersion values are good, I will drop the vertical stabilizer and put maybe coated optics.

  23. I think, that they aar going to put this into the lootboxes in Christmastime.

  24. That gold pen absolutely needs a nerf

  25. Quicky, there is only one explanation for that disparity of gold penetration vs. standard. It is more important for them to balance their chequebook by encouraging gold spam, than to balance the game. The GSOR TD is the same mindset (hell, so is the T-54 with the one 100mm gun: 201/330 disparity). That is why so many people are suspicious of the reworks WG has tested. If they put it in like this, and it proves way too powerful they will just “balance” it later by making it bottom tier nine times out of ten.

  26. If it was autoreloader it would make sense, but is3A is still king. It shoots 3×390 damage in 5 seconds

  27. It’s going to get to the point where it’s unusual to see single shot guns

  28. For my French Premium HT Somua, I can already full reload its 4 shells within 25 sec…

  29. QB: 208 pen is bad on a tier VIII tank. Me in my T69 with 181 mm pen: 👁️👄👁️

  30. better than the rino at tier 10

  31. QB trying to flip his middle finger to us lol

  32. QuickyBaby: turbo of course! 🙂

  33. Should have a longer clip reload. Having insane burst damage AND good dpm ist just too OP, look at the Progetto 46…

  34. Another prammo spam tank…these are why I don’t play much

  35. Georgios Papahatzis

    290mm penetration with premium rounds. Are we serious? Probably not. Where are these good all days where the best premium tank was KV5.

  36. Literally the wot pc version of the blitz yoh

  37. Finally Czech getting some Love

  38. Im happy that Wargaming is adding more tanks to the game but im unhappy that Wargaming is selling us a mediocre t7 tank with bond then showed us a premium t8 tank after a few days.

  39. I didn’t see the video, I saw the stats tho. The tank is utter garbage. without any hull armor + by the looks of it, it has a giant cupola. A bad gun. That 2x 460 alpha ain’t gonna save it. 4 secs intra is a lot. You can outplay it easily in any situation. If you’re alone while 4 of them are on you, then what does it matter what tank are you facing? Nothing.

    So again, I didn’t see the video. BUT PLEASE DO NOT CALL IT ALREADY OP or anything like that. Sick of it.
    Sure a good player is going to be good with it, a good player going to be OP to anyone with anything. T69 is pure sh*t today. The worst t8 medium in every stat besides the view range. Literally the worst in everything. Still, I got 70% wr with it in over 800 battles and I’m a top player with it. So it’s not the tank. Do not call it anything. Do not call any tank in the game anything.

  40. Mr.Quickybaby you are slapping turbo on everything apart from S.Conqeror. Just do it!

  41. “peaked my interest?” that premium for 12k bonds is perfect example of this shit company … fuck WG

  42. The add-on armour on the turret looks a lot like Soviet BDD armour, which is actually a form of reactive armour known as NERA (non-energetic reactive armour) – and would probably make the front of the turret impervious to anything currently in the game, if they intended on emulating the real world.

    But this is WoT and not War Thunder, so it’ll probably not behave as anything other than a little extra solid or spaced armour~ 😛

  43. Hope this tank reach tierx mm..then smile.

  44. definetely shouldve compared it to the 703 2. That has a very similar gun with similar dpm, 2 shells and just a very similar playstyle.

  45. Simply clever

  46. [PBG] PointBreakGalaxy

    That armour package on the turret is very similar to the T-55/T-62AM

  47. Another nice arty target

  48. I have a feeling I’m gonna be nailed by a lot of gold from people playing this thing.

  49. The constant increase in alpha damage is concerning

  50. How often does a T8 see a T6 these days?

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