Sniping Tiger

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  1. I was expecting Tiger I.
    Oh well I guess this works too. ;D

  2. Oh snap i’m early huh?

  3. Not quite what I expected, but I guess it does fit the name 😛

  4. That blind kill XD

  5. Jasper van Houdt

    much dynamic gameplay, I don’t really know how people could like the camping tho xD look at Circon, you just see that camping is boring

  6. so you did actually put it upp on yt? I thought you said you whouldnt beacause it whould be boring too watch

  7. sniping tiger….its jagdtiger be more specific

  8. Yes, give us more Jagdtiger gameplay. Best and most exciting tank to play in game, think i’m only 110k xp from it.

  9. circon is the kind off nigga who would do dumb shit shit in wot and still get highest on experience earnerd

  10. No turret seems to fit you… Just saying. Kappa. 😛
    And that blind kill, Ssssshhhh.. 😀 Keep it up!

  11. I’m only 120k xp away from M103 it better be a good tank

  12. That yawn. Haha, it woke me up.

  13. Tier X Jagdtiger?

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