Skorpion Stings – Replay Cast! (World of Tanks)

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  1. I bought this tank after i was clubbed with it… very good gun and speed, It certainly suffers from the terrible camo and no armour… this guy was lucky not to get spotted. People do like shooting skorpion G’s

  2. I got a S1 and very happy with it, would have got a scorpion g but you cant buy them any longer it seems…

  3. Load the Skill rounds

    Love this TD it may be a bit too good.

  4. Some more battle field 1 would be awesome!

  5. That was sick. When does the Scorpion go back on sale?

  6. This replay doesn’t really highlight the weaknesses of the Scorpion G – it’s turret traverse is slow, so it cannot brawl if it gets rushed like all the American turreted TDs. It’s also only fast in a straight line – it cannot really turn quickly. Oh, and HE ammo RUINS this tank, even tier 6 Derp guns will wreck it’s engine and crew. On the plus side, the gun is competetive at tier 10.

  7. Lol im glad i won this tank from the top tanker event

  8. I’m almost human after all! Don’t put the blame on me…

  9. The first premium I made over a million credits on

  10. i’ve bought the S1 and I like it very much, it’s very sneaky and hard to get detected while camping bush on a ridgeline, dmp is very good for me, lovely penetration, amazing flexibility and superb shell velocity, all in all I think it’s a great tank

  11. Kurosaki990Ichigo

    Subscribed. What can i say? I enjoy videos from people with common sense!

  12. Don’t mind the occasional replay from other players, especially if you use it as a demonstration of what to do/not to do based on their play. Alot of what I look for as a new player (< 3K games) is where to go on different maps and how to react to different situations. Keep up the good work.

  13. Marshall Allshouse

    in all honesty i watch these to learn how to improve my carry potential, i see using any and all replays as valid in this case 😛

  14. The last shots on proto were HE too

  15. I thought there was a stretch of games you did with this tank where it was just failing you – maybe I’m making that up. It looks like it can be a fun tank and my TD crew needs a trainer tank. But that price tag.

  16. Well, while I do like your own replays better, I have to admit that your commentary on others replays is really good. Keep up the good work sir.

  17. Captain_Jack_Sparrow_69

    the fucking camo of swedish tds are so fucking op!

  18. Will you do a 420 stream? 😉

  19. ah it’s clearly a goldspammernoob. This replay proofs it!

  20. “Artillery pieces of shit”

    I love you.

  21. normal, just fuckin op Skorpion

  22. Jaylin The LaxBro

    More BF 1, love them memes

  23. well at least it’s not the Leo 1 highway game again 🙂 Seems to be making the rounds. 3:)

  24. I just don’t enjoy Tds. I rate them just above arty. Some of the bigger TDs that you can use as assault guns , work better for me. The sneaky peeky high alpha is just frustrating to play against and boring to play.

  25. impressive replay, but the guy uses Advanced Autoaim. Is pretty easy to see when he kills the SU 14-1

  26. I wouldn’t trade my skorpion G against anything. In my opinion it’s the best tier 8 TD.

  27. Have both, bought the Strv as a challenge to see if I could make it work rather than grinding the line and the Skorpion is way better because of the turret and the alpha. Set up in a nice comfy position then yes the Strv has the edge with the pen, shell speed and camo, but generally the Skorpion is more versatile. Though I do always feel like there is a delay firing your shot with the Skorpion, shell speed is a bit derpy and it seems to lag.

  28. Yes Battlefield 1 videos please!

  29. My highest damage game was on this map driving the turretless T28…. 7.4k damage and we lost. And for some stupid reason I didn’t have replay recording enabled… I cry.

  30. should get a replay from Jingles and comment on that for the giggles?

  31. I can’t actually win very much playing this tank but that’s not on me. It’s a crazy good tank. Best ever purchase I made. No I won’t buy the S1 but not because I found anything wrong with your replay or recommendation. I just won’t pay these guys (WG) any more than I have to. I’ve decided to maintain a premium account and that’s it. I’m tired of paying these outrageous prices for tanks that are more expensive than entire games

  32. Ross Cooper-Smith

    Heya Circon, please keep going with the replay casts, and it’s definitely not a cop out if you’re using somebody elses replay.

    Hearing your commentary on the game play is invaluable, would love to hear you do a couple of these kind of commentary videos where you talk a little about the map and tactics. Would be fascinating to hear your comments explaining what you’re thinking during the game, and what you saw on the map that made you react a certain way.

  33. BinBackWieRuecken

    Why the fuck is there a tog 2

  34. My personal preference for youbube videos about WoT are those that touch on why the battle is played in a particular way in the replay, so this was what I like, no matter if it’s your replay or someone else’s.

  35. President Donald Trump

    I get into Zen mode while listening to Circon. His voice is like chemo therapy after a tough day in world of tanks and all the cancer

  36. i played 343 games in the skorp, and 69 of those were over 6k dmg games, 3 of the 69 were over 7k dmg and 1 was slightly below 8k.
    my base exp record in the skorp is 2489 base exp.
    avg dmg done per game is 2392, with 77,43% winratio.
    (dont even have the 3rd mark yet)
    its broken af!

  37. I once got a 30k wn8 game in my luchs, it’s on wotreplays if you are interested.

  38. I_am_not_stupid _

    Better commentary than usual on the replay cast! Good work man, keep it comming!

  39. I have a request Circon could you slow your talking down I dont think that I am the only one that has to keep backing it up to catch what you are saying. Watch your video than watch Jingles 🙂

  40. 3rd mark is hard to get, but i got it!!

  41. Not OP at all, perfectly balanced! :))

  42. Nice team work, very cool to see.

  43. This thing needs a major nerf NOW!!

  44. Im not sure but i think this guy in the replay actually cheating…

  45. I like that the pancake in the Ru 251 is one of the first to die and he starts bitching about his team.

  46. This tank is op

  47. phsychoticpotatoe9 7

    Love this tank, i actually got more xp than that for 5.1k damage cause this thing can spot for binos and camonet setup. Only tier 8 premium ive ever bought

  48. None-Turreted TD’s are absolutely dead in this game, completely not worth spending your money on. I mean just look at how convenient things like the Skorpion are to play, you can peek-a-boom in it and the general playstyle is just so much better.

  49. As long as you cast replays because they’re special/relevant instead of just trying to meet a weekly quota then I’m happy

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