Sneaky Breeki – Panther 2

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  1. sneeki breeki iv damke

  2. Isn’t sneaky breeki phly’s thing

  3. А ну, чики-брики и в дамки

  4. Dude why the old memes, and also this meme belongs to stalker and was made popular by Boris

  5. Holy crap there were like 50 subs that game 😀

  6. Sneeki bushki iv tanke

  7. Actually recalled what the Panther 2 was this time. I’m movin’ up in the world.

    Once again, Circon making me look like a potato in the Panther part 2.

  8. Dr. Phil must be getting tired.

  9. Aaaand back to the tier 8 gameplay

  10. Владимир Дьюков

    cheeki breeki i v damke

  11. ffs circon its not “sneaky breeki”. Its either “cheeky breeki” or “sneaky beaky” . I thought you were a dank memelord yet you mix up S.T.A.L.K.E.R and CS:GO memes ffs unsubbed unliked unlived reported kek

  12. The long 88 makes the L/71 look like a potato shooter.

    • Actually the short 88 has benner rof, and I use it over the long 88. Fits better for flanking. Keep in min 203mm pen on a tier 8 MT was very good back in the days.

  13. This is kind of ok,I mean he did not use the zoomout notcheat mode so he almost have 2 minimaps on this citymap…

  14. Who cares about from where is meme or which is it.. I am here for watching Master Circon’s extraterrestrial gameplay! Well fucking job sir! Really enjoyable.

  15. *Cheeki* *Breeki*


  17. That’s what I was thinkin, this guy is knows how to pick his spots and be patient.

  18. Funny fact: By US standards in WW2 the Panther would be considered a heavy tank due to it’s weight of 45 tons (sherman was around 30 tons). US classified it’s tanks by weight while Germany classified their tanks by role.

  19. I am trying to start a new WOT meme called the slider. So far first attempt was a stupid success. Non-stop pushed a friendly M12 arty sideways around the map with a KV-2 while he fired on the enemy. At end of match, he scored most damage on the team (a healthy 1700+) and got a kill. Aiming really does lower accuracy! Also we won.

  20. Sneeki Breeki charge-i up the middle-i.

  21. Oh BTW Circon: Any plans for you to play other games rather than WoT?

  22. Is Cheeki Breeki Cyka Blyat

  23. no cheeki breeki hard bass im dissapointed.

  24. Nice play on words 🙂

  25. Circon, or anyone who knows, where do you get that live armor calculator mod?

  26. Circon is the Panther II really worth the grind ?

  27. if only those 400 shots at the at-15’s weakspot would have penned

  28. AT-15 weak spot is a very flat 127mm, save for a tiny bit at the top which is 230 effective which you kept hitting

  29. Some fine embroidery here. Really threading that needle like a dame.

  30. Where’s the sub sounds from ?

  31. “c’mon, high roll!” *gets high roll* “thank you”.
    that made my day

  32. This video should have been called window shopping

  33. I am so Incredibly drunk right now.

  34. lol Subhype

  35. At15’s armor is garbage against anything with 230 pen or more. Aka 90% of the tanks you will meet, especially when they fire premium

  36. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Could here the russian hardbass all the way through this video

  37. Is this a PhlyDaily reference? The title is like his catchphrase and he played the Panther II recently

  38. Circon never played the Stalker games!? Shame! They are great fun!

  39. do ppl who buy premium account get better mm ? , cusz matches i get ppl drive tier 8 like its the first time they play and matches dont last even 2 min ,, i dont get it , i give up,its depressing

  40. Great video, and not a single ad in the middle!

  41. ラー油美味しいチャーシューめん

    Love those sneaky shots

  42. it’s curently 6.20am, i’m drunk af and eating picles, chese and ham sandwich and derinking what ever tat i canget my hands on thtas not alcohol. go hangover cure

  43. cheeki beekie iv danke

  44. fuck that type 62

  45. The amount of patience drained by this game would make me jump for the rest of the day 😉

  46. We all know how well you can and do play WoT but you must have some good games where you loose, it would be nice to see the odd one of them or even a compilation of near wins would be good, have you ever thought about doing something like that?

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