SMALLEST TANK IN GAME – ASU-57 3.3 TON BEAST (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

SMALLEST TANK IN – ASU-57 3.3 TON BEAST (War Thunder Gameplay)

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  1. FINALLY!!!!!

  2. Bagus Susetyo Riantomo

    why iu not play arma 3 apex phly

  3. Sestender channel

    Take the panzer jäger

  4. m10 achilles was trolled by phlydaily hahahahahahahahaha

  5. can you take the 105 Sherman to the Rand lll? it look so crazy?

  6. Cristopher Valencia

    phly that was funny. good sportsmanship by you sir!

  7. My crown vic is heavier than that thing.

  8. do m6a1 and b17

  9. That M10 was such a good sport XD

  10. Lol this thing is a baby 263

  11. What you get when you put gun on Fiat Multipla? ASU-57

  12. That M10 was so friendly. Give that man a golden turret! lol

  13. Play king diesel AKA tiger 2 premium

  14. ASU-85?

  15. lol my grandmas smart car i bigger than what

  16. The smallest tank or the biggest lawn mower with a canon?

  17. Ze hitlers bunker

  18. Hey phly m8 should take out the Pz II DAK and Hs 123 with bombs tank rb

  19. asu_57 and pe_8

  20. Can you now play the biggest tank in game :D

  21. Denas Jarusauskas

    phly do a AAA vs JET BOMBERS plz.

  22. asu_85 plz

  23. Floris van den Eventuin

    That’s realistic right? My bomber doesn’t have a cursor in realistic, is
    there any way to turn it on?

  24. “Don’t want to kill any of my friendlies”, says the one flying a Pe-8 with
    the 5000 kg bomb.

  25. Make ASU-57 with bush camo plz , its will be walking bush

  26. mahadisal ahadani

    that’s was a good game…….maybe the T-34 thought that he was your friend

  27. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    why you didn’t use busches on that tank??? you will not be able to see it

  28. Phly can you do t95 the tank woith 4 tracks

  29. geez press Get Reward!

  30. Put your game on minimal graphics settings and all the size advantages are

  31. Why wouldn’t you arty the AI below you? :(

  32. take out the best Russian anti-tank aka the zsu-57-2

  33. LoganWorriors Videos

    Phly that was the. Funniest thing I have ever seen

  34. Raymond indrawan wijaya

    phly need to post the vids for baron top 5 of the week

  35. Vincent Ericsson

    When you did that American voice you really Did sound American

  36. SovietDaily Ыгыык17

    They so fast shot!!

  37. Sergeant Major Gray

    my tank request is USS North Carolina rep our state pollydolly we haven’t
    had anything to be proud about in a while.

  38. how do you get your hangar to look like that pls tell me

  39. War Thunder Günlüğü

    song name pls

  40. War Thunder Günlüğü

    intro song name pls

  41. Is that a russian elc amx

  42. Nb.Fz

  43. Christian Piazza

    Can you do a video on the b-17g please

  44. Meanwhile in World of Tanks…

  45. Christian Piazza

    If possible

  46. I do the rushing thing with StuGs. The Shermans can’t hit you point blank
    its hilarious

  47. Put bushes on it

  48. SU-122

  49. I love killing ASUs in my Churchill, it’s one of the only tanks I can
    easily one shot due to the crew being jammed in so close together!

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