SLOPPY TIGER II, Ship Talk – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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  1. The Penetrator 9000

    Or just like game modes where Big Battleships and planes can play

  2. The Penetrator 9000

    Planes would take off from air carriers manned by actual players, then kill
    enemy ships (not AI)

  3. i just want Vietnam era planes and guided missiles.

  4. A True Wisconsinite

    The first death you had by the IS-2 was awesome! Those tracks blowing off
    was no short of hard on inducing!

  5. how do u sign up for the beta

  6. You know, the idea of gaijin not going head on versus wargaming is fine. I
    don’t think they can compete with world of warships right now, so
    concentrating on smaller ships doesn’t sound bad.

  7. have a gode day

  8. its not ships its boats

  9. Happy Birthday

  10. When you shot yourself because he says ships are out and then says well the
    news anyways

  11. I guess you don’t know this but you can only help repair teammates if they
    are in a squad with you.

  12. fuiwfnbhui` nufjehnfojui

    Baron, you can only assist in repairs if the tank in question is in your
    squad. Keep up the good work.

  13. I am hoping with the boats we will get some Japanese things…perhaps tanks
    at some point. (I can dream can’t I?)

  14. Brummbar, the difference in trajectory between shells is huge. Once you
    figure it out, it’s deadly as all hell though. Only vehicle I’ve gotten 9
    kills in.

  15. ‫עידן הרוש‬‎

    baron tiger 2H is one of the easyest tank to play if you cant play it good
    something is wrong with you

  16. Dicker Max

  17. play with Phly

  18. PLAY THE M103 PLZ??

  19. teh sloppa saurus wreks

  20. wow Baron you derp around, ADD-ing everywhere, and still get away with it.
    Why can’t I get enemies like you do, seems if I make one tiny mistake, boom

  21. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    Wonder if destroyers, or destroyer escorts could at least appear

  22. Play ju 87 D 5 with + 4 2cm

  23. Barvon can you make a pc mowas 2 tutorial on how to install it

  24. The PT-107 was just teased

  25. Die Deutsche Kerl

    How can i use the binoculars.

  26. Why doesn’t baron talk to phily

  27. Comrade Kommodore

    Three deaths from a single bomber… now I know why I play WoT more.

  28. that fakin tiger 1 was detrack or driver tank baron ..i..

  29. I disagree with I don’t think it will be as fun

    And I did not think that world of ships was boring at all

  30. But I will still play

    I probably use the bigger of the small ships and for people like me this
    could be a good idea

  31. You got me so hyped when you said “ships are now in the game” but then you
    said “at least the news”

  32. pt boats vs pt-76 that looks verry fun

  33. Wazzup? Game on EU server? :D

  34. Tajic Blade of the Legion

    ok Baron i do love you as a youtuber but the thing u do to “comerce” this
    shitty idea of small ships is bad.. ppl dnt want to see BOATS…. they want
    to see War Ships!! thats what we expected to se.. submarines, battleships
    etc.. if u try to combine small ships with the rest, imagine that planes
    will be usless vs boats, and boats usless vs tanks… so why the hell do u
    wanna see smaller ships rather than bigger ships, usefull vs land and
    planes can easily take some torps and rek it… thats my bodies and my
    thoughts.. let me know of your ideas… Good luck and fair seas

  35. Brummbar actually is so bad for RB. In AB its cool… I’m finding that over
    1 year of every day play, certain tanks are better in AB and some are
    better in RB. T34 are less deadly in RB in my opinion because if you hurt
    them, then they are really hurt, but in AB.. you think they are hurt, then
    they still one shot you. Dickermax is a beast in both, but surprise
    attacks are best with it. Tiger 2 without a doubt better in AB… without a
    doubt. T92 better in RB since you can’t take much dmg and you are still
    fast. A lot of German tanks are simply better in Arcade battles because the
    speed nerf in RB is real.

  36. Do the Achillies and wellington’s 4000lb!!!

  37. You can assist repair only the players who are in your squad Baron….

  38. Happy birthday

  39. Bran pls play the m8a1 next. for ze rarity

  40. I’m crap at planes & crap at tanks. So what will I be like at boats

  41. the barrel is 21 feet long, so yeah, it takes a bit

  42. if they never do big ships i dont care, cause i still got world of warships

  43. How long has Gaijin had to think about the incorporation of battleships and
    carriers into War Thunder ?! When they can field a heavy cruiser or bigger
    I’ll beta-test their game no sooner.

  44. I’ts going to be awesome if they add: Yamato, Musashi and Nagato, as
    playable, nobody likes bismarck :D

  45. where are the intro songg?? i missed it

  46. Maaaan you can’t complain about the turret adjustment rate in the sla. It’s
    undeniably the best tank at 6.7. I say that as an owner of the thing. It’s
    hands down dominant compared to anything else in the 6.3/6.7 bracket

  47. Baron, use the M5A1 with some friends, the thing is hilarious in Realistic

  48. japan needs love on this game

  49. “turret travers is a bit slow” Tiger II has a better turret traverse than a
    T34 85

  50. baron on man of war modays try isis vs britan i thinck it woulbe intresting

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