^^| Skoda T50 Standard Game on ENSK Kappa. Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. while eating

  2. lol, is it cold inside your house, the winter cap, lol

  3. Nice memes

  4. I’ve never seen Circon make so many bad plays in 1 game so close to each
    other. Luckily u played like ur usual MLG pro hax after u were only 2 tanks
    remaining 🙂 great vid overall m8

  5. So was that a sandwich or a stuffed bagel?

  6. This fucking map… all these shit small maps exist to make top tier feel
    good about themselves, and to render anyone with illusion of spotting,
    camo, and playing a game irritated. Fuck this map. I hear you like this map
    Circon? Makes sense, you often lack self awareness.

  7. I like how when fighting the jagtiger, you drove over half the scenery on
    the way back to the cap, and he still wasn’t facing in the right direction.
    Smart Tank destroyer, should’ve bought turret.

  8. Weird or dumb question but : Does Circon dislike QB ?
    I mean I see Circon tooning with Jingles and other’s but myself I never sen
    him tooning with QB , or maybe it’s just me that did not see those vids.

  9. nice as always circon

  10. anyone know where his modpack is

  11. Pogchamp?

  12. That was a great ending! Good teamwork with the RU. I just wanted to say
    that there was a possibility that the enemy team could have capped when
    they reached your base.

  13. That was a “tough game” m8 like their top tier tanks all fucked their shots
    and died

  14. That was the most laid back carry ever while eating haha. Amazing teamplay
    with the RU. Was really fun to see even tho he went out with a little bit
    of a derp moment, but for the rest he played perfectly together with you.
    Awesome game!

  15. That RU was great, till the oops at the end. I didn’t know you could jump
    the flat rail cars like that.

  16. 7:39 the climax of coolness! lol Can you please shave your beard or clip
    your toenails while carrying next time?

  17. Is that teamplay I see?!?

  18. damnnn… that credit loss. did 6k dmg in a t9 tank? not even full repair
    cost? no premium consumable? PREMIUM ACCOUNT? well sir im sorry but u fired
    8 premium shots how do you expect to make credits? jezas, money needs to be
    EARNED, kiddo

  19. Circon with a sandwich in one hand can still play better than me :(

  20. Lol, the failplatooned Chaffee scored higher than both (and only) top tier
    heavies on his team

  21. Circon gives Zero Fucks!!!


    Lucky game

  23. How do you even get away with it. 2 tier 9 heavy’s fire close range shells
    and they miss you while driving in a straight line

  24. Haha, easy game :)


    I actually hope for the RU to watch this gameplay :D

  26. Circon getting an Ace while eating without problems…
    …and QB tried for 134 battles now and still havent managed to get a
    single ace :D

  27. At 4:03 Circon loaded Super Unicum Consumables

  28. Holy shit I got annoyed by the retards in chat when the RU got killed. They
    all were saying shit like “fail”, “idiot”, the RU played like a fucking
    champ, and got unlucky by half a second and the JT managed to just touch
    him to kill him. The hypocrisy is real… 99% of those morons in chat
    couldn’t play the way he did.

    With that bullshit aside, seriously well played Circon. I would have never
    gotten out of that situation at 4:30 and onward alive.

  29. I love how throughout the whole thing he is just eating a sandwich…Circon
    does not stress

  30. pogchamp?

  31. song?

  32. Nice xp, number of the octypus god.

  33. “That was easy game”…uh ok

  34. nice teamwork with ru 251

  35. Dat team play with circ and the RU horry shiet

  36. that RU played so well, sadly he got fucked by the ramming system in wot

  37. Hey, someone can tell me how can i change the enemy team icon red to blue?

  38. nice to see u again circon

  39. “gowwem”

  40. first( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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