SNEAKY PANZER – Replay Cast – World of Tanks

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Being the sneakiest of panzerinos
Enjoy : ) #circon #replay #sneaky


  1. To be fair to the Grille in the end. You did knock down some fences and logs in the back where he shot, which he can see in his view, and he didnt once shoot in front of the flag. So maybe he just shot where he guessed you were. In the beginning the M41 probably marked the ground where you were and the Grille fired there as well. Just to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    M41 however can go sit on a cactus and twirl.

  2. The only raider medal that I ever got was in a freakin Churchill mk I on Pearl River. I was too slow to be able to get to the heavy tank corner and everything had died already by the time that I arrived, so I drove around the map trying to find anything to shoot, but eventually, there was only one enemy tank left and I gave up trying to find him, so I just capped. This was ages ago, 2013 or 2014 or so.

  3. I got a raider metal early on with my T57 arty(no longer in game).
    Shockingly, I got a Scout metal with my LOWE

  4. DugThatOutMyself

    Video title should have been Circonninjas and his puppy panther.

  5. Demetrios Hristovski

    I think the M41 had a bead on circon, because of the barbed wire. ln birds eye view aiming, the M41 would see Circon run over the barbed wire leaving A0 to get to the forward bushes to shoot at churchill and matilda and exelcsior

  6. Please tell me you opened a ticket and reported this to WG. Ban is appropriate!

  7. 1dislike from a stream sniping M41

  8. It’s amazing after years and years of playing this game Circon can still be amazed and excited about something in it. The whole game is intense and your commentary is supremely entertaining. Keep up the good work man!

  9. strange that the M41 didn’t know where you were when you killed him, he looked completely the wrong direction.

  10. Luís Augusto Panadés


  11. What a surprise that an incredibly toxic player is from the Czech Republic! It’s not like all the worst players are from there… oh wait, they are. God I wish I wasn’t Czech myself sometimes…

  12. There is a special circle of Hell waiting for stream snipers.

  13. The arty’s well placed shots were down to his counter-battery experience. I’ve done that to completely unspotted TD’s and arty before
    Edit: But if he was found out, reports are there for a reason

  14. five pound sixty

    That was the most shittier stream sniping I’ve ever seen. ?

  15. I have one raider medal with the M7 Priest (tier 3 arty) and one with Pz. II D (shitty tier 2 light). I still remember those games very well 😀

    • pz 2 d is a gem if you can afford it. i remember clubbing with that little crappy polished turd a few years back. even spent gold on decking it out. trained some of my finer commanders in it.

  16. Three dislikes is the M41, Church and Grille lol. Stream snipers in regular tanks, yeah cool troll bro. Stream snipers in arty? Get fucked no skill tards!

  17. Ye be mad lad!

  18. You sound different, more relaxed… Nice game, great bush work, and congratz on the raider medal! I used to get a bunch of them in the old SU-26 and the Bert, because of the short range you had to be fairly close to the front, so it was just a matter of luck and timing to reposition to the cap (on encounter especially). Where’s that WZ game btw? Have fun!

  19. Kelly Constenius

    stream sniping against you is just evening the odds. You get away with a whole lot more bush hiding than any of the rest of us.

  20. Circonflexes OWNS 2 Psychic Pigs and THEY NEVER SAW IT COMING (in-game)

  21. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    I think everyone get a raider once in there WOT life, if they play long enough. its always in the strangest tank; I got one in the Bishop on sand river… no one knows how

  22. Just stream with 3 minutes of delay… So easy

  23. that grile was not stream sniping or got info about you .1 shot was on som sort of wooden barricade you destroyed when you entered cap.2 shot was on the same place because most players would go there. 3 shot was at that structure in middle which is common hiding spot and last shot was just ehhh maybe i will hit

  24. That was some crazy bush work!

  25. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I doubt the Grille was getting much of any info from the M41, even with voice chat it would be hard to relay your movements in the cap circle.


    I love you Circon, fuck that lil bitch.

  27. lemme just streamsnipe in tier 5 artillery to get 700 damage XD i think if he shot more valuable targets throughout the game he could’ve done easily 2x the amount of damage

  28. King Ogre Tanking

    Congrats on getting the rarest ribbon of this game, also you got it while you was targeted by a failure of streamsniper. Kudos for the feat and exhibit them like the scum they are.

  29. Christopher Millhouse

    Raider! ROTFL. They make Kolubanov’s look common.

  30. I hope circ perma banned this asshat from his chat

  31. Lol i have 2 raider medals on my party bus (SU 14-2)

  32. Anyone surprised that

  33. 5:52 You no need be spoted,in arty mode you can see clearly tank shots or they know map well to thing you move in other place…
    7:14 becease can be used as double bush maybe?
    Uh..i have Rider medal on AT2:)

  34. Stream buffering helped you evade that cheaky stream sniper @Circon.May be he was buffering for 2 to 3 sec max.

  35. Tanmay Bhatnagar

    skill level : cheatera btfo. gg circon. what a madlad

  36. i dont think the grille was being fed info. or was stream sniping. i believe the reason he shot the first one. cause it was the farthest point out of view range. where most people tend to sit. as a fairly decent arty player myself. i do this myself. i tend to hide where arty already shot and missed. so when i play arty i tend to double tap a spot where i fired before. i also then tend to go where the boxes and what not are. cause again lowers someone chance of being spotted in the cap. then i aim for the other areas. like the flag pole, or corners i guess you wanna call the round areas of the round circle.

  37. Hey i was wandering if i want to post this comment bcs i know i will get f*cked by chat xDD but i want to apologize to you for that stream snipe… i was never been in game whit streamer (i mean like you) so i want some fun… awkward fun but still… and in the same time i want to see how ppl will react to this…. i ve never looked at your stream too much but true is i like you and your videos… so thats it i only want to say sorry 🙂

  38. I three marked mine in three days because I’m bad… Oof
    Pffff Raider in a Pz V/IV, nice… I got it in a Type 4 Heavy, tank with the worst camo in the game and one of the slowest…

    Welcome to the meme raider medal club Circon…

  39. The arty is watching for your shots. Tracers? If you had no ed to a different bush… The party would have awitched to that bush.

  40. Not worth pursuing a ban from WoT – I doubt WG would do anything. But definitely ban him from your twitch channel

  41. Here’s a story boys, so back in 2012 when I started playing wot, I was in a match with the marderer 3, my first tier 3 tank. I obviously didn’t have 6th sense, or even know what a raiders medal was. But someway somehow I got two kills and not knowing where their last tank was I capped out. It wasn’t until I told my older bro, who got me on wot in the first place, that I found out how rare it a medal it was. And I did it as a complete noob. Meanwhile circ does it with absolute mastery of bushes kek.

  42. Not only is he playing arty but he is also stream sniping……… other words subhuman scum of the highest order.


    The anti seal clubbing police have finally caught up with circon, they demand you stop killing all those not too bright tomatoes!!!


    Arty finally being used to stop camping!!

  45. Yikes! Imagine being so desperate that you stream snipe as arty, only to get called out amd humiliated like the Scum you are lol fuck that guy

  46. can anyone tell me where/how to get his 3 mark % mod?

  47. legendary game

  48. I hope you called him out on the stream …. I HATE cheaters…. I don’t mind losing to better players, as long as it’s a fair fight.

  49. Did you report them for stream sniping?

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