SLAP – M4 45 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. That thumpnail is pure gold. xD

  2. Check my edited vid of this game here: 😀 Ill put it in stream clips 2 aswell for later <3

  3. Best tier 7 ever : No one.

  4. top thumbnail sir

  5. That thumbnail could be much better if you put circrage in it lol

  6. Ok honestly how do you only have 103k subs, like u are the most entertaining streamer/youtuber i’ve ever watched

    • @Ola Nordmann lol hahahahah 🙂

    • Ola Nordmann if it means anything, I watch all of Circons vids too. I am an ex WoT player from 2012-2015, and haven’t played the game since. The closest I got to coming back was playing Fractured Space, which that game unfortunately died.

      Speaking of which, Wargaming bought ECG, the studio that made FS, and they’re making a new space game.

    • @Ola Nordmann none actually. i haven’t even liked my own comment yet

    • @Ola Nordmann in your opinion, who is more entertaining? I, for example, find skill4ltu very funny too, but he is not quite like circon. Would love to hear your opinion.

    • DarknessInferno15 I don’t even play WoT I can’t stand it, I play WT yet still watch circ because he’s a great entertainer

  7. At one point i thought it will be 100% marking at the end of the battle.

  8. I can’t believe such violence is allowed on YouTube. Gonna have to report you!

  9. This title: “what did five fingers say to the face?”

  10. Why no slapping sounds when you shot them ?

  11. Thumbnail was worth it

  12. Every time I watch his stream makes me wonder how can he makes everything tank looks easy it really makes me feel jealous of him anyway gg Circon

    Also I 3 mark on my A-43 cause is awesome in my opinion :3

  13. “This Pain Train has no breaks!”-Circon Thank you for the memes!

  14. World of paid actors…

  15. Shows you top of his tank, ‘How do I beat such angling?’

  16. m44 5 kills LUL

  17. Davie504 wants to know ur location slapping without bass is illegal

  18. Christian Krakhofer

    i fucking adore this thumbnail!

  19. I actually like this tank > Agree that the High Alpha Gun is better than the overkill Penetration gun.

  20. I cant get 4.5k in a tier 10 game and Circon get it in a tier 7 tank. Talk about the skill difference between a noob and an unicum.

  21. Huh, so all it takes to make this giant turd of a tank work is; top tier MM, a good map, a super unicum player, full goldspam, 1 arty and moron enemies.

  22. That thumbnail tho hahahaha heerlijk man

  23. F….kin fast, well done Sir !!

  24. Thats a top tier thumbnail

  25. I slapped Like because i like the slapping !

  26. When you retreat so hard that you flank them from the other side of the globe.

  27. If it were me id get ammo racked by the artillery because fuck you WG

  28. Yea! You tell ’em Circon! Best tier 7 Heavy!!!

  29. you would lose money if you would be playing normal and not premuim account

  30. Super Hellcat got fucking murdered…

  31. Long live the meme lord!

  32. Lmao the KV2 at the end. Jingles would laugh his ass of. The sound is also really funny, you hear the gun go off, and the shell takes forever to travel across the area 😀

  33. Absolute perfection in the thumbnail.

  34. Correction : YouTube we use gold because WG hasn’t done shit to balance it so press 2 to have better stats? I think yes.

    Get angry at wg for their balance. And nobody else

  35. Gold noob 😛

  36. Pretty much a “stop resisting” simulator.

  37. Oh shit. Circon504 incoming for the SLAPP!!

  38. best thumbnail 2019

  39. So whattaya think of clause??

  40. Best thumbnail!

  41. I remember when I first discovered that the 105 on this tank did more damage and more pen with it’s gold rounds then the standard. This tank is glorious with the 105 spamming apcr, as sad as it is.

  42. Dat thumbnail, tho

  43. Clicked because of thumbnail.

  44. Circon you should have jumped off the cliff Cause you wanted to keep playing the M4 45 🙁

  45. me: Why is it so hard to get an Ace on the M4 45?

    Circon: *posts a sick M4 game*

    me: …….. well F#&*

  46. GG, taxi driver. It’s hard watching these, think it’s time to unsubscribe. If I want to see an asshole I think I’ll stick to Clause.

  47. Is it just me, or did every single shot but one either high roll or kill? That was ridiculous damage RNG, for 330 damage rounds.

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