SMALLEST TANK COMBO (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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SMALLEST TANK COMBO ( Thunder Gameplay)


  1. David Richards (thehole9yards)

    do the flak bus

  2. are the japanese tanks coming for ps4 at some point??

  3. Attempt #69!Fly the PO-2 out in a jet match with a jet squad and get a
    kill. Our lord and savior is 2-OP for any foe, show them the true might of
    the Soviet Air Force!


  5. Is there anything more enjoyable than killing an 88mm Flak Truck, I think
    not :)

  6. panzerlied always makes me hard tovarisch

  7. panzer army!!

  8. Cromwell Mk5 and Hurricane Mk4 w/ cannon pods! PLS!!

  9. phylydaly you noob and shit

  10. Love your videos. They are always entertaining.

  11. It doesn’t even sound loud! It’s just like… Piep.

  12. The Russians are losing men and Germany is pushing further in the
    Luckely we have America and Brittain on our side supplying us with vehicles
    they don’t need. Take out the SU-57 and the Hawker Chariton/Hurricane mk
    IIb! Attempt #1

  13. I wonder how hilarious it would be to watch you playing the M41A1 Walker
    Bulldog. :P

  14. Phly, first time suggesting something. Take out the 105 derp gun Sherman
    and the B-17G with the biggest and heaviest bomb load it can carry. Show
    those German pigs the true power of Murican derp! >=D

  15. Hunter & Chieftain?

  16. Phly play the T-10M !!!!

  17. cmon Phly take out the M36 Gmc

  18. good thing he didnt wait him out

  19. Pls do kV 2 and the il-4

  20. kv-2 and tu4 make the russian derp great again

  21. take out the P51-D30 and give the M551 Sheridan some love as well

  22. Phly out the most OP tier 3 or lower us combo in tank RB

  23. Been watching you and Baron’s vids for a long time now Phly. I love you
    both but honestly you take the cake with your editing and humor. Keep it up
    buddy, the vids are great!!

  24. try T60 :D

  25. Hurricane mk IV, the trolliest low tier plane. Attempt #9

  26. go with the tiger (any tiger ) and ze ju87 G2 (stukaaaaaa) . danke mein

  27. hi phly. privet from Russia. you know game mow 2 Assault Squad. do you
    know, that this game was made after Russian game family “В тылу врага”
    (“Behind Enemy Lines”). The first game was the most interesting. This 2017
    year it’ll got its 14 birthday. pls. attempt 3

  28. Take potatoe cannons on KV2 And yak 9k with 37 snd 40mm cannon and blow the
    fascists out of the sky and ground. Good luck to u comerade Stalin will be
    proud. or kgb will kill you

  29. to kill those 8.8s just shoot the box behind the gun it’s full of ammo and
    it’s fun to watch those fucker explode to bits.

  30. aaaand
    Finnish KV + HSB 2 with 30 mm gun
    best combination I’ve ever played

  31. phly how do you have all that extra information on the side when you fly
    the planes?

  32. m-24 and. A-20G with rockets do ittttttttttt phly

  33. Direction № 1
    Hey Phly, we have stolen some blueprints of the aliens and created our
    starship Go 229. So u have to test this thing. Also, we put 105 mm gun in
    our KT so now we should be able to pen those russian bastards. U have to
    test this too. Fatherland will never forget you!


  35. F”ck that Intro song >:(

  36. The Geman PanzerJager Setup! JagdTiger and Stuka-B2!

  37. attempt #5 I think, Cromwell and Halifax

  38. do you really have to yell at the beginning of every video?

  39. Fly out the first Me 262 and try to kill a heavy tank with the air-to-air
    rockets :)

  40. Take the Russian Hurricane Mk IIB which uses the RO-2 rockets with the
    BM-8-24 rocket tank

  41. I really miss phly playing together with baron ;(

  42. “we’re going to liberate B from the rear” – Donald Trump

  43. the only problem with the asu is that creepy fuck in the back always
    looking at you

  44. o shit wad up

  45. Jirapat Thaenphromrat

    Oi thought Phly was speaking another language at the beginning of the video

  46. M46 “tiger” and A26C 45
    ‘Murican speed combo!

  47. the slightly larger smallest combo asu 85 and the i-16 type 28

  48. Where u at Thompson? Why is there no:
    “So how about taking out the middlest combo: Panther V Bf109whichever”?

  49. wjat is the bgm

  50. I’m supposed to be playing game of war but this one player keeps kicking my

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