Skoda T24 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

What’s the first rule when passive spotting?

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  1. Dreadshells Gaming

    I didn’t like this tank very much either, to make the grind through it
    bearable, i used the top speed to keep the tank safe in between the
    long/mediocre reload of the gun.

  2. If you are in the right situation you can shoot when passive spotting.
    Learning when you can is the painful bit !!!! Tazilon has some good
    examples of this on his youtube site.

  3. Hey Osirish 🙂 gg man,… but the gun on t24 is accurate,… for a tier 5
    med,… on of the most accurate guns at tier 5. The dpm is a turd but

  4. I’m still grinding it to get the Skoda T-25 (my clan needs it for team
    battles). Happy to see that we share the opinion on this tank: better than
    the previous one but still bad.

  5. I do not enjoy this tank either.

  6. I usually don’t free exp tanks but I used a bit on this tank I must admit
    because my games just got worse over time rather than better.

  7. wouldn’t mind a steam key. gg

  8. Can I ask which modpack you are using?

  9. thanks. I’ve thought of going down that line. might think again. you tend
    to see the more experienced players in them, so they have good games.

  10. hating this tank myself good job with this replay

  11. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    Before watching: Do. Not. Shoot! lol

  12. Armando The Commander

    Good job Osirish

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