SMILE. – EMIL 1951 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. First, ahahuha.

  2. Damn, I’m early.

  3. Hey Circon

  4. HAH saw that smile on the thumbnail and knowing circon…have to watch!

  5. Do you wanna here another joke ,Wargaming?

  6. Circon, what has happened to you? You haven’t sent any video on YT for like what, two months?

  7. I didn’t like the Emil 1 so I was not interested in this. The Emil 2 is a different story though.

  8. Imagine swiping the last video you watched away only to have this threatening-ass thumbnail in your face..

  9. How’s the STA-2 nowdays? I can’t decide between the Emil 1951 and the STA-2 + 1800 gold (converting 6 remaining prestige points).

    • HirAmHelcaraxe its crap

    • Brakhai Warframe - CZ

      There may come a time, when you will have enough money to outright buy the STA with gold. But you may never be able to buy the Emil again.

    • @Brakhai Warframe – CZ This is a very good point, no need for further discussion, thank you.

    • Krystian Olszański

      @Brakhai Warframe – CZ please dont joke so much like the alien tank m6smth “we will sell this tank only once ” few years past “we are selling this tank more than 3 times already” 😀 but yeah chose emil is nice(better than sta2)

  10. you know what’s crap about being early …. no comments to read :P.
    That emil 1951 and the original emil 1 both make money in FL – most of the autoloaders and autoreloaders seem to be good credit earners in FL

    • Thats because most battles happen quickly and every minute or 2 in FL, the fighting isnt constant.

    • I seem to average between 300k and 500k credits per frontline match, playing mainly heavy tanks (Patriot, Caern AX and Emil 1951 for hulldown/hill work and Defender, Chrysler K and VK75.01 for city terrain)

  11. Happy Birthday ouwe!

  12. Good to have you back man.

  13. Circon is on fire 😀
    1 video a day keeps the boring Times away

  14. It really is ridiculous that WOT does not have a service for playing older replays.

  15. These uploads have made my week

  16. It is a pretty decent tank, especially if you get it for playing FL that doesn’t cost you anything but time. But that aiming time is really long. And those shots on the move ? All in all I like it myself since I got it. About Phase I, my opinion is that the tank by itself is very balanced, and has a nice free repairs feature which is nice. My personal opinion is that they did a good thing about both tanks that you can get playing a FL. Kind regards.

  17. Great game! Thanks for taking the time and effort to put it up mate. Much appreciated.

  18. I have tried so many Times to get Olde Clients to Work…. One Day maybe you can Show how tou did it….

  19. Lemme correct you a bit

    First reload is 26 secs which is +5 secs from emil1 but has better mobility and gun handling.

    Secondly, guns with 246 pen and above can pen turret if you are not using full gun depression

  20. How do you fix the replay problem

  21. I love ae phase but this tank is such trash for me i wont even touch it again 4skill crew from kranwagen tank feels like it has 80% crew Emil is sluggish for me sadly

  22. Krystian Olszański

    got it from fl its okish prem tank, base pen should be like 220 on ap not apcr and prem ammo could be higher too like 260 on apcr like i dont use prem ammo on this tank cause it doesnt change much that s all take care fellow tankers

  23. Hey, nice to see your YT videos again 🙂 I’ve kinda grown out of spending hours and hours on Twitch

  24. Wow circon is actually making me want to play again

  25. I liked these tanks. 1 trick ponies. Good at slaughtering anyone who didn’t know the armour

  26. The Sanity Assassin

    Nice of Circ to use the Scottish national animal, the Unicorn, on his turret. nothing to do with letting arty that dont use xvm know that there is an unicorn in the team.

  27. Nice vid,btw Happy Birthday

  28. I thought you were gonna die at the end, but the Charioteer said “no. Not today.”

  29. 06:50 Pushing …. TO THE LIMIT ! 😀

  30. I don´t know but in my opion is that Emil 1951 super trash.. That aim when you move or even turn the turret is horible and 28s reload for 1080dmg is gucci either… If we take Somua with 35s reload for 1500dmg and better aim time.. I don´t know.. Even the armor on Emil 1951 isn´t nothing special, it is worse than Emil 1. But yeah…it is “free”, you just need to spend hours and hours with bot teams in FL 😀 For me Emil 1951 is a big disappointment.. Hope that Phase 1 will be better.

  31. Can’t understand how Circon chooses games for youtube. They all as cool as this one.

  32. 1951 is decent. I agree, if standard rounds had a little higher pen it would certainly help make up for the aim time. AE Phase 1 is, like most US heavies, very good hull down. The gun is amazing imo. Accurate, fast firing, decent pen. Very good mobility for a heavy as well.

  33. The reload is close to 30sec so it’s kinda long…

  34. Thx great game Circon !!!

  35. All hail CIRCON DADDY

  36. The fact this one isnt slow af and thats the only thing that frustrated me with the emil 1. Makes this tank perfect

  37. The only thing that is actually bad about this tank is the gun handling stats are comparable to that of the American T34 which is near the bottom of the list for tier 8 heavies.

  38. BestViewedWithCable

    @Circonflexes Wargaming promised to buff the E100 at the beginning of the year, but havent done it. What gives?

  39. I hate hate hate this tank with a passion.

    The gun is just atrocious and makes me rage more than any other vehicle in WOT. I also got the AE Phase 1 that I like and tens of millions in credits in this years Frontlines but for me this was not a worthwhile reward. I also hated the Emil 1 and Emil 2 for the same reason, the derpy gun just makes me rage and you may just as well have a single shot with 20 sec reload because you normally only get 1 dmging shot from a clip anyway. I am in no rush to buy the Kranvaghn.

  40. The Emil 1951 is kinda better than the normal Emil 1 in all that they are different at, intraclip time and mobility being the most notable things, I played my Emil 1951 in a platoon with an Emil 1 and it could not keep up.

  41. You finished the battle as you started: pushing!

  42. The Emil 1951 is the first reward tank I was excited for in frontlines, but I missed too many episodes and now I think I’m too far behind to catch up. I’m currently only first prestige, though if I had some time to dedicate I could probably get 3 or 4 in a week, considering I got 18 levels in ~4 hours and I still have plenty of boosters.

  43. Lol, love the smile on it!

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