Skoda T50 – Siegfried Line (encounter, south)

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Source: Zeven

Keeping your gun active as a support tank.


  1. @Zeven > first time watching one of your vids. Was very good and
    informational, and it’s nice to finally find an NA youtuber that I enjoy
    watching. You’re voice is also pleasant, HOWEVER…. “Um”… If I were to
    make one critique, that’d be it. You start a lot of sentences with um,
    especially in the beginning.

    Keep up the good work though, and I’ll be tuning in regularly.

  2. Great job.

  3. Nice video and superb explanation. Thanks!

  4. Omg if this tank isn’t “THAT good” then why is 1336 base xp only a 2nd

  5. Good stuff. I prefer these vids of you demonstrating positive behavior
    rather than critiquing bad behavior. Though both are instructive this is
    more enjoyable as a viewer.

  6. I don’t really understand why this video has only been viewed by 400
    people. Very pedagogical with a clear explanation, thanks Zeven.

  7. Extremely helpful as always. Thanks and keep up the great work! ?

  8. 1300 base exp is 2nd class??? WOW

  9. Just wanted to say: I don’t even play WoT anymore, but I still love to
    watch and learn from your videos. The decision making and strategy you
    teach is applicable to lots of different games, not just WoT.

  10. Great advice as ever
    Calm and common sense I guess!
    Shame it all seems to go to pot (an English saying) once the battle
    button’s pressed!
    I really must slow down and analyze more
    Thanks again and keep up the great work

  11. Nice vids man, I’m enjoying them they’re helping a lot!

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