Sniper E-100 Hits More Than Grille 15 | World of Tanks E-100 Gameplay

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World of Tanks E-100, 10 Super-Heavy Tank. World of Tanks E-100 Sniper Equipment Setup with Big Gun.

to MEME around a bit with E-100… Let's throw away Rammer and Improved Hardening and let's replace it with some accuracy boosting equipment units… And it surprised me! 😀

What do you think?


  1. Let me know what other crazy builds would you like to see me testing out?
    Scout Maus? 😀 Have a good one and enjoy your Sunday!

    • First build is about what i have 😉
      But i did not sacrifice the gun rammer(aim time is not improving a lot anyway)

    • You know, the KV-1 with the 57mm and purple equipment and pimped out crew can fire every 1.8 seconds with .28 accuracy… It’s an infinite autoloader.

  2. german accuracy, at last!!!

  3. *me skipping first minutes of the video*
    first thing i see: 3:52 “armor not penetrated” on a green spot

    • lmao yesterday i shot a 360pen HEAT round with my 268v4 at the lower plate of an E3 and didnt pen. Checked battle hits and the spot where i hit effective armor was around 280. I literally had to almost minimum roll the pen (0.75×360=270) to not pen him:) later on he snapshotted my cupola on the move to win the game

    • It was a yellow spot so 50/50 coinflip if you pen or not in World of RNG

    • @Garak bruh i thought it was green lol

  4. Jude

    Jemerly klye

  5. i really want to see Sniper M-V

  6. Almost any other tank hits more accurately than the grille 15. They replaced the waffle e100 with a lemon.

    • The waffle is still in the console version they just added the grille right next to it

    • I had the waffle e100 researched and was earning up the credits to buy it. I finally got the credits and was wondering what the grille was until I went to buy the waffle. Almost stopped playing tanks that day. I only free play so everything is hard earned. Pissed off that day

    • The tier IX PZ iv waffentrager is so superior to the grille, I still cannot understand why their tiers are not reversed.

    • @doc mike sry dude, but you’re playing it wrong. If you have work se Numbers with Grille sth it’s not working out. The tank is hard to play but rewarding, like Leopards.
      Yes, it should get patched to make it an actual reliable glass canon, but it really is not that bad

  7. That was such a sick E100 🙂

  8. Love the videos i do recommend trying the series again like the tank that destroys me i play with or try new challenges they will be more fun and addictive to watch

  9. amazing how much your armor blocked, gg for HT-12. i am still hoping for a 50% crew tier X gameplay in a newly introduced tank

    • Why would anyone relate to 50% crew, when you can hire 80%? I mean, I use it just to exp t3s and sometimes even some t4s. But that’s it.

    • @TheGrandexeno if it is available, people use it. if you think it shouldnt be available then they should remove it. and another reason is, it is completely morose to showcase a tank when the crew has 37 skills and the run of the mill player might have 3 or 4 skills per crewmember.

    • @Eric Gorter ok but “showcasing” 50% crew has no purpose.

  10. That intro made no sense! Windows XP crashed far less than everything following and including Vista.

  11. Why u made vudeos like this, red boots seen this and in f mm start snipe with E100! Think about thet QB2

  12. Christiaan Carstens

    World of trash: German tanks have more accurate guns.
    E100 in game: Put all gun handling equipment to start hitting shots meanwhile .48 accuracy rushan tanks snapping shots left and right.
    The reach around circle jerk continues.

  13. Broken engine PzIIJ is painfull^^

  14. I’ve never entirely understood the rammer meta… I mean if you have a 3000dpm capability how often do you actually get to use that entire minute worth of damage? And all that dpm is nice till you miss a shot or two. Unless your a brawler med then everything should go for an acc build… but what do I know lol

    • Michael Hornschuch

      That extra second of reload can easily mean the difference between life and death. To often have I found my tanks without gun rammers killed, just a second or even less before reloading and able to finish off the one that would kill me. If I had the gun rammer in those moments, I’d have been able to reload before the enemy could have, and thus not have died in those moments. In reality, it is not about how much you can dish out in that minute, but rather, how quickly you can reload to secure a kill and not die before you secure that kill. That is part of the reason. Plus, that 3000dpm, means if you find a maus out in the open and tracked, you can perhaps kill it before it gets to safety. Again, securing the kill before the target exits the area and hides.

      For example, let’s assume the following, your tank normally reloads one round in 10 seconds, with a fully trained crew with BIA, Vents, and Food item. But, you are not using the rammer. Now, let’s have an enemy tank that has enough HP that would require you to hit it three times to kill it. Let’s say you spot it making a mad dash through an open area that will require 19 seconds for it to make it to cover. You hit it, but, do not track it. You reload and fire your second shot, you hit it again, but do not track it. And now, because you require 10 seconds to reload, it has made it to cover with 1second to spare. And now, it kills your artillery.

      Now, this time, you have the rammer, replaced…hardening. And find youself in the same situation. But, with the rammer, you reload in 9 seconds instead of 10. Now, in this case, you end up killing the target BEFORE it is able to make it to cover with 1 second to spare, due to having the ability to squeeze off that 3rd shot after 18 seconds, instead of 20 seconds. This time around, your Artillery survives.

