^^| Skoda T50 – 960 dmg in 3.6 seconds. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Sorry, but I can’t watch this vid because you are playing with PHJerk. He
    shot off his mouth about Merican politics and now he is dead to me.

  2. How name mod on aim ? please :)

  3. You make it look so easy. GG.


  5. Platooned up with 2 Jedis

  6. Circon if you render this by hand Pls turn off your resampling. Your video
    quality will go up a lot.

  7. Mutually I subscribe to your channel. Anyone interested in my channel,
    “Jack of all tanks [World of Tanks]”

  8. nice replay, gg AgingJedi!

  9. Circon and the two Jedis. Nice game.

  10. impressive

  11. Nah 6k in an autoloader is not youtube worthy!

  12. I like this tank 😀 hey circon why don’t play the maus? it’s the best light
    tank in the game

  13. T92 3k dmg in 1 second is better

  14. Sir Circon please help. How on earth can one play stock Ferdi. please show
    us the all mighty one. :)

  15. I prefer fighting against the Skoda than the TVP. Somehow that 1 less shell
    just makes it more enjoyable when it permatracks you. Gives you a chance to
    bite back. For that reason, I think it’s more balanced than the TVP.
    But you know, that’s just my opinion~

  16. Circon were you playing with Aging Jedi?

  17. Unfair platoon Circon with 2 Jedis. :-))


    Why does circon almost never have rng.

  19. so it deals over double the damage of yesterdays Chinese medium in less
    time than yesterdays chinese medium takes to aim? nice

  20. Best tier IX. Hands down. After getting best gun I avg 5K dmg on it

  21. Khârn the Betrayer

    And people say artillery is unbalanced LUL

  22. What mod you zoom out so far?

  23. What is the blue reticle for?

  24. Can you talk about the upcoming sandbox changes? <:^)

  25. pogchamp ?

  26. sigh…sitting here wondering why he never fires his 4th shot of the
    clip… *facepalm * …

  27. You make it look so easy. Keep it up papa circon

  28. Martinius Biørnstad

    what’s up with those flags?

  29. Hope your all having a nice sunday <3

  30. 960 in 5.4? correct me if am wrong XD

  31. In 1 day
    Just 1 fucking day
    I rage so hard
    So hard that i uninstall WoT,download Armoured Warfare and play for 8 hours
    in only PvE,i got a f*cking tier 5

  32. As a Czech guy, that missing Š in Škoda is triggering me…..

  33. Lol the 50 120 is me :D

  34. PHJ inconspicuously disguised as SirFoch. 10/10 camo man

  35. Circon, in your honest opinion, do you think the TVP 50/51 needs to be
    “toned down” slightly?

  36. TVPs are weak, buff needed kappa

  37. which mods are you using?

  38. I dunno about EU, but on NA, the “popular” thing to do with the T-50 Skoda
    is to sit as far back from the fight as possible and “snipe” all day
    without actually providing support to the team. Just trying to camp all day
    or some crap. Funny how everytime that team loses then, the T-50 is the
    last one to go lol.

  39. Why does oak sound exactly like aging jedi?

  40. What order of crew skills would you recommend for T50? Atm I have 6th
    sense, snapshot, smooth ride, safe stowage and bia. Should I go for camo or
    repairs next, or skip bia and do camo and repairs? Guides about this tank
    contradict each other when it comes to crew skills.

  41. Circon, why is it that you expect everyone else to get out of your way,
    instead of you turning to avoid them? I saw it a few days ago with a T 30
    on Derpenburg too. I’ve been a sub for 3 years, but I’m starting to notice
    a lil bit of self importance of late.

  42. that thing is vicious

  43. You make it look so damn simple….

  44. I really like the amount of videos you put out. Have you thought about
    short funny clips? Like 10 seconds of something funny happening? Dont get
    me wrong, these battles are awesome

  45. damn this tank is such a bully. cant wait to get mine :D

  46. Them skodas

  47. Please nerf circon. >_<

  48. Hey sirCircon can you do a video on how you feel about these “new” ideas
    Wargaming is coming up with please an how they will effect future game
    play. Meaning new tier lights an the whole aiming nerf.

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