SLAPS 1,000 Damage in 2s… IF IT HITS, lul. | World of Tanks VZ 55 Gameplay – Update 1.14

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Vz. 55, Tier 10 Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank and Tank Review. World of Tanks 1.14 Patch Review – New Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Tech Tree.

Official 1.14 Patch Notes Article:

1.14 is behind the doors with one of them new things being Czechoslovakian heavy tanks. Today, let me show you the cherry on the top of the cake, the tier 10 VZ. 55 with its new double-shot autoloader.

Let me know what you think about that!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Czechoslovakian Vz.


    *Nice Counter: 8*

  2. Yes that shot was that bad. ; )

  3. It’s kinda crazy just had a game with 9,3k damage

  4. Nice Minecraft Steve sound effect lol 4:14

  5. Love the intro dez, Makes me giggle hard XD

  6. LMAO. Draw on test server.

  7. Its not sniper its not leopard

  8. Any idea when they release this update in public? I have few unclaimed crew members i want to use for czech heavies and 2 of them will be deleted soon.

  9. “ammorack seems to be quite weak”… Czeck tanks “yeah we know” x)

  10. I think that this gun is nothing special. ST-II or Kranvagn can be waaay better. The only thing for this czech warrior is mobility and russian like armor. Or just the fact it can be universal in simple words.

  11. It is only your tank which is broken, mine hits 20/22shit average in every match

  12. the early match where you were sniping was upsetting me.
    its like sniping with bourrasque potato.

  13. Is team clash coming back cause I couldn’t participate in the first one

  14. Well this tank looks….REALLY GOOD.I am thinking about grinding his line as soon patch hits live server because i have 8 czech 20k exp crew boosters and 4 100k crew exp booster,which is going to be enough for 3 skills at least i hope

  15. This is my next tank, atm preparing everything for it 😀

  16. Barry Wojciechowski

    4k resolution videos please..

  17. Sigurdur Bjarnason

    I might grind this….

  18. Davor Damjanović

    none of those “nice” are not even close to oneshoting with death star nice 😀 and ammo rack for extra points of nice

  19. Should have edited in a bit of Pepe rage for the memes.

  20. Just hoping and praying for a smooth ride from 7 to 9 unlike the Polish line where everything other than the 53TP was total garbage until and unless the top guns were fed premium ammo so that the few rounds that actually hit would at least occasionally even penetrate and do some damage. 🙄

    • And 53tp suck cuz there’s 50tp pr

    • But that’s a premium tank

    • @NicoXE1ement h I don’t have the prototype, and I am not even overly interested because it seems so out of place and nothing like 60TP and 53TP. The latter works so well for me that I actually kept it in the garage and use it to train the 3rd perk on the crew before even purchasing the now researched 60TP. That tank just works with the current maps and matchmaking because you can go where it hurts against T8 and T9 and it’s still mobile and precise enough to work the 2nd Line in T10 rounds, whereas the 50TP felt like a huge driving weak spot that had to commit and die in those matches.

      That’s why I am hoping that the new tree will be more like the Brits, where everything starting with the Caernarvon works and works the same AND you even get a Premium that’s almost a clone of the tech tree version. Sweden is the same deal.

  21. I cannot wait to get this tank!

  22. love it how u speak russian! i’m russian too

  23. It’s simply a better ST-2…

  24. I really need to start grinding out some coffee for this thing

  25. This Line will Delete The MM cause EEEVERY one plays it 😂

  26. don’t blame the draws, blame the EBtards who suicide in the first minute. hehehhehehe

  27. 0 dmg shitbarn, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw _yeah!_

  28. Definitely put that aim thingy equipment on this thing especially if bond -8% reticle size

  29. TehButterflyEffect

    VZ, not wee zed. Dez, this tank is exactly like the Std. B used to be before they nerfed it. 3 shots, possibly one damaging hit. After the nerf, you get maybe 1 damaging hit for every five shots you fire.

  30. Is wz 55 on live server?

  31. You should have used ‘actually’ counter instead

  32. Day 36 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  33. Why does it seems like it’s always the 1st shot that doesn’t penetrate….

  34. I like this new mood, Dez, keep it up! 😀

  35. Yeah it’s the way RNG is applied to autoloaders in WoT these days, 2, 3 or 4 fully aimed shots and you are lucky to pen or even hit 50% of them. I guess WG feels the need to placate all the complainers that don’t want to play autoloaders and don’t want anyone else to enjoy them either.

  36. I seriously don’t get wargaming…rhinoceronte has been out for quite a while and it’s absolute garbage, yet no buff. compared to this, armor, gun, it’s worthless. It loads a single shell in the time this tank loads 2 of them, and has 5s intraclip…wtf.

  37. STB autoloader heavy version?

  38. Last 4 days of wot seems to be dominated by red players. It’s just a massive camp fest with maybe two or three of us actually playing our role. It’s unplayable so time for a long long break.

  39. E50M kindly asked Strv 103B to test drowning: still works.

  40. Czech autoloaders, full pen clip is not an option 😀

  41. Hello everybody, I need support, how can I increase fps for wot, but my PC has 2gb ram, gtx 270 videocard, how can I fix

  42. MTD_ TankingElite

    That Clip on Obj 268 was DISGUSTING xD

  43. Mmm yes i too am a fan of the bourasque…..wait this is different

  44. Heinrich von Hagen

    The intuition skill is actually insanely good for free2play players.

  45. That tank will become quite overpowered i think. The burst is just too high and the intraclip to quick. It needs to be doubles kr sum

  46. Czech this out, indeed.

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