Sneaky Breeki Tank – T-34-1 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Having a sneaky breeki game in the T-34-1!

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  1. Love you papa Circon

  2. One of my favorite mediums. I plan on three marking it along with the T-34-2G FT.

  3. Proud of you <3

  4. T-34-1, a better scout tank than the WZ-131 confirmed?

  5. WW Barb is fun. You got to farm Torment 16 quite fast.

  6. He sure making every tank look so easy

  7. That assistance harvesting at the end. A fine addition to the collection.

  8. What game is he talking about at the beginning?

  9. 1:40 Classic Yolo EBR….

  10. i liked my sp1c
    🙁 dont bully it

  11. Aim for the weakspots circon!

  12. Send more Black
    Friday memes!!

  13. Quite smooth man !

  14. Is.. is that the 76mm on that t29 at around the 2 minute mark?

  15. no food??? waaaat? 😛

  16. T-29 with the 76 mm should be an instant ban.

  17. Wow. You are so good at this game, we are so proud of you Circon. :3

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