Snapshots : Episode 12

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Source: osirish

Would you like see more snapshot videos? Let me know.

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  1. Those top tier arty on himmelsdorf. In Encounter, I’d be tempted to aim
    there and lob a shell in a spot where cars *weren’t* being crushed, try to
    catch arty players who have watched this video 😉 And I’d like more
    snapshot vids only if your timetable allows, and perhaps not post a long
    string of ace tankers?

  2. Yes, more snapshots

  3. Very entertaining 😉 more of this.

  4. what’s the big deal, you shoot wherever you think you can hit a tank and if
    you kill good for you bad for them

  5. More, yes. I would think that it would be almost a necessity. Also a baddie
    video is always good for a laugh.

  6. Very good fun, more please.

  7. yes please and more fail

  8. most interesting series on this channel!!!!

  9. Just keep these Snapshots coming Osirish.
    That poor r35 moment… something just died inside me 😛
    Greetings: Tonza1

  10. So after all those ace tankers finally video worth watching… I guess we
    can learn more from your mistakes and your experience. It seems impossible
    to achieve ace tanker just in two games in new tank for most of us. Please
    keep uploading videos with lower tiers as well. 

  11. I really enjoyed this Snapshot episode, so please continue. In regards to
    the arty player calling you a cheater, he was probably just trying
    (successfully) to distract you and effectively take you (an experienced
    arty player) out of the game. Psychological warfare in world of tanks. The
    two or three times I’ve been called a cheater, I ignore it and message them
    afterwards. I’m a cheater with a low wn8! Got to love that one!

  12. I saw the hilarious flying LTTB action on your stream – first time I was
    watching. Priceless entertainment – got to love it :D

  13. Procrastinator7

    Yes, more snapshots please!

  14. Procrastinator7

    I don’t understand why the extremely low WN8 people keep on playing. Well
    ok, if they are botting I can understand it but many of them aren’t as far
    as I can see. Why do you keep playing a game where you are totally

    • +DubstepinWithSmoke Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but please keep it
      civil. You folks have always been kind and supportive in the comments and I
      like it that way!

    • DubstepinWithSmoke

      your a fucking cunt you know that? fuck you

  15. Procrastinator7

    That M12! How can you reach tier 10 arty and not understand counter-arty?
    And 22k matches?!

    The thing with Himmelsdorf too is that there are only very few spots where
    arty can do anything, the spot you aimed at is probably the most common!

  16. It seems to me from what I seen, that *Some* players who should know better
    do in fact try to unsettle newer players by simply saying *name tank*
    reported. But hey ho, its seem to be the norm especially if they die
    early. Why sit crying online when they could get another tank out of the
    garage and die in that one too. :)

  17. PsychoMuffinMuncher

    More snapshots. They’re fun to watch!

  18. yes please continue this series

  19. took out an ARL 44 in my t14 is the other day without firing any prem
    rounds and what does the ARL driver accuse me of? cheating. lol hahah, all
    i said was thx for the compliment if thats what you actually think.

  20. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    And people try and tell me the ELC isn’t over powered…

  21. Yes, please.

  22. Would you like to see more snapshot videos? Let me know.

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