SNIPERS vs HEAVY TANKS – Can Snipers Stop the Swarm? – WAR THUNDER

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Source: Thunder with Muffin

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Thunder with Muffin channel. Stay tuned!



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  1. Mm 1st tasty

  2. Maus is my fav heavy

  3. Jeremiah Chapter29

    Wow very nice content keep it up!

  4. Betting on big boi Maus
    (Havent seent the vid yet)

  5. Hehehehehehe ima rat boiiiii

  6. Muffin couldn’t save me in time because he was too slow

  7. When the fat bully fight the quiet kid in dodgeball

  8. Edward De La Cruz

    That famous last words moment was top notch!

  9. Hide and seek would be fun to watch

  10. Most sane WT player

    Ikv 91 would’ve been a god in this

  11. akarachai varamali

    Muffin is the epitome of consistency

  12. what about Germany vrs Britain

  13. This was so fun to participate in. I can’t believe you were behind me (War Machine9306) I didn’t notice a Mous behind me I was so engrossed in the game

  14. The train was fun.

  15. funny if you could bring the ikv 91 which has lrf and heatfs at rank 4

  16. Who brought the Panzerjager 1

  17. lol this looks fun

  18. Can someone please help me. When i press on the link for discord it says invite invalid

  19. I loved this one!!! I was thinking that another version of this could be Snipers vs SPAA.

    In Round 2, I’m the one who got that early Sturmtiger double-kill, but it took a few seconds to realize that one of them was a Maus.

    I’m the one who said that “I’m gonna J out because my reload is horrendous”. I was down to two injured crew, meaning that my non-expert Sturmtiger reload was not happening… so I decided to become part of the corpse wall since I had died several times already.

    The final round was a complete massacre… there were only like two or three people who made it to the firing line in the first place…

  20. the no shooting is just stupid to me tbh with ya

  21. Noah’s awesome vids

    I love sniper tanks / m41 /m36/m56/t92 and m50 / m50 is a 6 barrel sniper .. wish I was able to play with ya next time I can


  23. Caroline Mcdonald

    J’aime Maus

  24. Glad you added a sabaton song rq to the video 😊

  25. i saw the guy who killed me

  26. Sniping’s a good job.

  27. Maximilian Weigelt

    wow a sabaton refrence nice!

  28. Those sniper player are too bad … lost against heavies …

    And no swedish ? Why is thats ? There were maus, black prince , t95 … but no swedish ?
    And jagtiger … whitch are sniper … are in the heavy team bru wtf is this ?

  29. i just wish you could spread out the time of events so us europeans could have a CHANCE at participating, you always start after 23:00 here in france. keep the great content up though!

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