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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at the preliminary statistics of the Italian medium tanks up to Tier 7!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Bonus video today because of the Gold Noob yesterday. Long story short was very rushed yesterday and felt guilty I gave you a mediocre show! Anyway what do you think about the first look at the Italian medium branch?

    • adrien choiniere

      QuickyBaby don’t feel guilty. The videos was awesome enven if the guy clearly exaggerated.

    • I do t have an issue with the video as long as we understand it was gold spam but like you pointed out the positioning was the key.

    • The tanks were as I expected. typical tanks up to tier 5 and then the new meta is to throw in mediums that are slightly better than what we see with the older tech trees

    • HrothgarHeavenlight

      About this high penetration round HE. It’s actually a italian version of Hesh rounds.

    • QuickyBaby ej follow you a long answer me that you will ever be and Serbian tanks?

  2. 2:25

  3. Tanks should shot pasta and crew should say : Pasta la Vista or Mamma mia

  4. eventough the rate of fire of the tier 7 drops, i suspect it will get much better gun handling. I hope so much the tier 7 will be fun

  5. Baguette with cheese

    Where are my polish tanks I have trained a 5 skill crew for?

  6. Does ‘talian tanks will have a special feature: ‘press “X” key to switch team in case of losing battle’? That would be historically correct, because ‘talians was doing that in both world wars.

  7. Wangaming noooo. We want the Fiat 2000!!

  8. What about Polands, since Pudel is in game for so long???

  9. I thought Italian only retreat in ww2 lol

  10. I can’t wait to play the Italian Fail Tank. Oh, they are all Fail Tanks…I mean the Tier 1 Fail Tank.

  11. MattL600's Technic

    They need to buff the fucking is4

  12. I wanted to see the fiat 4000 ;-;

    Also, it would make sense that the tier 7 154 mm pen is a typo because its higher than the standard round and if it were prrmium hesh rounds or something, id expect m at the 2nd spot like prem rounds always are.

  13. There has to be a spaghetti consumable.

  14. James Sunny Crockett

    Low-Tier – Baby 🙂

  15. The Girls and Panzer fangirl in me squeeled for P26/40!

  16. Can’t wait to try them out!
    I’d love to see some of our heavies too… but he didn’t have any….

  17. A-misunderstoodHuman

    I’m guessing the Italian tree is going to be like the Czech tree, only with slightly more armour

  18. Tier 4 is like lago with big gun

  19. awesome, thanks qb for being my news reel

  20. Seems a bit of a jumbled mess. the Cara armato P40 was comparable to many in Wot that are tier 5 or six yet WG have put it at tier 4

  21. Excuse me, but you got mixed with tiers. Check your excel sheet, it has tier 2 twice… so you should go up to tier 8. Meaning the tier 7 got the highest DPM. Best regards, keep it up

  22. Maybe you get the new auto-reloader-system at tier 7 and that’s why the rate of fire Drops…?

  23. Tier 6 and 240dmg on a med?

    I’m ready

  24. Aw no FIAT 2000

  25. I’m saving my credits and free experience for these! Cannot wait to try ’em out, especially since I am loving my medium tanks at the moment.

  26. But what about the fiat 2000

  27. ej follow you a long answer me that you will ever be and Serbian tanks?

  28. TuxedoedErmine Naswall

    Looks like the tier 7 doesn’t have a gun mantle

  29. XP is waiting

  30. No how about British TDs instead…. 6:10

  31. No Fiat 2000 ?

  32. I cant wait for the lowtiers. The others… maybe i will like them.


  34. the tier 7 loks just like a bad a-44… except for gundepression of course…

  35. I hope the tanks are historically realistic with five reverse gears and one forward.

  36. So they’ll be rusty, break down all the time and have electrics that only work on the 3rd Sunday of the month?

  37. It’s not the T-E-R, it’s the “Ter”, as in “Tertiary”, or third iteration, as “Bis” means “Second iteration”.

  38. but where’s the fiat 2000?

  39. I mean….at Tier 6 we have the Chi-To…with the 155 mm average penetration with a rather amazing rate of fire, especially with gun rammer and vents.

  40. Where is the polish tech tree?

  41. 8 not 7 tanks

  42. Better HE pen in tier 4 medium than IS-7 has, gonna be the only right ammo for that tank lol. But I really hope those are typos, why have better HE pen than AP with tier 7, there would be no reason to shoot AP, expect shell velocity but who cares if you don’t need to aim for weakspots.

  43. great video! here is a link for the UPDATED tier 1-7 stats where you can see gun depressions, engine powers, ground resistances and different guns:
    you can even see updates stats for tier VIII premium:
    and of course subject to change stats for Tier VIII-X. Tier VIII and Tier IX:
    Tier X:

  44. If it doesn’t fire pasta as standard ammo spaghetti as APCR I am gonna be pissed.

  45. The Tier 6 kinda reminds me of the VK 30.01P?

  46. Tier 6 will be awesome for strongholds, cant wait to play it, tnx qb for early information❤

  47. I’m waiting for Spanish tanks…. where they just fight their team mates

  48. I like turtles

  49. KennyRGB Assloadofjello

    This looks very reminiscent of the Skoda T40

  50. quickybaby can i play with you on the wot

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