^^| Skorpion. No arty in Stalingrad. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. i havent see this map in my map pool like for 400 games and i play tier 10, 9, 8,… seems strange

  2. Circon, you have to be one of my fav youtubers. SO MANY MEMES

  3. Came for the plays, stayed for the memes

  4. It’s been months since I’ve played this map…

  5. Is this map still in the normal map pool? It’s been months.


  7. Circon, edited the ServerCross2 for 9.17.1, got Spidey to update the servercross2 command in ur Twitch Chat.
    Just move the 2 folders in the new folder WG made in “World_of_Tanks” > “mods” folder 😛

  8. “The engine is hit, we can only talk locally”

  9. I’ve had this map recently in my Strv 74. A very rare map indeed. We won by lemming down the east, returning to defend our base and wrecking the rest down the west. It was glorious!

  10. A match with no arty on it and everyone having fun and flanking? *Looks at WoT devs and asks them to make the game like this more often* NAW MAIN IT’LL NEVER CATCH ON BYLAT! FETCH MORE VODKA DA DA!

  11. No arty=fun game

  12. And WG nerfs Grille mobility,reload time,depression and shell velocity for playing like a medium…Which is a tank that people put actual game play into,actual hours,days,and months of grinding and aggro in random battles.It doesn`t even have a fully traversable turret.But a premium shit that anyone can buy and plays the same as just proven by Circon? Noooo,it`s not OP,no nerf necessary…
    SUUUUREEEE WG,great job!
    Mind you,this has nothing to do with Circon,or his game-play in this matter-I love the guy and his channel.It just spot on proves the point.

  13. How is this thing not a direct upgrade to borsig…
    inb4 has worse camo, who gives a fuck, it’s way faster with a better gun

  14. No 252U replay casts?

  15. its beautiful!

  16. Are you using ATH M50 X?

  17. That poor WZ-131, he zigged when he should have zagged.

  18. See WG? Just remove arty

  19. Alexander Krikorian

    From the title I was expecting a game where all the arties either drown, suicided, or got yolo rushed and killed. Disappoint 😛

  20. hitting the slimmest unaimed, almost impossible shots.. no problem comrade
    Trying to shoot someone point blank .. do u even WoT mate?


  21. Would not call this tank OP but since when was it okay for premium tanks to be best in tier/class

  22. I like Stalingrad, but i dont rly know how to play heavy on this map… i have it in my rotation once per week T_T, sad, and fu*king Malinovka and Prokhorovka like 5 times per 10 games…. get a life WG.

  23. does he use any mods

  24. Funny enough I’ve tried the comet with the howitzer, it’s stupidly hilarious.

  25. Circon OP confirmed!

  26. What’s the crystal-shaped things that people donate to him?

  27. Why you put on average games and taking our time on them?

  28. Takes a special kind of retard to cap in a hellcat in late game.

  29. WG FUCK you and FUCK arty and FUCK your OP Premium tanks.

  30. Lol crying about muslims

  31. Yes, imagine that, fun game without arty

  32. No flag today? But I like Fun with Flags.

  33. it’s really fitting that the scorpion sounds like a sniper rifle

  34. lmaooo the engine is hit we can only talk locally… nice meme wg

  35. what were those memes in the chat tho

  36. go to 2:40 and read the chat. Isn’t that just sweet? :3

  37. I think the ONLY weakness of Circon is, that he cannot play arty safe. But I agree, arty should not be in the game.

  38. OP TDs likae this are ruining the game. Especially when you wing up with 5 or 6 TDs and 3 or more SPGs on each team.

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