SMOKING KILLS – Suffocating the Battlefield (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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ULTRA LOW QUALITY – It All Makes Sense Now ( Gameplay)


  1. Sneeki Breeki time! Challenge: Take out the ASU 57 with some foilage camouflage into an uptiered match and become an Ace tanker.

  2. Try and use the P80 air rb.

  3. Tran Thi Hoa Vinh

    Take a M16 into a high tier battle and try to kill Leo with your quad 50cal

  4. I like lower tier games. You can get away with Rambo like stupidity.

  5. Use a smoke round to kill a plane

  6. here is a challenge for you, take out the tiger (p) and instead of taking advantage of its glorious 200 mm frontal armor, flip the turret around and drive it backwards. it has the exact same reverse speed as its forward speed, just remember to take the extinguishers!

  7. How do all of these War Thunder youtubers hover over tank shells in game to check their stats? Is it in the options?

  8. They sure did go up in smoke

  9. Scharfschutze 99

    actually the Explosive mass which makes the smoke by reacting 2 or more chemicals together, how they start reacting? when the shell impacts something a valve breaks and mix those solution resulting the Smoke, but the Kinetic energy of 570m/s and the mass of about 6kgs (as per video) if it hit something it should have a some pen value and if it hits some person he will die instantly.

  10. Try 19: Have any BR 8.0 in line with reserve tanks and reserve plane to get 3 tank kills with the reserve plane.

  11. Sturer and a fw a5

  12. Great fun!

  13. Use a bomber in a dogfight and win 😀

  14. hey phly try this:
    take out the japs go-ko and the ki200
    attempt 002

  15. Smoke shell comeback. Kill enemy plane with the smoke shell

  16. Phly, please do the ultimate cheeki breeki gameplay with the asu-57 in tier 4 matches but you can only get a kill if you immobilize it first in any way possible (attempt #1)

  17. Phly played some real music kids, YESS!!! Roundabout….

  18. Rafay khalid rafaykhalid

    wow this tank is firing like hell

  19. I object to you using Regular shells

  20. Kill a plane with a smoke shell!

  21. God bless indeed.

  22. So is it bad if I notice that it’s the ‘To Be Continued” meme music 0:05 into the video?

  23. Do a flip

  24. Thumbs Up for Roundabout. I liked you before. I love you now.

  25. Phly, here is your challenge from me. Take a heavy and fast tank of your choosing and try to get 3 or more kills… BY RAMMING THE ENEMY OFF A BRIDGE, INTO WATER, OFF A CLIFF, OR SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!

  26. Damn straight better have a new video posted when I get home from work..

  27. take out the Chaffee, LVT, M22 and Black Widow #Murica attempt 5

  28. need to how well the smoke shell takes down aircraft. any one else?

  29. I wish I could play War Thunder, but my computer cuts it off, even if I change the resolution, still, the play button is cut

  30. To be continued…

  31. Fun Fact: Smoke rounds do damage to aircraft!

  32. 17:09

  33. You know that people used to blow smoke to others arsehole to cure variety of illness. Illness such as 88 mm shell to the head.

  34. Can you get more points with just hits and criticals instead of tank destroyed kills?

  35. Can you land a plane and kill a tank with your guns while on the ground?

  36. hey phly can you do a video about the single missions of warthunder? they are awesome but unknowed too

  37. Here’s a real challenge get a kill bouncing a shell off yourself and into them

  38. Take out a plane with a smoke shell. I have done it in a test drive.

  39. Kill a plane with smoke XD

  40. Surprise Smoke Butt Sex gross! but funny

  41. So now the question is does phly smoke cigarettes ?

  42. Stronk Bullet!

  43. Phly please play the British Cromwell RP-3 (British copy of Calliope) I’ve never seen it played in-game before!

  44. Ha that gunner at the end disintegrated into a pink puff of smoke

  45. plis p39aircobra!!!!!!!!!!

  46. to be continued:D

  47. Get ace in cromwell rp3 rockets only too easy get a double ace attemt 3

  48. CC at 7:40 mistakens “allied forces have captured a zone” to “my county arizona” lol

  49. Pz 4 c is quite op , if u penetrate is usually a one shot kill and the reload time is quite fast , apart from bad armor is a all round good tank

  50. When the 4M gunner was hit “suprice butt sex!”

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