Sneaky Russian – K-91

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. What means KI-91?? Some inside joke?

  2. 5:57 4k spotting in 30 seconds
    *click* noice

  3. HyperionGamer100

    If you ever get your hands on the Obj 279 UFO tank, you can do a real 1v29

  4. Yo, multiple YT vids a day? Love it, keep em coming!

  5. Definatley a run of the mill, average, middle of the road
    Russian OP’ed medium, with a ( Dr Evil Air Quotes) “Lazzzzzzzerrrrrr,” gun. Hahaa…..seriously great velocity it seems.

  6. nice vids!

  7. Two video’s, nice treat.

  8. SomeRandnomForeigner

    900 more subs

  9. anotherrandomtexan25

    No seriously why would you want a leo 1 or like any LT anymore? It was bad before now its just… pointless for them now

  10. That 268 v4 is nowadays world of tanks’ gameplay. Sit in the back in your fking bunker tank and snipe anything that comes close with their stupid camo levels. Because who needs to play in close fights with 300+mm of fontal armor?
    Same thing applies to the Pz VII… The dude was just sitting in the train tracks back there for the whole game lol.

  11. The Calazone Hardy

    made profit from compensation for friendly fire, NOICE

  12. that shell velocity though

  13. I don’t know about you guys, but watching 268 4s die is fucking therapeutic at this point

  14. Your blind shot was on the T 62a. You hit him on the hill and wondered where your shot went.

  15. god this thing has faster reload that my intra clip foch 155 :’)

  16. this gun is meta!
    idk if I’m using this right but in my language it’s correct

  17. I_am_not_stupid _

    Blind hit= T-62A, the shot that disappeared when firing upon the hill in the beginning! 😀

  18. sneeki breeki

  19. Blind shot on T62 A

  20. 6666 views 😚👌

  21. “Light tanks are still relevant”

  22. Gun Marks Mod not ready?

  23. Borris the sneaky fucking Russian

  24. Love the V4 camping at the redline😂😂😂

  25. 25 hours of wood chopping? Even an hour is tough.

  26. Man this tank dose LT15 better than teir 10 lights

  27. Kaloyan Aleksiev

    “finalStatistic/window/title” – typical retarded devs at wargaming xD

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