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of Tanks – Skoda T 56. Today I’m reviewing the first Tier 8 Czechoslovakian premium heavy, the Skoda T 56, which hits HARD… TWICE!


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  1. T28 killed the 53tp while you were complaining

  2. hello from Slovakia 🙂

  3. not all of us has full crew training’ not all of us have bond equipment ( special ) so the stats for normal players would not Add up to yours.

  4. i want this tank but i dont think i want to give money to this game anymore, especially if that crew change comes through

  5. How are you even supposed to fight with it? Let’s just say that the T34 is fighting it. Who will win?

  6. why does this have almost scorpion like firepower.. DOUBLED. Hello, WG??

  7. This tank would have been awesome if it had 390 alpha just with a lower mag reload. Completely unnecessary having such high 460 alpha. Definition of burst power creep.

  8. Think about it. ISU 152 whith 750 dmg has been the alfa King in tir 8. Poor mobilaty poor armour poor gun handling but u had the alfa! Now u got basacly more alfa and a cople of more sconds reload but gain so mutch more… I dont think it fits as is

  9. 0:00 Why you put on you CS heavy tank a Polish flag??? 🙂

  10. Give it a few hundred hitpoints and this is a tier IX tank 😑

  11. This is literally a tier 10 m-Vl-Yoh from wot blitz

  12. If wg keeps this bullshit up wot wil die in a year tanks like this ruïn the game

  13. QB — For the average player, this new Premium tank will be awful to play.

  14. 22:34 No you dont 😉

  15. At 19:15 I was just praying to god “Please don’t tell me this is my GPU!”

  16. 208… That is pathetic.. First you have to buy the tank, then spend money just to make it work.

  17. Yay power creep, gotta love it

  18. World Of Tanks, now more Free To Pay than ever before!

  19. WG should give this tank 122mm gun with 390 alpha. With 130mm and 460 alpha dmg this tank is broken af at tier 8

  20. Noce and please make for playsforfree videos!

  21. Remember when tier 8 premiums were supposed to be worse than their tech tree counterparts but made more credits and XP as a trade-off? Like they USED to be?

    Premiums are becoming more and more P2W with every new release. This is getting bad.

  22. Imo the Italian heavies were a perfect addition to the game. Some good, some not great but usable, none op. Not everything introduced into the game needs to be a meta S+ tier tank. Now we have a double tap chieftain, ty wg

    • Duder agreed, I ground them out, and the rhino isnt amazing, but it can be fun . The t8 and t9 aren’t op, but are good tanks and can be fun. This seems a little op.

  23. Tier 6 sees one and dies. Mm working as planned. But when this one sees T8+, it need gold ammo to do anything. Mm too working as planned. And you will be missing so many shots with that inaccuracy and gun handling…

  24. PAY TO WIN .

  25. your cam is dying mate

  26. QuickyBaby = getting other Tanks killed since 2012

  27. im am an avarage player but with first 3 battles on that tank i have almost 4k dmg per battle. 3 wins, 3 times not destroyed or even damaged that much. DMG is so easy to make. And already ive got “M” on it. It’s simply OP. If this tank will not be nerfed…. it has to be nerfed. And im saying this as owner of T 56.

  28. as someone who isnt all that good (53%) i got in my frist battle which was a bad one 1k dmg and in my second 3200 dmg, this tank is really good better than the bisonte for sure, for bad players the aplha dmg really helps because you dont have to expose yourself as much. its a good tank for sure

  29. That attempted metaphor was gold

  30. Worthless game

  31. I’d have been happy w/ 390 or even 420 alpha, 460 is a bit much even with a slightly longer than usual 3.5 sec intraclip. But that ‘gold’ pen is just god awful. Since it doesn’t have pref MM when it see’s tier 10 it’s gonna be useless unless you can isolate meds but with such bad mobility they’ll prob just run circles around you.

  32. Everyone who ever says they will help you, always dies. Its like wearing a red shirt on Star Trek

  33. 130mm gun but doesnt sound like one 🙁

  34. 19:15 QB unreal CONFIRMED

  35. “Poor” lol

  36. Well… i would like to enjoy the tank but am busy grinding other tanks to get the new modifications, since i’ll not be competetive without them.. f wg…

  37. Qb ur camera gets a glitch. First I thought it was me but then I realized it was your camera. Good video in my opinion I think this tank is kinda OP

  38. 19:21 That analogy! XD Idk how that happened. lol

  39. I keep hoping that WG will actually fix this game. Then they just add another overpowered premium, further speeding the power creep and decreasing game time. Guess I’ll never play again.

  40. First two games QB just baiting teammates xd

  41. Mr Cheemsburger on blitz

    Community: wg do something ur game sucks now
    Wg: double tap burst clippers are the way
    Community: -_-

  42. Remember when this game actually wasnt pay to win? Ha ha, yeah, good times

  43. Mmm yes…more autoloaders…how fun -_-

  44. That sta1 had a family

  45. thank you for testing and analytics.

  46. Great to see that – once again – the Premium tank has the overpowered features the tech tree tank is lacking.. Same story as EBR/Lynx etc.

  47. In W-T Blitz this tank is way over powered E75 struggles to penetrate it

  48. actually t56 is vz51 tier9 tech tree

  49. Ahhh yes, the WG combo…extreme power creep + premium tanks that are way better than their tech tree counterparts.

  50. Might very well be a brutal Frontline contender!

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