SLAVIC MINIVAN | Best Family War Vehicle | Shtrum-S (War Thunder)

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SLAVIC MINIVAN | Best Family War Vehicle | Shtrum-S (War Thunder)


  1. The mighty Tirpitz

    Huge tubes of…….VODKA

  2. shtrum-s and op2 wonna be abrams hunter episode pls.
    also i’m not a rasist ive just got a good looking family okay (insert laughing emoji face here)

  3. The Salty Apple Wannabe

    HorseDaily(8:37) could you make a video on The new top tier anti air veichel for The Brits?

  4. They thought, that you die so fast, you dont have resupply missiles

  5. Coming up in the next patch Ac 130 gun ships and ground infantry

  6. DestructiveTones

    YAY! Audio is perfect!!! Great vid Phly!

  7. psychologically unstable 2

    11:30 Literally the *This is fine* meme lmao

  8. Bradley from the movie the Pentagon wars

  9. First charge of a tandem-charge-warhead destroys the ERA-Plates (explosive reactive armour), main-charge pierces through the actual armour

  10. My first thought was the tumbler from the Batman begins movies

  11. Can we take off the tractor tracks and put on four legs call this an imperial walker

  12. fuiwfnb nufjehnfojui

    “Is gaijin trying to show us they have an animation budget?”

    ADATs fold down radar when?

  13. Reminds me of Number 5 from Short Circuit.

  14. Not gonna lie, it looks like it has a giant missile-minigun on the inside

  15. Kommander Phly, pls take the VFW into 10.0.
    Attempt No 12.
    PS: Those ATGMS look like a ATGM minigun.

  16. Armando Jesus Alejandro

    Similar to German ‘Sturm” or Storm…Shh-turrm.

  17. Warrior672gaming and airsoft

    0:20 it looks like the bomb rotaters on a b52

  18. Armando Jesus Alejandro

    No suspension in the arm…wiggly…

  19. But hey if you got vodka missile for the western spy it’s fine

  20. Dimitar D.Dimitrov

    It’s just a stupid “tank”

  21. I am slavic ))

  22. Hey phly, no armour is …


  24. Does it hull break Keepo

  25. ShtuRm not ShtRum

  26. forgot that missile is strap to back of tank sigh.

  27. This vehicle is the quintessence of Warthunder and Russian mentality. No respect for the citizens, users and players. At all.

  28. Do sa50 it’s way to good

  29. Oh it bounces cool

  30. Why do you fire of a round to pick another one? If your fully reloaded you can just switch

  31. The prox-fuse ATGM, isn’t that supposed to explode over tanks, bashing in top armour?

  32. D-Day Today

  33. Its like a leo1. Ridicolous armor, good pen…

  34. No no no, you don’t understand Phly. The kids ARE the ATGMs.

  35. hi phly could you play the new ariete it has 625 mm of penetration you’ve already mentioned the italian lunch boxes you should mention the death boxes too

  36. Hey guys i’m a new channel i’m trying to get into this youtube thing i would love the feedback if u guys didn’t mind.

  37. That poor squadmate in the last clip… let down by Phly twice in a row.

  38. 2:02… tandem warhead that does this phly… it’s 2 stage punch through armour for secondary explosive charge to come through the first stages hole. hence tandem name 2 charges in one role.

  39. Hallowingdeath Gaming

    Not to be that guy but Slav is Yugoslavia not Russia but it pretty much the same

  40. Phly play some ww II batles

  41. its great in SB

  42. @0:18 So if it has a Flux Capacitor does that mean it’s top speed is 88 MPH?

  43. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    i think the Tandem ATGM is promising, and i think this Shturm- s isnt meamt to be played aggresivey, i think its more of a defensive tank, like find a good spot, and kill enemies

  44. Pontus Häggström

    look at that, i saw one of those in action last week

  45. This thing’s entire purpose is to whore a ridgeline and make sure anyone that tries is dead.

  46. could you make a video on the leclerc please like to see it

  47. i think that it will get an advantage against aircraft, when they ad Anti-Radiation missiles into the game

  48. People say the Bradley sucks too, but that’s just because none of them know how to play support. Granted, can’t really do that on a map like Advance to the Rhine, but most of the time at top tier you get those really big rural maps, which are perfect for support vehicles like the Bradley and the ATGM MT-LB (the vehicle in the video).

  49. Hey phly just thought u should know that I got my wisdom teeth removed (all four) and your content is my saving grace while im out of commission…I owe ya 1!?

  50. Stalin Guided Missiles

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