SO MUCH ARMOR..But is it enough at 7.7 (War Thunder Russian Heavy Tank IS-4M)

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SO MUCH ARMOR..But is it enough at 7.7 (War Russian Heavy Tank IS-4M)

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  1. Play the Foch and one of the md 4050 borougan (hopefully that’s the correct jet name)

  2. first 15 seconds of words…
    “upload every single day, and to finish series”

    cheeki breeki LIKE
    Iv Damke Like!

    SLav Effectiveness???


    Phly, drive out the SU-85 nuke 85mm and show the true Power of the SU series!

  4. Phly, take the SU-100y Russian bunker out with the tu-4!!! What can you pen challenge

    Good things come in small packages:
    Play the P-26A-34 M2 Peashooter and the M22 Locust, up-tiered to 4.0
    Get at least 1 kill with the P-26’s 100lb bombs, and 3 with the Locust

  6. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    This tank is shit in WoT too

  7. Phly you are still the best Youtuber I like to watch. Definitely take breaks and live your life while you’re young. Your channel doesn’t have to have videos every single day. We aren’t going anywhere. 🙂

  8. Freaking Russian Bias

  9. Do u know the is7

  10. IS.7 is cool a cool tank they should add that to war thunder its armor is so good best tank in the game

  11. Late into your last game when you noticed that spooky tank, he j’d out which pisses me off, if you’re going to die do it slugging it out

  12. Loving the unloved.
    Ju-88A-4, B-10B, F4U-1, & I-16 Type 24. Please

  13. HESH is the best shell

  14. Having shot the shit out of a lot of tanks in the 70s with 105 heat..the round travels in a noticeable arc as its much slower the apds. So it tends to hit at an angle and not horizontally. Thus better pen.

  15. Thicc armor. It attac it defen .

  16. никита павлов

    Hi, Phly!) reload rate of IS-2,3 4M and T-10M is awful because of separate-loaded shell of 122-mm guns.

  17. Last soviet heavy tank is IS8=T10

  18. Please do Maus with the same title!
    crippeling challenge!

  19. Commander Phly, we got some news from the Europa.
    Spain is going in flame, and the Germans are fighting the Soviets there.
    Take back your Sturmpanzer to Europa as soon as possible and join the fight against the red army.
    Get at least 5 target destroyed by your mighty SturmPanzer II mortar. (br 7.3+ game, each kills rewards 20k lions)
    Attempt #9

  20. Ahh the good old days when the only thing that could take on the IS-4m was the M103 Captain America. Such days are long gone.

  21. HEY PHLY! Do some Whirlwind Mk I please <3 (attempt #1)

  22. Phly can u play the German kV 2?

  23. Steve the Russian Heavy driver.

  24. Dammit Gaijin give us the IS-7

  25. The stat card is just for raw thickness and 30° is the angle the shell hits a 60° slope

  26. So? what about the Maus?

  27. That one moment when the IS4 has .50 cals

  28. TankDaily strikes again!

  29. PHLY! ANOTHER CHALLENGE APPROACHES! you must do another Low teir VS Top teir once update 1.77 rolls out. You must defeat the enemy team with the lowest possible teir. Good luck!
    Attempt #1

  30. Update on the xp-55 plox

  31. IS-4M is super easy to kill from the front but only in close distance 🙂 How? Just shot driver port 😀 From the front it’s the only none sloped part of armour and almost everything from 200mm of pen goes trough that.

  32. can you do German heavy line? (really wanna see the tiger 2 in action again)

  33. Effective thickness is the thickness if you go in a straight line through the armor, the penetration of a shell is how much raw armor it goes through

  34. new challenge try mbt with only atgm and see how fun and hard is it

  35. T95e1 and f3d skynight

  36. I’m not 100% sure but gun stats or round stats isn’t the effective thickness, it will penetrate 189mm at 30* or whatever. So if your armor is 180 with 30* it is likely going through.

    It gets a little fuzzy for me because actual tests are plate thickness by angle. I don’t think they brought all whole mm thickness armor set on to a range and shot each one. It went through 100mm easy lets try 150mm now 175mm now what our opposition has which is 207.9753mm . so on, and so forth. Not 100, 101, 102, 103, 104.

    • Also you have to remember the angle of your shells trajectory “should” have an effect on the angle of pen. think of the Brumbar? at far range your shells are near vertical. The longer the range the more vertical the shot.

  37. Ariz Dhex Celestino

    yes pls do upload everyday


  39. how do you get the line up of tanks to test shots on i would love to know

  40. Going for a little more explosive mass on the rounds and leaving behind rounds that can actually pen Maus… The better penetrating round has more than enough explosive compound inside to make that 122 mm shrapnel inside the tank devastating enough.

  41. really good staff,bro! cheers from Moscow

  42. phly pls!
    take M6A1 with 37mm only!

  43. lukeiamyourmother100

    Play COD big red one mission liberators and tankers on ps2 or Xbox original attempt #1

  44. phly take out the ASU-57 with bushes and do some sneaky breaky stuff

  45. the gun is shit on this tank and massive weak spot!

  46. Had funny moment when you where reversing for Charlie a truck at the same time outside was reversing and it’s beeping was perfectly timed with you.

  47. The 122mm Stalin’s Laser Destroyer

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