SMV CC-64 Vipera – First Look – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The SMV CC-64 Vipera is currently being tested in World of as the Italian tank destroyer with a HUGE MAG – here's everything we know so far!



  1. Muhammad Ahmad Iftikhar


  2. Vipera stand for Snake in italian

  3. Autisticus Cinematicus

    why are they adding czech and italian premium TDs but not making actual tech trees to boot? well i know why, but still

  4. Gripping Lips Fishing

    Another premium. Yay

  5. Me : Mom can i get T110 E-4?
    Mom: We have T110 E-4 at home…
    T110 E-4 at home

    its just a smaller t110e4 as WG is just trying to flesh out tech trees and such. appreciate new tanks tho, so much has happened since patch 7.5 since i started playing.

  6. Wow QB is pumping videos left, right and center

  7. What is that name man?2000d as a t8 ?that’s insane but at least we have the interclip reload. The TS5 seems just better though .

    • You cant fast clip a target… so you have to play it like a regular tank, but after 5 rounds you’re useless for 36s…

  8. don’t get me wrong. It is nice they are adding new tanks, but why don’t they rebalance old tanks-there is so many outdated tanks that is just redicilous.

  9. ‘autoloader’
    foch b but it takes 4 times longer to dump a mag
    ‘tank destroyer’

  10. Anthony Howrard

    could soneone pl tell me how to see how many battle pass points you have on tanks?

  11. The Italians have an E4?

  12. This tank is simply shit.

  13. Frontline reward maybe ?
    that’d be awesome, we haven’t had some nice frontline rewards for a while

  14. yeah more hulldown tanks is what WoT needs 😐

  15. David Villamarin

    Sorry but intraclip of 8 seconds is sooo bad. I dont even like when its 3.5 seconds. This isnt a burst dpm tank. Seems very boring.

  16. A new premium CZ td and an Italian one too? WG, are you trying to tell us something?

  17. Variety?

  18. Barão André Renato Dalcomuni

    After they nerfed HE….this game lost half its fun. Some new maps would be really cool too!!!

  19. So an autoloader that loses the benefits of an autoloader, I’m all for it.

  20. Okay I genuinely feel like the magazine is *OKAY.* Hear me out, 8 seconds is the average reload for a 120mm T10 tank. If you set up a lets say T110E5 properly, you get around 6-8s. So it’s got the same reload as a Tier 10 heavy normally.

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