SNEAKY FRENCHY – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Having a sneaky game in the tier 6 french .


  1. If you were going for the French flag in the thumbnail, why would you put blue and red? Isn’t it just white?

  2. I sense french jokes incoming.

  3. Circon if you want to be a sneaky Frenchy try the foch B with camo net 😉 they can’t find you 😉

  4. The last time I was this early to a Circon video you could buy TOG in the Shop all the time

  5. God damn that standard ammo is expensive

  6. Circon your loadout has too much HE, not enough gold AP. :p

  7. I’m not complaining bc you aren’t loading out Prem ammo.
    Personally it should be removed from the game and replaced with a non prem APCR/HEAT that cost slightly more and limited on the amount you can carry over the standard AP/HE load

    • Demetrios Hristovski

      While also lowering armour values of certain tanks and reducing amounts of spaced armour panels. While also re-establishing weak spots to aim for. While also reducing RNG to 5%, and making accuracy stat more worthwhile instead of being so unreliable. Then l can see prem ammo issue, actually being an issue

    • Алексей Сафронов

      @Demetrios Hristovski have you seen sandbox test for ammo changes? Looks very promising, because it’s not really just ammo changes, it’s a rebalance of everything.

  8. General Saufenberg

    no cap, kill all ^^

  9. Circon uploading; time to unsub!

  10. A t67 active scouting… nice.

  11. Motivation to go down the French TD line

  12. At the start, for just a second I thought that was some new turreted french tank and was really confused how that huge gun was coming out of that tiny turret on top of it… then I got really sad it was an ARL.

  13. is that pen indicator legal?

  14. How the fuck did you not get spotted hahaha

  15. The_One_and_Only_GOD _

    Arl v39 op pls nerf

  16. Circonflexes – You’re Out, someone make it happen

  17. 0:55 Circon: “I am sending all kinds of different signals”
    1:25 twitch chat: “Circ is a woman now”

  18. “Abusing” full view range and spotting mechanic knowledge, like a boss.

  19. WG’s logic: An ARL V39 can carry 80 105mm shells but the british lights can’t carry half of this…

  20. Gareth Fairclough


  21. That was disgustingly well played. It’s almost as though view range is a little OP at lower tiers

  22. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Guys is not the tank is OP is Circon that makes any tank looks OP 😉


  24. Circon”I, *sniff killed a T67, waaaah”
    Said no one ever lol
    But your words work better
    “Everyone wants to see T67s killed, even their teammates”

  25. Only the French can build a tank destroyer that has a turret and not make it big enough to mount the gun in it.

  26. not a hater i love your vids but are u afraid tier x battles ?? only lower tier ??

    • He’s 3 starring stuff. He started at high tiers and has moved down to lower tiers. I think T9 is his favorite tier if I’m not mistaken.

    • Yeah im 3 marking from tier 5 up, so done with tier 5, almost done with tier 6 and then we go to 7. Besides, i already 3 marked A LOT of tier 9s and some tier 10s : )

  27. How …. why … ughh , i dont have words for your skill , playing this bs of a td like that . Seems like you were in the right place at the right time … man i wish i would be that good …

  28. how can you play with such a loadout Circon thats not allowed in the 5% WoT2k19 world!!!! NOT ALLOWED!

  29. 5% my guys 5%

  30. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    Wow, those standard rounds are really strong. Almost like they’re totally pay to win, normally I dislike prem spam but with rounds that much better than standard it’s not worth running regular for marks

  31. 5:35 meeeeeeeme meeeeeeme meeeeeme

  32. Always entertaining to watch the fanboys in circons stream, they literally only repeat anything he says, bunch of brain dead finger bangers

  33. I_am_not_stupid _

    Is Circon playing any Homefront?

  34. hello YT o/

  35. Gold noob. I watch SirFoch now

  36. How’s your Mom doing

  37. No gold rounds ? Respect…

  38. What a game….matchmaking gives you a no talent team cuz of your record and then f’s you cuz you don’t put your tin tank in harms way to spot your own targets and drains your bank when you fire AP.
    Why do you keep playing, sir?

    • For the memes, ofc

    • That wasn’t standard. Much like the ARL heavy this turd can pack a 105 that gets more alpha with its gold round.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      That’s a game mechanic, you know. You get less exp when not spotting for yourself, because you’re giving away half of your exp to the person spotting for you. I think it’s 100% fair. Amd he lost so much credits because he’s spamming full gold, lol.

  39. Great to have you back Circon, great news about your Mum too.

  40. I’m very curious Circon. What would be worse to you?
    A T67 player with over 3000 games in just the T67..
    An arty player with less than 100 games per artillery but little to no actual tanks played…

  41. Not even 4k damage, you suck, go play Barbie

  42. Is THAT the way to get thru this horrible specimen of french engineering? Now I’m almost tempted to buy back this POS and give it another try. ( It be the 3rd try, lol)

  43. Did WG miss out on making a 40K skin for this tank?

  44. *complains about the lack of free beer* 🙁

  45. You can’t change my mind that this is seal clubbing. Of course, it’s hard to argue that Circon isn’t always seal clubbing.
    Thank god you’re not on NA and I don’t have to face you.

  46. hi twitch chat!

  47. IIRC, the cannon he’s using gets the kind of gold ammo that does more damage per shot in addition to the better penetration. On one hand it’s even more P2W than the usual gold ammo, but on the other you can’t exactly fault him for maximizing his DPM while three-marking his tanks can you?

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