SMASH HITS – Smasher Compilation | World Of Tanks Blitz

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Source: Schwalbe

A complication of my best shots from my first 200 games in the smasher

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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  1. *smashing* I still remember the other one 🙂

  2. Ita 3am and this is what im watching to go to sleep
    Hopefull i dream of thia beast

  3. 2:12 the amx 12 t is like noooooo

  4. The new death star aka fv 😀
    Smashing :v

  5. Please give me a link of the gun sounds mod at 0:28

  6. 2:10 lol ??

  7. Kevyn[卐Messerschmítt卐]


  8. Oh wow good vid

  9. Also I liked the music


  11. Like for the first SPG in game…

  12. Just your average Weaboo


  13. Why am i wartching this even i dont have smasher

  14. ms-1 or smasher?

  15. If this was WG’s solution to the KV-2s, then it’s totally overkill tbh, it’s fight fire with fire not fire with plasma

  16. Indirectly nerfing the tech tree kv2 too (*the original derp king!*) with some stupid equipment changes, so this thing might sell better…

    It’s is a collectable too so as soon as a few thousand people buy it, realise it’s OP and play the sht out of it for a few weeks, they’ll just nerf it.

  17. 1:48 Schwalbe is just one of satan’s demons and uses that to manipulate RNG, thus creating SchwaNG x3

  18. 2:09
    Amx 12t – pls dont kill me i have a wife and kids to feed
    Smasher -nope

  19. Wtf?¿?¿?¿ 2:06

  20. Kv2+sekrit dokuments mk2+russian bias =smasher

  21. Thomas Kirkpatrick

    Gotta love that amx at 2:09 Like pls don’t do it I’m just a little amx

  22. Players: WG please nerf Smasher, it’s too op.
    WG: Nerfs KV-2 and SU-152
    Players: *Are we a joke to you* ?

  23. Wargaming simultaneously nerfed kv2 and added a premium one for real money only, kind of an a-hole move, like at least try to hide the cash grabbing a little bit
    P.S. liked the addition of music in this video

  24. prey for the amx-12t

  25. Papa Joseph Stalin

    This tank kinda suck. I got shot by one of these with a HE and did not die instantly lmao

  26. your daily dose of blitz by jason


  27. your daily dose of blitz by jason

    Smasher may be the new added hybrid tank in tier 7 which looks like kv-2 but never forget the true legend that made the smasher looked like kv-2 the derp king

  28. Упоротый Джерри

    Another OP of 7 tier
    I think WG will nerf it

    • Pretty sure a nerf is incoming. Great accuracy for a supposed derp gun, good pen, decent reload speed, v trollish armor. A lot more reliable than most derp guns around.

      The most broken prem/collectible since hellsing/dracula

  29. Yay, finally a kv2 with a monster skin 🙂

  30. Schmashlbe 😉 btw nice edit

  31. Im still waiting for the 183 “NOW THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE” Comp Schwalbe…

    It’s because I suggested it a long time ago (When the meme was ALIVE) that you should do that cuz it will be funny and you where like yes that sounds good… so? Wheres me vid

  32. MobileGamerDeutsch

    Geiles Video

  33. Go back on ark pls…

  34. They will nerf it and they can because it’s not a premium tank

  35. PurityPanther Gamer

    i hate the smasher
    it is $47 odd dollars and people who get it are just flexing im not wrong tho

  36. Johan VonStutenheint

    Why this no pop up in notifications? Meesa scrubscribed.

  37. I haven’t been on wotb recently, how much does the smasher cost in US $? I kinda want it

  38. Happy havent met one of these

  39. Sumawira Wijanata

    It’s not russian enough without the russian crew voice when we destroyed a tank

  40. Can I has money to buy this? XD

  41. Ark ep2 pls

  42. Ive seen smasher and two KV2 which means thats a Three KV2…WG really just wanna troll high tiers….

    9:44 Lmao his teammate just say that and then that poor KV1S got HE’d

  43. Cool vid. 10 mins of that song is a bit much though….


    Lol 8:58

  45. Its so satisfying to kill people with just one bullet and type in the chat « get one tapped lol »

  46. another t49 ? but cant ammorack so no nerf

  47. Фёдор Сергеев

    Where is smash mouth?))

  48. Fking this music. This never stop in my brain

  49. 2:01 probably the scariest thing ever if you are in a light tank at tier 6 to 7

  50. ultra instict kv-2
    in this clip, it’s only using 0.5% of its power

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