      Most people would actually pair the rammer up with equipment that does help with accuracy, typically the Stabalizer if possible. This is due to the fact, that other than the Grille 15, most tanks tend to be accurate enough without that much help, especially with crew training and consumables. This is even more true with Field Mods. The only real time a tank does not really need a rammer is if it’s gun already reloads really fast. The extra reload speed is barely noticeable for those tanks, so, they should go for accuracy increasing items.

      Really though, in the end, just do you.

    • Because its pretty much hands down one of the best pieces of equipment, you do damage with your gun, being able to 10% (or 11% or 12% now) more damage, reload faster etc. will most of the time be better than most other equipment slots, as most have nowhere near the same level of benefit aside v-stab (which is 25%). It just makes more sense most of the time aside specialist builds, having a 2+ extra second reload on something like an E100 you will notice big time.

    • It’s not about doing the full damage over a minute. Every second or even fraction of a second counts in many situations. Being able to trade 2 shots before your opponent can reload, being able to detrack before they can repair etc.

  15. Nice if you have the purple stuff from wot

  16. Can you make anything like that with 60 TP ?

  17. I dont think this playerbase is rdy for this

  18. At least the grille has better turret armor than the e100

  19. Grille 15 is only accurate on paper,the gun misses too many ridicolous fully aimed shots on medium range and it “bounces” more and has more “crit hits” than any other tank I ever used. I think that WG applys hidden stats to vehicle and is rigging the rng in favor of one side to accelerate battles or how one explains that once you get stomped you miss or bounce 100% pen shots

    • That is just not true. Grille has paper armour so most people use it far too far away, accurate guns can only do so much when firing at 500m, it also doesn’t have that high pen so will bounce more than most other TDs and it has terrible soft stats so any tiny movement makes it bloom out. The rest is just in your head.

    • [Twitch Streaming Channel] Q

      “I think that WG applies hidden stats” I agree, when you play with a certain tank for enough time you see some crazy stuff…all of the sudden you miss your shots from standing still, no pen , ricochet and the enemy team has laser aim ! There is something shady, no doubt , however the wallet warriors will tell you, you are imagining stuff ! I like the game , however there is NO logical explanation on why my shells from 50 meters all of the sudden decide to “avoid” the enemy tank ! I stream a lot, and one can see, some very non-logical shit !

    • Grille has terrible dispersion soft stats, so I think that contributes to a lot of missed shots other than RNG. If the bloom is big and it aims quickly, it may take some time for the server to update so you’re often shooting before it’s actually fully aimed. Server reticle helps with this.

    • [Twitch Streaming Channel] Q

      @Kingstoler – You’re talking to a premium user, my friend !

  20. Get the 128mm and machine gun build

  21. Rainier Pomeranians

    last game… your south flank did fuck all, especially that T-54 LW

  22. Im glad im not the only one having problems with random disconnects. Like wtf is happening today

  23. seems a legit setup! nice

  24. That’s silly title.I mean how often are you gonna snipe in E100 from 450+ meters while in Grille most your plays are from those ranges.

  25. loved the first set up good vid

  26. Midwestern Moron

    Hey Dez, your should try a brawler build RHM Borsig the teir 8 getman td. With the right perks and a turbo you can actually brawl with heavies along as you are patient (and have a team mate to get shot at)

  27. Moto vlog plz

  28. Michael Hornschuch

    On paper the Grille 15 has excellent accuracy…in practice, not so much. And all I can do is question why.

    • It has some of the worse dispersion values in the game, meaning it can’t snap shot. If you aim, then your expectations are high. So, at that point all it can do is disappoint.

    • Michael Hornschuch

      @JWQweqOPDH Exactly my point.

    • What does 1 second aiming time mean, if your aiming circle blooms so big that the aiming still takes 5 seconds, unlike a russian tank that is always a second away from fully aimed despite the bad aiming time, because the aiming circle never expands all that much. Its hidden stats like the dispersion values and dumb game mechanics like the RNG dependent aiming we have in this game.

  29. Players like that JpE100 in the last battle are so annoying, you think ‘they must have to have moved’ either to support their team who were pushing or to defend better against the players pushing their base, but no they are far too dumb for that, they sit in the same position for 5 minutes doing nothing whilst their team dies for that 1 or maybe 2 useless end game shots that do nothing to the outcome but just annoy you. Guaranteed that guy is very bad at the game and makes his team lose most of the time.

  30. Try to go on a rampage with the Sturer Emil.

  31. Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

    You couldn’t stop slapping. I never knew Chris Rock plays World of Tanks.

  32. Grille 15 is like the Indien Panzer good accuracy on paparr then whrn you use it its horrific, my t54 mod 1 feels more accurate.

  33. Jean-Philippe Morin

    These days I put improved aiming almsot everywhere. Improved accuracy is fun

  34. Perhaps allowing yourself to hit self is more enjoyable than shooting more often and missing shots

  35. May I know how you know the six sense trigger by which tank? In the first battle you said “progetto 65” . Any mods to add to indicate which tank spot you??

  36. Great video. My ST-I sniper works well soon. Others build IS-7 that outrun light scouts, so what. This game gets more and more silly.

  37. Hey Dez, what modifications u used for that E100? I haven’t seen them in the video.

  38. I only wish I could play my e100 like this! By the way, has anyone else had connection problems this last week?

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