So anyway, i started BLASTING – Object 703 Version 2

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Source: Circonflexes

Checking out the new Object 703 Version II !


  1. Being able to double punch tier 6 tanks back the garage…. +2/-2 mm is pure aids.

  2. Mini map? Is that something new?

  3. It’s been long time since i saw sn00z in YouTube video, good to see him back

  4. Platooning with Sn00ze? Am I dreaming? <3

  5. I see the WoT devs have lost their minds. Again.

  6. Do you have to shout Russia once per barrel if you fire both or does just one Russia suffice?

  7. modern type of kv-2 it has “speed” gunhandling, and punch. what more to ask for oh yeah next year we get the 152mm 2 barrel looking forward. god meme play circ

  8. HT must not have initially been too happy when Circon went up the mid, and popped him. Somebody send him some of Circ’s videos.

  9. Im so glad i had my PIECES on me

  10. another tank made from cancer

  11. Anyone else getting C&C vibes from this? Two barreled, OP Russian tanks, hmm…


  13. What happened to Billy warner

  14. “y’know I don’t think one woulda done it”

  15. I can’t wait for the ST-II

  16. sn00ze is hilarous, the best sidekick

  17. Wait so does it get the marks on both sides of both guns or the outside of both guns

  18. The sound when you fire both guns is very realistic , reminds me of soundeffects from the transformers movie

  19. the tank looks so ugly D:

  20. Well Circon , this 2-gun tank is assassin in your hands I fear !!!

  21. So…when do we get the chance to see Circon going full HE on this?

  22. Another fuck up from WG’s Balance Team.

  23. I can’t wait to see a double HE pen meme

  24. There have been a few thumbnails with photoshopped barrels. Imagine my surprise when I watched this video and realised the tank actually has 2 fucking guns. What the actual fuck

    Of course its Russian

  25. i can just imagine WG putting this tank into the game and saying to themselves at the same time: can you even begin to mentaly grasp how much fun & joy this new feature is going to bring for bottom tier 6 players? oh those cute little tier 6 babies are going to just love the shit out of getting one-shoted/nuked/blasted away for 800 dmg

    • As if that didn’t happen already at all manner of low tiers. Low tier derp guns pen everything and oneshot people. And that’s before you get to high alpha TDs that just have the AP alpha to one-shot a -2. They probably used that as their excuse. “We already have tanks that do this, so it’s fine if we add another.”

    • Laughs in kv2

    • @Insomniac ICU This thing is way more dangerous than a KV-2 lol. Hell, it’s way more dangerous than the old KV!

  26. What? Sn00ze didn’t die? What sorcery is this?

  27. f…ng apocalypse tank

  28. this dude starts every video talking like he was talking before the video and press record suddenly , and another shitty thing is that is recording like he hate us lol , i mean never speack to us , is like he is speaking with some on else and he is recording the video for some ”bots ” like us

  29. I thought you were going to photoshop your head onto Danny Devito?

  30. what the fuck is that thing, i don’t play for a few years and this is what WG does?

  31. As a longtime M6A2E1 owner, the weak spot is the narrow slope of armor across the turret, directly above the mantlet.

  32. Circon was ahead of the curve when it came to hypothesizing tanks with multiple barrels. Just go back and look at his thumbnails.

  33. Sn00ze with the genius title!

  34. Wow how do you get a game vs tier 6 and 7 tanks?

  35. Stalin would be proud

  36. do the MOE go on both barrels?

  37. Goddamnit, wargaming is getting more of my money

  38. on the alien the turret cheeks next to mantlet is best place to pen

  39. Every time Circon uses the double shot and they both pen it’s a double Circoncision; change my mind.

  40. Loading he and doing a double shot is highly effective try it.

  41. Double barreled fun. Beginning of the end of WOT.

  42. No Russian bias?
    Russia: Hold my vodka!

  43. They should add ZSU-57-2))))

  44. Frank reference there
    The series still going strong
    Love the gang

  45. Slaving the salvo fire to a different key other than the left mouse button saved this tank from being sold. I rather like it now.

  46. with only 270 mm upperplate armor this thing isn’t OP at all at tier 8 the only weakspots are the gunmantlet and lower plate also you got 2 really tiny cupola’s stalin forbids you to penetrate

    you can call this tank a defender 2.0 with 2 barrels with 780 alpha

  47. 800 dmg heavy tank, better and faster than e100…. MUH SOVIET

  48. everyone with brains: the defender is the most op premium tank
    wg: hold my russian bias

  49. That miss on 5:17 LMAO

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