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Source: SirCircon

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  1. Still rendering to 1080p just hold on you early birds! 😀

  2. Poor Panzer IV. In Circon’s mind it is always flat.

  3. Has nothing to do with the video but I just got a game where i was 5 damage away from beating a LT mission. 5 Fucking damage. Guess its gonna be another entire year before I actualy get the missions done. CIrcon, what light for lt missions? Ive tried american line so far, no luck.

  4. Preety sure you get this a lot circ, but you do a very nice comentary

  5. did you say ‘i ended up doing almost 4k damage’ ? xD

  6. wait I know who this guy is. Its Juan from super noodles stream

  7. Nice to see that the flatpanzer got some love, it needed it. 🙂

  8. Circon..were you using free camera?..Beacuse I saw a lot of cases of using illegal autolock (not having cursor over the tank/without the tank outline)..just pls clarify it 🙂 thanks

  9. Flatpanzers camo and dpm is OP

  10. I loved the flat panzer, almost as good as Jagdpanther

  11. great video.
    That nickname is in Spanish , it means , “you wont win today”

    great accent circon, lol

  12. circon you should try assault whit platoon. i play assaults for going ham whit meds and to have fun trying to pull of some rambo shit. ofc when you get bad team (1/3 on assault :D) its quite quite “shall i go make some food and see if battle has started” but whit your platoon mates you’d be top kek 😛

  13. This tank need better pen,150 is so low in 7-8 MM or limited mm 6-7.

  14. you wont win today fucking aiko i hate you

  15. Your spanish pronunciation is flawless Circon xD(“Hoy No Ganaras” means “today you won’t win”)

  16. Great commentary, Circ. Keep up the good work.

  17. 3.30 Did u notice the crusader SP fly like the Dukes of Hazzard? 🙂

  18. An underrated tank, has so low pen nevertheless it performs good enough. I got 2400 wn8 in my flatpanzer

  19. This is such a frustrating vehicle, I love everything about it, but it really needs either a (base) penetration buff or a higher top speed, it isn’t fast enough to play a “medium” TD, and it definitely doesn’t have the penetration to deal with anything that has any armour really.
    I don’t disagree that its not a bad vehicle, but that’s in a matchup like this, in a bottom tier situation it is pretty shite 🙁

  20. The Jpanzer 4 has the highest DPM at tier 6, surprise surprise. Next is Nashorn

  21. That AMX 12 t wasting so much time looking for a Bert with a 500 meters range in the farthest end of the map…
    Brainless team mates like that is why we can’t have nice things.

  22. 8:08 “And the flatpanzer comes around”
    dude wtf? serious brainfart xDD

  23. It really did USED to be bad. Back in the day the 88 was so horrible in handling on it, everyone used the historical 75mm L/70 gun. But many patches later, its gun handling is amazing now, and NOW it has better pen even. Its amazing with the 88

  24. After grinding thru it recent-ish, i kept it. It is much stealthier and has better dpm than the hellcat. You can finish some of the 260 mission with it quite easily (5xhp in dmg)

  25. I never play assault too! It’s worst and most boring game mode.

  26. Dejan Arandjelovic

    Wasn’t that some kinda e25 gameplay?

  27. Its a poor mans E25 with the 75mm.

  28. I quite like the Flatpanzer, but it loses its engine so easily, and from the front just as easily as from anywhere else.

  29. I 3-marked this tank in 55 games. It’s the new meta

  30. Thanks for featuring my replay circon!, i had a 100% crew with 50% camo in that battle. The flatpanzer is an amazing machine now, the pen is kinda crap but you can work with it.

  31. Funny Circon just said TDs do well on Encounter
    and here 1 gets 7 kills the other gets 6

  32. IT’S JUAN!!!

  33. Anyone noticed that RAM’s nick was “imnotapinata”? Pretty ironic

  34. Dude. Its a flat panzer four H? Wtf? 6:50. Its a pz IV H. Not a flat panzer. He makes that mistake two more times before the vid ends. Nice one circon. Nailed it.

  35. the flatpanzer is an AWESOME td….but the engine gets knocked almost every time when you get shot from the front, however what’s most frustrating is when a shot blows your Tracks off from the front sides and the same shot kills your engine….which do you repair lol

  36. I really liked the JP IV. I played it before the buff so I used the 75mm L70. I did pretty good. I never won but I was always near the top on my team. It doesn’t do much great but it does a lot pretty well. I even had a “Kolobanovs”. Ok it wasn’t technically because I had an afk arty on my team but still it was in reality me vs 6 guys so it’s fast enough and sneaky enough to make stuff happen.

  37. video was great, fumbled a name or two but really entertaining overall

    neat that this tank is good now, never had one

  38. 5:48 in the vid. How is it possible to autoaim on a tank while it’s not outlined?

  39. NoHomeLike

    the hit stickers on the end form a triangle on the front. Illuminatiu confirmed

  40. i hated that tank.

  41. That amx 12t nearly lost them the game by getting aiko shot at the end

  42. Do you guys agree that the t43 needs more pen on its two 85 mm guns

  43. I used to call this thing Hunger Games, because the engine kept Catching Fire 😉

    I may have to buy it again, however, I had no idea they buffed the gun 🙂

  44. Funny to remember what a turd this tank was in the early days of WoT. Fighting E-75s before you could buy premium rounds for credits. Almost made me quit the game. lol

  45. I liked this thing back before it got the buffs, so I can only imagine how good it is now. Back when I played it, I maybe had like a half-skill crew in it and I still had 2,894 dpm (I used a calculator because the garage didn’t tell us).

  46. Recently bought this back to see if its still good, I does have very good camouflage and the armour will give the occasional bounce.

  47. u love tier 6 and 7 , its fun to play then tier 10

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