Sledgehammer – T30

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. T30 is still the puppy i love

    Suffer in Hell playing the stock T28 Prototype with 90mm…..
    Deal with all the shit with the pre-buff T28 Prototype just to get this babe

    I’m not gonna go up to E4 -_-, it look shit

    P/S : First to get fucked by Arta

  2. whats an E6?^^ oh Circon dont do the jingles-thing 🙂

  3. I wanna be
    Your sledgehammer

  4. Yoooooooo Master Circon! its freaking 2Am.Ill sleep later

  5. Mastery badge on a loss. Love those games.

  6. Why is the T30/T95’s APCR so damn cheap? 4,800 credits for 320mm penetration and 750 alpha. It’s ridiculous. I have yet to meet a T30/T95 in-game that isn’t flinging that APCR.

    • I’ve run the t95 for almost 900 games now and have 5 APCR loaded but rarely need to use it

    • Chandler Kristoff

      Doesn’t premium ammo always cost 4,800? if so then you’re really getting your credit’s worth in the T30.

    • Chandler Kristoff No? Ammo cost is not based on their premium status.. Example: FV4005: 8k for one HESH shell.

    • Probably because the pen is not that high for a tier 9 TD, that is worse than like a T-10’s premium round, Jagdtiger has like 352 APCR as well. It’s worth using it for the extra shell velocity to be honest.

  7. Man I want the T30 soo much..
    But the hassle of going through T28 Prot (I mean I don’t even have the 105 and I’m short on free XP)

    • Xelianow well do you see the current meta?
      You get shit on alot with Tier 10 if you fighting head on with HT

      Shit sniper? Well not shit if you play support role from second line
      The armour work at a distance, not close range

    • My Hentai Girl So you do basically have the very same problems every other T8 heavy has as well. So just play it the way you would play your T8 heavy tank. When toptier have fun shredding stuff. When lowtier switch to a support heavy tank role or support the medium flank. Or do you realy wanr to tell me the only way you play your lowtier heavy tank is by driving in front of a T10 heavy tank and start fighting it head on all by yourself? If thats the case your problem is not the T28 Prot, but the game itself…

    • Xelianow yeah when T28 P have the top gun, it bitch slap stupid T10 xD

      But due to it slow speed, playing close range support is dangerous
      But medium range support is good, have more time to reverse out of danger

      But the super accurate high tier TD can still fk your day up, so be careful 😀

      I remember before the buff, T28 P almost feel like useless T95 version
      Either your team get all the glory or you get swarm xD

      But with the slight speed buff, it feel less so
      The turreted T28P is better than T28 non turreted imo, you doesn’t need to relies on your mediocre armour against T10

    • Hassle of the Prot? That thing was a fucken monster. Get in the right spot at the right time and you’re gonna have a good time. I had some damn memorable games in that thing.

    • T30 is a must keep. The so called upgrade is kinda a downgrade.

  8. AMX 50 100 took the HE shell in the gun and that’s why he took so little damage.

    • it was actually the small 600 alpha gun with him just firing HE for some reason XD

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      +max minner I think even in that case it should do way more damage, probably like 400+

    • Nah, if it hits the tip of the gun only minor splash damage hits. HE shells from tanks don’t have as high splash radius as arty shells I believe.

    • Yup, iirc arty shells actually got a splash radius buff during the rework to go with the stun mechanic and damage/pen nerf

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      On top of having already huge splash radius even pre-rework, specifically because they have such big guns

  9. No peter Gabriel?

  10. Can be devistating


    Why can’t I get donkeys like this?? (Apart from being on my flipping team!lol 😋)

  12. Good thing those guys on youre team had frontline badges. Becouse they were so hard to get, required such skill and whenever you have few on youre team you dont need XVM, you just know those guys are gonna do the heavy lifting. If Wg ever implements repairs in randoms ofcourse.

  13. No no no, Lorraine please ! I have E1 mothfcker, suck a dick 😀

  14. Is it me or is it the second time this replay is posted by Circon ?

  15. Gotta be the Tesla

    came for the memes, stayed for the memes 10/10.

  16. Where’s Sn00ze been at lately?

  17. lmao that was so reset-able big mistake there.

    • andreasaa2000 yep he should’ve drove forward and spotted cap instead going for the kill

    • Maybe not, Standard B only got spotted after he fired, if Circon didn’t shoot the WZ the Standard B would not have fired and would have remained unspotted. Plus, there were only 2 seconds left on the cap after the Standard B fired.

  18. Honestly, i learned more watching this one that most other WOT videos…. Thanks for the upload good CIRconflexes

  19. Ayyy, there it is! My favourite tank in the game

    Wicked video

  20. World of Donkeys in a nutshell

  21. 174 Damage in a Type 4

  22. That 50 100 probably got hit in the gun. Or that Type 4 is firings HE from the AP gun. Which makes up about 40% of Type 4 player base.

  23. you complain about not penetrating type4 cupola but you pen the angled lower plate with ease

  24. the type 4 wasnt using the derp he was using the AP gun and firing HE XD

  25. 4:05 it’s over, Circon has the high ground!

  26. “I have an E1” LOL

  27. T30 is probably my favorite tank

  28. Love the T30. 2 MOE on mine and was #32 on the NA server at one time when I played it a lot.

  29. I was going to ask if this is a reupload… The it hit me… I watched this one on the stream 😂

  30. isnt the T95E6 the reward tank you get if you refer a friend and they get to tier 10?

  31. I only watch Circon for the Bruhders.

  32. i really want T30 but T25/2 is such utter garbage..

  33. It's not what you think

    Nice hair circon.


  34. Ilmari Miettinen

    Type 5 probs hit the tip of the somuas gun

  35. Double Double 4G

    Circon, which tank is currently your fav?

  36. Did anyone else notice that every single shot was a low roll?

  37. Little Banana Unicorn

    Hey Circon, nice to kinda meet you.. ?? well you know what I mean, I love this game but I ait too good yet. It’s taken a long time to get average. lol. You are by far the bet player I have ever seen. And I’ve seen enough videos Lemmingrush, Quickybaby, Claus, Mighty gingles etc, And I enjoy and learn from all of them. But just for the record you have the most skill brother!. What I like the most about your videos is the calmness and ease. You are enjoying it!! Even when you loose. RESPEST!! We gotta enjoy it man, its a game right!!…. that requires a massive amount of SKILL. More skill and understanding of the game = more fun!! That just one of the things I learnt from you… Thanks man!! from ‘Viper_db’ on WOT

  38. Goes to show, no matter how good you are, a suck team will drag you down.

  39. god i want this tank so bad but all the tanks before it just don’t interest me

  40. Mastery badge for that??????????
    … Wow,,, there giving them away now… Lol

  41. Armas Jürgenson

    E4 was such a fucking letdown after t30

  42. CircumSperg.

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