Sneaky French Tank – ELC AMX 90 – Replay Cast!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. “Oh boy, I pulled a Jingles.” LOL!

  2. It's not what you think

    Main issue I have with the new HD maps is that now WG will never fucking balance maps since they’ll have to fuck with the HD shit every time.

  3. Only 100k for such a game this game economy is retarded

  4. Awesome! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  5. Pulled a Jingles! Nice!

  6. I think everyone has a Jingles moment once in a while.

  7. SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy

    You have pulled another Jingles! The topgun on the tier 10 bc25t doesnt have ap!

  8. J. Always Gaming For Fun

    I think the only problem was the lack of circus music playing in the background while the even 90 was doing its thing

  9. I swear. Circon doing replay casts is the weirdest thing ever.

  10. please do more content like this though! Reviews and replay casts!

  11. Hey circ, you talk a lot about mm 3 5 7. I had a game that was 3 3 9, tier 10 game. Would you say that was worse? lol

  12. We call it the Evil 90 in our clan because it’s an evil little sneaker tank.

  13. Alexander Krikorian

    Why do you dislike sand river? I find it to be one of the better maps (without arty, but that goes w/o saying). There are places for all types of tanks to be useful, multiple lanes to push/flank/spot, plenty of hills so the damn russians have to struggle with gun depression, and not that many bushes which indirectly buffs light tanks since there are less places for people with low camo to hide.

  14. 1.0… Slopes are far more slippery, you can flip your tank by just touching a wall, shells pass regularly through tanks without damaging them, shells vanish into thin air after you fire them, hit outside the reticle, get dunked into ground, show you hit an obstacle even though no obstacle where it went, you get hit behind a solid cover…Or is it just me?

    • Clearly you need to send moar munny to wargaming.

    • What I would send them would be either ticking or in powder and would be considered an act of terrorism. Or would simply send them back something they keep giving us. It would smell really bad, though.

  15. Circon why you have to discriminate ? I don’t remember seeing you do a single Tier 1 Replay or even you playing it on stream. I hope you know that is Tierism !!!

  16. Since you brought up the subject of converting maps to HD, could you please make a separate vid about it? Review changes, thoughts, even a rant, if you have particularly strong feelings about some changes. I think it all would be interesting to see from your perspective.

  17. Wall E as a tank.

  18. the enemy t20 did a barrel roll at 3:07 lol *edit it wasnt the elc

  19. Monster game. So lucky he didn’t die falling down that rocky slope.

  20. the slopes and rocks are indeed more brutal i have found

  21. How do I get the ELC

  22. What I didn’t like about the replay? No white flags. A french tank with no white flags is not French.

  23. World of Tanks, unbalanced pay to win but now in HD.

  24. Thanks for the feature circ. The Name is translated “bearded berry”, blame my wife, she calls me like that xD lucky indeed here and there. The reload was more of a nervous nelly reaction and i didnt get that i had two shells remaining xD

  25. excellent play in a real fun tank

  26. Slopes are much worse. I took over 400 damage in my WZ-120 in a spot on Mines where you used to be able to slide down easily.

  27. Actually sand river is quite decent for LT, Circon. I got my third LT-15 here by doing area control in mid and doing plenty of damage as well.

  28. Amazing, artillery actually seemed useful and team players.

    Oh, and the EVEN 90 did exceptionally well, as well.

  29. It has 220 alpha, not 240

  30. Okay my dude I’ll sub for the 100k

  31. General Saufenberg

    wtf, WALL-E can spot over the whole map^^

  32. Hard arty carry

  33. Beere_mit_Bart= Berry_with_Beard , so that you know , how he calls himself ^^

  34. 175 pen is bad on a T8 light? Try that on a T9 heavy *cough* stock ST-I

  35. Sand river has always been my favorite map to play scouts on. its not great for actual scouting most of the time but so long as you can live through the first half of a match it becomes a great damage farm map for anything with good maneuverability.

  36. Yeah, I’ve been finding a lot of the slopes in 1.0 to be particularly slippery. There’s one in particular on Steppes in the South-East corner of the map that you can climb effectively, but then you can get stuck on the invisible wall of the map border.

  37. Yep those hills and slopes feel like your driving a car on ice with the tire tread worn out.

  38. contaminatedfilth

    Ah Circon, you are literally the best at this. If you find time do more of these, you should have the subscriber count of other certain streamers. You’re far more likeable

  39. latest adjective to dictionary, pulled a “Jingles”

  40. I suggested they change to 10:5 MM reddit disagreed.

  41. You can nenver un-hear it: SAD RIVER

  42. It’s much more slippery and tanks are slower to climb hills.

  43. his name is berry with beard

  44. I think almost any light tank is a good passive scout. It is my opinion however, that the Even 90 is one of the best active scouts in the game because it has such a good camo rating, and its a bugger to hit if you maneuver well 😉

  45. How the hell was this not a 3 mark, or at least 2 ?!

  46. Circ makes it look so fun, easy, and entertaining. Man, why am I so poo in scouts 🙁

  47. Love the replay casts dude!

  48. Herr Schicklgruber

    “I pulled a Jingles” Nice.
    At least you still actually play the game you’re cashing in on.

  49. Wait 25 sec and I will fuck you up! XD

  50. Impressive how mild and tolerant you can be when obseving other teams,
    and how cynical and hard-funny you are on your own teams.
    Love your content dude, ga zo door.

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