SMALLEST TANK Gets MASSIVE BUFF (War Thunder Small Boi Gameplay)

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SMALLEST TANK Gets MASSIVE BUFF (War Small Boi Gameplay)


  1. 11:14 “we have extreme depression” yeah thats whats my doc says to me last week…

  2. Rush b in the Berlin map with some Russian stuff start b words like the bt7 attempt 63

  3. 3:41 Death Note intro 1st if you want to know where it came from. (Yes, I’m a total weeb)

  4. IS-4M Video for US or GULAG

  5. Hi Phly, you have been talking shit about the Sherman lately, so I have a challenge for you. Use the M4A1 or M4A1 (76) and show those schnitzel and spaghetti and sushi loving Axis fools that Hamburgers are superior.

    Attempt # 6 or 7 idk

  6. Attempt #2: My guy, Phly. One word…two maybe more. Naval ships what happened to them?!? Why does no one want it anymore! Did War Thunder pull a Lusitania then go back to the isolationism of the old!?!

  7. IPlay PhantomForces

    I wanna get your merch so much phly but I literally grow like half and inch every month, the air chaos one is really cool to ? edit: I am literally crying

  8. Uhhh phly there’s a rank lower than 1, it’s called reserve ?

  9. watches Phly Video:
    See’s Elizabeth Warren ad:

  10. Holy cow This is bloody comedic genius. Squire would be proud.

    BTW the Mk. IV Shirts needs to be: Piz… Depression time

  11. On that anime part was so funny hahaha

  12. Raad Khan Mohammed Ali

    Play the Pe-3/E. Attempt#4

  13. Play the i185 please it’s op


  15. 11:06 “We have extreme depression, more the merrier I say” I’m pretty sure that’s the exact opposite of what depression does

  16. Armando Marcial Alonzo

    Phly u can reload without shooting by choosing twice ammo u want to use.

  17. Lol that last kill suicide bomber in a plane ??

  18. Better solution to the BR problems, make the Panzer 2 1.7 BR and the L3 1.3 BR.

  19. cant buy the Tiger because of reasons xD

  20. mountain doolicious

    7:24 “That’ll hold him alright”

  21. the Tiger on your jacket is from indonesia lol

  22. buff THE BOI!!

  23. Wait is it actually amphibious

  24. It’s a Shriners car

  25. should add a panzergrenate 40 shell for it

  26. GO AVAY! As in ur run in with the grumpy teeger driver from post scriptum? Lol.

  27. “Look at this depression! I love it!” That sounded wrong didn’t it? XD

  28. Tigers are the best. Just saying.

  29. Phly is a deathnote fan

  30. hovhannes nercessian

    Play hunter

  31. cooking cookies on the sub

    Yes the merch is actually really good !

  32. 3 1/2 years since! Could we get some PBJ-h1 for lunch keeping with with the m18 to complete the classic combo

    Difficulty is one one thing. Beauty is another…

  33. 17:35 but he has 2 wings on each side.

  34. where to find the anime outro at 3:42?

  35. looks like a blanket

  36. Spaghetti tank beatball ammo

  37. That fucking scream at the end…

  38. Heard depression too many times. Now I have a depression…

  39. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    That thing is a monster in the right hands…. Completely useless in arcade I’m betting considering you are always spotted (at least i am)

  40. The snow is even bigger than the “tank” 😀

  41. Su76m in rank 3 or4 plz 8th attempt

  42. I think on the stream u died a lot bcoz u killed too many now

  43. @PhlyDaily I dare you to take an M22 Locust against 8.0+ BR tanks
    Idk how it would even be possible but do it!

  44. JS {{Shadow-lurker}}

    Phly! T-shirt design idea!:

    *We have Extreme*

    *The more, the merrier*

    *Depression time!*

  45. GO AVAY!


  46. 14:36 I learned it the hard way…

  47. That little Italian tank uses an anti tank rifle as its main gun. You can see it on X ray. I think it’s a lati? Usually on skids big rifle 🙂

  48. Can you pliz play the B-17G and expose how painful it is to play

  49. Why cant I choose a M size for the yellow tiger ?!

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