Sniper Accurate DEATH STAR! | World of Tanks FV215b 183 New Equipment Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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Giveaway link, good luck:

Today I am going to play with my favorite tier 10 tank destroyer in World of Tanks. It The Mighty Death Star aka FV215b 183. I am going to build it a bit differently tho, not boosting it’s reload time, but it’s accuracy and gun handling…

Enjoy the show!


  1. Do you have a favorite equipment unit for the new equipment system? 🔥
    Also, giveaway link, good luck:

  2. This giveaway method is a good one as it can let others to visit your social media and also we can not to think about whether other comments will affect the giveaway comment.

  3. Rainier Pomeranians

    Thanks for that Dez… nothing worse than beggars in a game. Peace

  4. Premium tank to my liking? If I could, Cent 5/1. I just want that Aussie tank for my Aussie self.

  5. I use the Bounty Rammer and GLD from the First Battle Pass, for the 3rd I had been using Imp Vents that WG Demounted for me with 1.10…. In it’s Place I have Improved Aiming for a Dispersion of .33 with a Reload of 22.88 as well as an Aim Time of 2.72 with the Smaller Aiming Circle…

    Only used it 2 Times since adding it, and both Games my Teams refused to Stay Alive…. So Technically, this has Essentially left it as yet Still Untested….. I also use a 50/50 Loadout of AP/HESH because I like the Pen on the AP for Consistancy, Ammo Rack Capability, and Cost….

  6. How do you get this Death Star?? I REALLY NEED IT!!

  7. You said that Hesh doesnt pen objects. What about the russian objects?

  8. I still don’t get why they felt that tank had to get removed

    • Because it didn’t fit the line. AT2, AT8, AT7, AT15, Tortoise are all slow heavily armored (frontally), turretless fast firing TD’s.

  9. how is it possible for a player to send gold to another player ?????

  10. dez im a little i log into your facebook and post my email…server and username and then describe what my fav equiptment unit is in the new system ?? am i correct ? and lastly do i just post that on your main page ???

  11. I’m wotblitz player I keep wondering why players call the fv 183 deathstar

  12. Muhammad Iskandar Zainuddin

    If i get the giveaway it will be nice but i have to say Asian sever is very bad nowadays. People play like they are playing alone in the game and rush like a bulldog.

  13. You can have 10,000 dpm but it doesn’t matter if cant hit or pen your targets.

  14. When deathstar and shitbarn moving in the same line be like 😂

  15. That blind shot on the CS 😅😅

  16. why do u need to have a sponsor to make this video possible? I mean there are still ads in that video.

  17. I do not own it, not even close.

  18. 16:48 Hahahhahaahha Dez know how speak Polish now:)

  19. This but the KV-2

  20. Thats one tank i would love to have

  21. Ooo KURWA 🥰🥰😍😍🤣🤣🤣

  22. Hey Dez why do i get a message saying Gleem has access to your account

  23. I am using improved rotation mech. improved vents. and improved aiming since equipment 2.0 released.
    I was about to regret my purchase of this vehicle but this build saved this sausage loader for me 😀

  24. Give the Leopard 1 the most accurate or precise main gun it has ever had with Equipment 2.0.

  25. I take it millennials won prizes and cried to you because they like to cause drama instead of just blocking the beggars.

  26. KURWA was golden 🙂

  27. your voice ❤️

  28. Sure, an EBR can’t get penned by 200+ mm of HESH penetration. Looks balanced to me…

  29. Do some t-34 laser gun setup with the quickest possible reload

  30. no more BALLZ deep clan? 🙁

  31. What a Monster TD it is now. Not bad not bad. 🎯

  32. Looking forward to those begging messages 🙂

  33. That poor 30b lmao

  34. I have this equipment on 183 since day 1 of the new equipment, tnx for videos!

  35. I have tested many of your suggested for new equipment combining them and even something sounds unlogical, it works!

  36. I literally watched several times moment when you blinded this fox (LIS) polish tank lmao

  37. Bonjour from Paris

  38. Yes, it must be better to hit more, than shooting more.
    It might be kids, begging for stuff in the game. I have seen it a lot in games, on the gaming forums and facebook. Let’s ignore em and hope they will stop doing it, when they learn it is not working. Scolding might just make em more defensive and eager to beg even more.

  39. Bro, try making most fastest reload in game, i dare u

  40. What is that mod you are using to see marks of excellence percentage?

  41. How come I cant find that tank in the tech tree?

  42. was ist das ?

  43. Scott Huntfield Heights

    accuracy is always better then DPM because you can pump out the shots quickly & miss everyother one or hit consistantly & with my deathstar the big boom when you hit always brings a smile. I think I will have to try this build.
    Another great video Dez as always 🙂

  44. “Jack of all trades master of none” setup for 430U?

  45. This is the setup I’m currently using for my FV, but I use improve gunlaying drive instead of Vents and It’s great.

  46. Thanks for trying this setup! Bought the Deathstar in one of the BMs and still figuring out what equipment to use..

  47. hi bro
    this set up and your second favorite td F155 plssss plsss

  48. My favourite equipment unit is improved rotation mechanism. It’s crazy on KV-2

  49. 6:55 those guys who are annoying winners are so cringe man… they won, you didnt, thats how giveways work

    Like i get it, you may be angry or sad if you dont win, but doing this? Wtf – the new anonymous system is clever, gj Dez

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